Best Beaches in Destin Florida

Await the Best Beaches in Destin, Florida

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Get ready for an exceptional experience on the white, soft, and squeak sands under your feet as you walk. Destin and the nearby districts have some of the finest shores in the absolute state of Florida. It is a beautiful place to see if you love coasts, water sports, and seafood. Extending for miles, these beaches have been attracting units of tourists for eras. Different sites are open for whatever you like, from cheerful to abandoned stretches. The average temperatures range from January to July in Destin. So, plan a family holiday to the best beaches in Destin, Florida.

Best Beaches in Destin, Florida

If you can walk with your buddies on the soft sand, find the best beaches in Destin, Florida.

1- Beach roads at Miramar Beach

Miramar Beach is renowned if you love shores, sports, and cafes. This beach is on the Emerald Coast of the state. It is marked for its transparent, lush waters and delicate sands. Yet, it’s so attractive you can’t stop but dip your toes in the water. Then, rest of your soul into its warm place.

Miramar Beach
Miramar Beach

As you sit on the beach seat under the umbrella, watch the waves before you. The dolphins and other small fish are regular sights in the coastal area. A three-mile lengthy hiking path is available to pets. If you are blessed enough to reserve well in advance and catch one of the 60 campsites, you’ll be calmed to listen to the waves rushing.

2- Scenic drive to Eglin Matterhorn Beach

Eglin Matterhorn Beach is a realistic and peaceful beach open to the general public. It is located on Santa Rosa Island, near Beasley Park, via the Destin Bridge. The seaside has no facilities, yet flawless for those who want to relish the looks of nature and the peace of the Gulf of Mexico.

Apart from all this, the beach has white and plain sand, clear and quiet water, and a spectacular horizon outlook. Be cautious when parking because the sand in that area is smooth, making it effortless to get bogged down. Yet, it is part of the Gulf Islands National Seashore, shielding dunes and wilderness.

3- Lovely mix at James Lee Park Beach

James Lee Park Beach is a beach grassland with around a quarter of a mile of coast near the Walton stripe. It is known as The Crab Trap Beach because of the cafe nearby. This grassland has three arbores, 41 picnic plains, nine dunes, a playground, and toilets with changing rooms. Yet it provides around a hundred car spaces.

James Lee Park Beach
James Lee Park Beach

Furthermore, it also has chairs, umbrellas, tables, and other reserves open for rent. The shore has pure, soft sand, a sparkling blue beach, and a lively aura. Here, you can float, play, sunbathe, or view the sunrise and dusk over the water. Capriccio Cafe is near this beach to have a cup of classic coffee.

4- Peaceful aura at Princess Beach

Princess Beach is a hidden and calm beach. It is excellent for those who want to flee the crowds and the hustles of their lives. This beach is located along the Miracle Strip Parkway, hardly observed by a short dirt turn-off. Towering dunes cover the beach and retain no facilities or comforts.

Moreover, this beach has yet to be changed meaningfully. It is just a definitive spread of Panhandle sand available to anyone curious about visiting and walking across the soft sand to the water’s edges. So, grab your book and read in the calm aura of the beach.

5- Boozy Fun at Crab Island

Crab Island is one of the most famous attractions in the state and for adequate grounds. Crab Island is a shallow, underwater shoal in Choctawhatchee Bay. It is north of the state’s Bridge. This island is pleasingly known as a site where boaters combine to swim and recreate in the crystal water.

Crab Island
Crab Island

Further, it offers activities and amusement, like obstacle trails, flowing bars, concerts, and dolphin viewing. Even it is a great spot to mingle and talk to new people. Do swimming, kayaking, or camping to enjoy it. Here, you can rent specific sites from various places at the port.

6- Ride at John Beasley Park

John Beasley Park is a shared beach park on Okaloosa Island. It presents all the loveliness and luxuries of a flawless beach day. This park has two extensive bowers, twelve picnic points, bathrooms, fountains, and parking lots. It is also a favored spot for beach functions and photoshoots.

Further, it is fortunate to have a collection of fantastic gardens driven by a local authority. The beach is covered with snow-white sand and has no oddity. Parking at the shores around Destin can be challenging. You’ll likely have a fair possibility of reserving a zone. After having a day out, eat a dessert at the Donut Hole nearby.

7- Play at Crystal Sands Beach

Crystal Sands Beach has stunning views, sugar-soft white sands, and clear green water. It is along the Emerald Coast of Florida, known for its raw beauty and aquatic life. The name of this beach arouses a beachside of leisure under the warm sun. It is, indeed, what the beach is suitably called. They shimmer and shine as you step to the beachfront.

Crystal Sands Beach
Crystal Sands Beach

Not only this, the kids can play and build sand castles. You can take snacks and drinks or buy hot dogs from any food stall. There are various house rentals in the amiable community behind. It includes The Palms and Destin Resort.

8- View Henderson Beach State Park

Henderson Beach State Park suggests various untouched resources and other activities. This park has around three miles of fresh white quartz shores with magnificent dunes. They are almost 25 feet elevated. Three occasional coastal dune lakes deliver exceptional freshwater fishing.

Likewise, you can explore the nature pathway, which passes from old-growth pine woods, yellow scrubland, dunes, and marshes. Visit some of the thirteen endangered types that live in the park. Thus, the park also has a camp base, a picnic arbor, a grassland, and an active exhibit.

9- Sands at Topsail Hill Preserve State Park

Topsail Hill Preserve State Park is a vast acre park with a striking inshore ecology. It has 3.2 miles of sheltered beaches with majestic dunes. They ascend like a ship’s sail along the green waters. The park also has two seaside dunes, Campbell Lake and Morris Lake. Yet, it is a hub for mixed aquatic life.

Topsail Hill Preserve State Park
Topsail Hill Preserve State Park

You can swim in the cool water or walk along the beach with your partner. It has miles of tracks that take you via dunes, forests, and swamps. You may meet rare and endangered types in the park. However, recent progress in beach access has made this incredible stretch of sand easier to access.

10- Unwind at Blue Mountain Beach

Blue Mountain Beach is adorable for its blue lupine flowers flowering along its shore. It is a medley of natural features that have come together to form a point of ground 65 feet in the ambiance. Rather than walking up and over sandy hills, a standard access way at most beaches, you stroll down a prolonged set of stairs to access the water.

Apart from all this, you can also visit nearby interests. It includes the Grayton Beach State Park or Justin Gaffrey Gallery. Moreover, it has excellent cafes and stores, like Redds Fueling Station and Blue Mountain Bakery.


Destin, Florida, is an ideal destination for beach fans. It has some of the Emerald Coast’s most stunning and mixed shores. Yet, it offers various water sports to enjoy with friends and attractions for all ages and likings. Plan a family holiday to the best beaches in Destin, Florida. Whether you like to relax on the smooth sand, glide in the transparent green water, or explore the wild and cultural marvels of the area, you will encounter something to enjoy.

FAQs on Best Beaches in Destin, Florida

Which time is considered most suitable to visit its shores?

The finest time to enjoy the best beaches in Destin, Florida, depends on your choices. Plan in the spring or fall to avoid the crowds and relish lower costs. If you want to undergo the peak season and join the celebrations, visit in the summer.

What are a few safety tips while enjoying the beaches?

The beaches are naturally safe and well-maintained, but check the beach banner system before swimming in the water. Apply sunscreen and shielding clothes to prevent sunburn. Drink water, avoid alcohol, and follow the rules.

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