What are the best cars to buy in 2023? It’s a far-reaching question with hundreds of possibilities when talking about all the styles and models available on the market today. All of these choices can make it challenging to narrow down the perfect vehicle that matches your needs and wallet. 

Read on as we explore what makes it to the top of the list. These are the vehicles to look for, whether you’re buying a new one from a dealership, shopping for pre-owned options, or exploring a salvage cars list (here’s an example to check out).

An Overview of Modern Vehicles 

Even without touchscreens and charging ports, today’s cars embrace technology to maximize performance, economy, and safety. And often, these innovations are hidden away, so the driver has little awareness of what’s going on under the hood and elsewhere.

Modern Vehicles

Car shopping in 2023 involves understanding how much technology is integrated into the car you want. If you are looking for a self-driving system or high-tech infotainment gear, you’ll pay the price for these and other advanced features. It adds up to determining the right cost vs. value formula, which is unique to each car buyer. 

Cost vs. Value: Finding What Works for You

For most buyers, the cost is the primary factor in determining which car to buy. No one wants to spend more than they need to, but often this involves balancing features with the monthly payment. 

To make this process easier, identify your priorities and preferences early on. Does this involve good safety ratings, excellent fuel economy/mileage, strong acceleration, or something else? What about features such as an advanced safety system, leather seats, a sunroof, or another must-have option? Specifying what’s important helps you know where to put your money. 

With that said, let’s explore the best vehicles that offer an ideal blend of value, features, and capabilities. 

The 5 Best Cars to Buy Right Now

After a review of the numerous vehicles on the market, here are the top five we’ve picked. 

Honda Civic

The Honda Civic checks all the boxes for buyers looking for rock-solid transportation that won’t drain your bank account. It gets high marks for reliability and gas mileage, with newer versions breaking the mold for how an economy car should look. An all-new 11th generation debuted for 2022, so shoppers looking for extra space and features might want to head in that direction, but going with an older Civic won’t leave anyone disappointed, either. 

Honda Civic
Honda Civic

Tesla Model 3

While not the company’s flagship offering (which is the Model S), the Tesla Model 3 serves up an all-electric powertrain, high-tech features, and a cost that borders on reasonable for a premium vehicle. And Tesla’s recent downward pricing adjustments have also made used Model 3s even more affordable. Plus, these EVs are readily available in the second-hand market and at salvage car auctions. 

Toyota Camry

The Camry may not be the most exciting sedan on the market, but what it lacks in head-turning ability, it makes up for in reliability and owner confidence. For buyers looking for a dependable family hauler or comfortable commuting car, the Camry is hard to beat (and it consistently edges out the Honda Accord and Nissan Altima in sales). No wonder it’s the best-selling non-truck, non-SUV vehicle in the U.S. This popularity means plenty of choices, especially when buying used. 

Ford F-150

Speaking of best-sellers, the Ford F-150 has held the crown for the most popular pickup for decades, which has become the best-selling vehicle of any kind. Most importantly, there’s an F-150 for just about everyone. The XL trim offers basic work truck equipment, while the Platinum and Limited have features more common to luxury cars. Ford even offers the F-150 Raptor for buyers needing extra performance punch and off-road capabilities. 

Ford F-150
Ford F-150

Chevrolet Colorado

Pickups are the most popular vehicle type in the U.S., but not everyone needs a full-size truck. That’s where the mid-sized Chevrolet Colorado steps in to take on the Ford Ranger, Toyota Tacoma, and Nissan Frontier. Chevy has introduced an all-new Colorado for 2023 with beefier capabilities, while older versions are still ideal for hauling and daily driver duties. 

Car Comparisons: What Matters to You?

Each car has its own styling, features, and benefits, but the characteristics mentioned above are worth reviewing in greater detail to help with the car shopping process. Here’s what to consider beyond how a car looks or performs. 

  • Safety: The safety of a driver and their passengers takes top priority for many car buyers, especially when transporting a family. Besides seeing what protective equipment (like anti-lock brakes and automatic emergency braking) a vehicle has, examine the crash tests from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. 
  • Fuel Economy: It is wise to think about how much a car costs to operate before buying it. Mileage ratings may not be 100% accurate, but at least you’ll have a rough idea of what a stop at the gas station will cost. The U.S. Department of Energy’s fueleconomy.gov is a one-stop shop for refueling and recharging information. 
  • Reliability: Dependability also impacts operating costs, which is crucial if you’re buying a car without a warranty (and even a new car warranty ends). Take advantage of numerous online resources to check out a car’s reliability. Sites like carcomplaints.com, repairpal.com, and consumerreports.org offer extensive information in this area. 
  • Total Cost: Vehicle cost is relative to each buyer, but your calculation should include more than what you paid for the car. Keep operating expenses (gas, repairs, maintenance, and parking), insurance premiums, and financing costs in mind while adding up all the numbers. 

Wrap-Up: Top 5 Best Cars to Buy in 2023

Now that we’ve covered the top five best cars to buy in 2023, it’s time to start your car shopping adventure with confidence. It’s best to keep the discussion of cost vs. value in mind, as well as understand how your purchasing decision impacts safety, fuel economy, reliability, and total cost. If you want to learn more visit Prestige Cars for more detailed comparison and car buying guides.

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