Couples are always thinking about the best way to pop the question, but the answer depends on your personality. If you’re an adventurous couple, propose while hiking is the perfect way to declare your shared affection.

Here’s how you can pop the question of how to propose when you’re on hiking.

Propose on Hiking
Propose on Hiking

1. Protect the Ring

Proposing in nature can be a bit tricky, as it’s easier to lose a ring in grass or trees. But if you took the time to buy a gorgeous ring, like one of Diamondere’s rubies, do what you can to protect it. Store the ring in a double-lined pouch, double-zip it, and keep it within reach.

2. Choose a Site

The second step in proposing on a hike is deciding where you want to pop the question. Look for a scenic spot that’s meaningful to both of you. This doesn’t have to be somewhere high and mighty; a spot with just the two of you looking out to a beautiful view will absolutely do the trick.

Choose Hiking Site
Choose Hiking Site

3. Plan the Route

After you’ve chosen the spot, the next step is to map out the route. You want to make sure the hiking trail you take is easily doable without being too easy. Add some twists and turns to make it a bit of a scavenger hunt. Pack some snacks and make a few stops if you need to calm the nerves.

4. Bring Supplies

If you plan to stay the night, make sure you bring campaign gear. If you’re just taking a walk, pack a knife, multi-tool, water, and a few energy bars. Prefer for the hike like you typically would, and bring plenty of sunscreen. Don’t do or say anything that could tip your fiancé(e) off.

5. Expect Wildlife

If you and your partner hike often, then you’re already expecting wildlife. Bears, ants, and hawks may be hanging around the trail, but be nice to them if they’re not bothering you. Keep a lookout for poison ivy, ticks, and stray gunfire that could ruin your proposal (and hurt you both).

Expect Wildlife
Expect Wildlife

6. Have a Plan B

Unfortunately, there’s a chance your proposal won’t go off as intended. This is usually because of bad weather. While you shouldn’t let a little rain affect your plans, don’t go outside if it’s too dangerous. Just in case this happens, have a plan B or reschedule for another sunny day.

7. Get Creative

Making your proposal unique can be a fun and rewarding experience. Think of fun messages that you can spread out along the trail or get your friends to join in. Plant a few clues in the form of either ribbons or colorful objects that the two of you will find as the journey progresses.

8. Look for a Symbolism

When looking for a way to propose on hiking, look for something meaningful for your partner. Place their favorite flowers along the route, and attach little notes on rocks or trees that display how much you love them. This will be seen as an incredibly meaningful and romantic gesture.

Look for Symbolism
Look for Symbolism

9. Go Above and Beyond

If you want to make the proposal extra special, you could think outside the box. Hire a professional photographer to capture the moment when you kneel on one knee and ask for their hand in marriage. The photos turn out beautiful and will be cherished for a lifetime.

10. Remember to Have Fun

The most important thing is to always have fun. A proposal should be about what the two of you love to do. Don’t be so focused on perfecting it that you forget to simply enjoy the process. Make sure to take in all the sights and sounds along the way, and keep it laid back!

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