When it comes to food, Texas is a hidden gem. Once known only for BBQ brisket and steaks as big as your head, it is now a vast and diverse culinary landscape known for cutting-edge trends and experimental flavors. One of the fastest-growing movements in Texas cuisine is a move toward sustainability. All over, diners are seeking out restaurants in Texas with a focus on where the food comes from and a commitment to ethically sourced, organic, and eco-friendly produce.

From the vast urban landscape of Houston and the hip ambiance of Austin to the picturesque towns of Texas Hill Country and the beaches of Galveston, the Lone Star State is bursting with organic, farm-to-table eateries, from rustic ranch dining experiences to haute cuisine restaurants.

So, if you’ve had a taste of delicious cuisine on a cruise sailing from Galveston and your interest has been piqued, read on, and we’ll explore some of the best farm-to-table and organic restaurants in Texas.

Eden Hill Vineyard & Winery – Celina

Tucked away in the gorgeous town of Celina in the heart of Hill Country, the Eden Hill Vineyard and Winery is a must-visit for both wine lovers and foodies. The winery uses organic methods in both wine-making and production and the majority of the ingredients in their dishes are home-grown.

Eden Hill Vineyard & Winery - Celina
Eden Hill Vineyard & Winery – Celina

Being able to pair their own vintages with the delectable seasonal menus perfectly adds an extra layer of magic to this wonderful dining experience and makes it a great place for a meal.

Dai Due – Austin

Dai Due is one of the buzziest restaurants in Austin, Texas, which is saying something given Austin’s emergence as a cutting-edge food hub. Embodying the true essence of a farm-to-table restaurant, they have built robust ties with local farmers and ranchers, meaning that the ingredients that land on your plate are as fresh and local as they possibly can be. Also, the menu is ever-changing, attuned to the seasons and to what is available in the market and from their suppliers, and chances are you’ll never eat the same dish twice!

Emmer & Rye – Austin

Emmer & Rye is a critics’ favorite in Austin and more than lives up to the hype. A wonderful showcase for the innovative spirit and pioneer attitude that drives much of Texas cuisine, the chefs here are dedicated to traditional cooking methods and locally sourced produce, with a particular focus on heritage grains, which are incorporated into a significant proportion of the dishes on the menu. 

The Hollow – Georgetown

Georgetown’s historic district is a charming place to spend the evening, and the Hollow is one of the best places to eat. With a menu that tells a story of Texan cattle ranching and dairy farming, it’s a creative, innovative kind of eatery with enough choice for almost every sort of diner.

The Hollow - Georgetown
The Hollow – Georgetown

From roasted beet salads to succulent lamb, the Hollow is a wonderful spot where you can support local businesses while indulging your gourmet desires. 

The Granary ‘Cue & Brew – San Antonio

There is nothing more Texas than barbecue, and no list of Lone Star state eateries would be complete without an example of this robust, finger-licking cuisine. Located in the historic Pearl Brewery in San Antonio, Cue & Brew is a barbecue joint with a difference. They take immense pride in sourcing all their meat and produce from local farmers and take an inventive, eclectic approach to the pit, which makes it a must-visit for barbecue lovers looking to up their ethical game.

Texas is a land of rich traditions and bold, huge flavors and offers a sumptuous spread of sustainable dining options. From San Antonio to Austin and everywhere in between, eating ethically in Texas is as exciting as it is delicious!