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Diamond Beach | Sightseeing Beaches in Iceland

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Iceland is a Nordic region with natural spectacles. The locals are easygoing, gregarious, friendly, and coordinating with the tourists. It is the most substantial part of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge that ascends above sea level. One of the unique attractions is its prominent volcanic plateau erupts almost frequently. From various routes, you can visit thundering waterfalls, jet-black beaches like Diamond Beach, Iceland, and bumpy landscapes.

If you love the Midnight Sun, the mid-months of the year are the best. For a thrilling venture to the winter wonderland, be prepared for cold and surprising weather in winter.

Diamond Beach, Iceland

Diamond Beach, Iceland, is a sensational, untouched attraction on the southern shore. Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon is near this beach. It is called after this glacier that flows on the black volcanic sand. This beach contrasts shades and figures that correspond to bubbly diamonds. Yet, it is a prevalent destination for shutterbugs, nature-buffs, and wildlife lovers. Thus, it offers an unusual and ever-changing set of ice and sea.

A backdrop of the beach

Diamond Beach is located east of the Ring Road. It is opposite to the Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon. You have to travel 370 kilometers from Reykjavík to this beach. It will take almost five hours to drive.

Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon

Parking and Entry Fee

There is a parking space on the south of the route. Here, visitors can depart their cars and trek to the seaside. The coast has no entry fee or opening hours, but tourists should be alert for the waves and slippery ice.

Polished Icebergs

Diamond Beach, Iceland’s central point of interest, is the icebergs that float from the lagoon to the Atlantic Ocean. These ice-floating pieces differ in length, shape, coloring, and consistency. It is building a vibrant landscape that is clear and translucent. Some other icebergs are blue, transparent, or ebony. In contrast, the waves make some slippery and shiny, while others are rough.

Admire Marine Creatures

Tourists can walk along the seaside and admire the marine animals. You can even take photographs from various angles and viewpoints. Some hikers even touch or ascend on the icebergs, yet it can be scary. Spot the exotic wilderness like seals, seabirds, and big polar bears.

Nearby Sites

Another attraction nearby is the Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon. It is the advent of the icebergs. This lagoon is a large water body that has calved from the Breioamerkurjokull glacier. It is one of the most visited sites in Iceland. Tourists can take a boat expedition of the lagoon or stroll it by kayaking.

Best Time to Visit

The finest time to visit Diamond Beach is during the extended summer days. Be organized for cold weather in winter. September to March is the most pleasing time. Moreover, the weather changes quickly, so checking the forecast and highway states is always advisable.

Other Beaches in Iceland

Here are some other beaches in Iceland:

1- Djupalonssandur Beach

Djupalonssandur Beach is located on the ground of Snaefellsjokull. A glacier and volcano motivated Jules Verne’s book Journey to the Center of the Earth. Dark ridges and lava figures enclose the shore. It has four antique lifting stones that anglers used to test their potency.

Djupalonssandur Beach
Djupalonssandur Beach

Further, you may find the remains of a British trawler that wrecked on the sands in 1948, slaying 14 crew fellows. These corroded iron elements are now a memorial to those who passed. It would help to drive on a winding, vertical road to the beach.

2- Eyrarbakki Beach

Eyrarbakki Beach is a friendly townlet that used to be an immense retail district and a main dock. It has many conserved houses, giving it a recorded and reflective aura. View the Eyrarbakki Maritime Museum, which displays antiques and stories from the site’s history.

Moreover, the Arnessysla Folk Museum is located in a structure from 1765. It is called The House and shows the culture and lifestyle of the citizens. This beachfront is a rocky shoreline where you can watch the waves split and enjoy the fresh air.

3- Raudasandur Beach

Raudasandur Beach is a beautiful seaside in the Westfjords. Raudasandur means Red Sand. This shore changes from yellow to red to black sand. Its sand gets its shade from crushed scallop shells, making it silky and slippery.

Raudasandur Beach
Raudasandur Beach

Yet, it stretches around 10 km from Latrabjarg Bird Cliff in the west to Skorarhlioar Cliff. The seaside is a popular site for seal watching or exploring Sjounda farm. The road to this beach is challenging, mainly in lousy weather.

4- Grotta Beach

Grotta Beach is a bay with a variety of pebbles and sand. It is on the north coast of the central town of Chora on the island of Naxos. This beach got its title from the Italian term for cave. Several dens can be explored by boat.

It is noted for its views of the dusk and the Portara. This large marble gate is the remaining part of an old temple devoted to Apollo. Thus, it is open year-round, but summer is the most reasonable time to visit.

5- Sandvik Beach

Sandvik Beach is a leading port on the South Coast of Iceland. Some of the attractions in the townlet are the Women’s Book Lounge. It is an academic museum committed to Icelandic female authors.

Besides, visitors can observe the waves and enjoy the breeze. It is perfect for hiking, bird watching, resting, and marveling at the vista. The Hallskot Forest is a recreational spot with tracks and picnic spots nearby.

Sandvik Beach
Sandvik Beach

6- Nautholsvik Beach

Nautholsvik Beach shows nature’s beauty through its artificial geothermal sands in Reykjavik. The chilly sea and hot geothermal water combine, leading to higher temperatures. It was extended in 2001 and now attracts an evaluated 530,000 guests yearly.

Likewise, the coast has imported golden sands coated in black ash. It peeks out across a thin bay to a scenic district of Kopavogur. This village is within the Greater Reykjavik Area and has a smallish cove where the geothermal water is pumped. Thus, it is free and presents more structures.

7- Stokksnes Beach

Stokksnes Beach is the most scenic and photogenic place, as it views the Vestrahorn mountain. It rises to 454 meters above sea level. The beach is covered by dark cliffs and lava figures, creating a surprising and spooky landscape.

Moreover, it also has hexagonal basalt columns created by lava chilling and breaking. It is covered with hay, adding a leafy touch to the black-and-white sight. Therefore, it offers an ever-changing panorama of icebergs.

Stokksnes Beach
Stokksnes Beach

8- Reynisfjara Beach

Reynisfjara Beach is near the village of VikiMyrdal. It features some unusual natural attractions. It includes the hexagonal basalt columns, Hálsanefshellir sea den, and Reynisdrangar rock shapes. The cooling of lava creates the basalt columns, creating a design on the cliff.

Yet, the waves and decay carve the sea cave, presenting a hidden spot to marvel at the ocean. Three large rocks rise out of the sea compared to the sea monsters. According to the myth, they were one-time trolls who attempted to drag a ship to the beach but were shifted to stone by the dawn.

9- Breidavik Beach

Breidavik Beach is a golden sand beach on a field covered by vast glacier-carved cliffs. It stretches for around 10 kilometers from Latrabjarg in the west. Latrabjarg is an immense seabird cliff. Visitors can explore Sjounda farm, the place of an infamous murder case in 180. View a gravel road with many blind spots. But it rewards them with a sight of this beach.

Breidavik Beach
Breidavik Beach


Iceland is a beautiful island where you can join with natural wonders, like its waterfalls, parks, resorts, and landscapes like Diamond Beach, Iceland. You can explore its culture in a way few other sites offer. Diamond Beach, Iceland, is a striking and attractive beach. It shows nature’s force and beauty. This must-visit destination for anyone who treasures ice, sea, and wildlife. Thus, in this way, you can link with nature and marvels in a way few other locations offer. You can even book one of the best Iceland hostels if you are vacationing with friends.

FAQs on Diamond Beach, Iceland

How to remain secure while visiting this beach?

This beach is potentially risky, so you should take safety measures. Do not play in the water or with the waves. It can be intense and unforeseen. Moreover, be cautious of the weather and the icebergs, as they can be slippery.

What are a few nearby lodges to stay near this beach?

There are various options for housing near this beach, depending on the budget and priorities. These resorts include affordable Hotel Grimsborgir, cozy Diamond Suites, and small chambers at the Hotel Keflavik.

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