You can begin your adventurous holiday as a solo traveler. There are various destinations for solo trips as it’s a fantastic skill as you will know so much about yourself and make many incredible new friends. Do consider solo female travel essentials. Apart from all this, meet strangers from different regions and see rich landscapes and skyscrapers. Unexpectedly, there are numerous best places to travel solo female, but the query is, where do you begin your journey? The best places are more than just the famous and well-trodden ones.

Best Places to Travel Solo Female

Be prepared to plan a holiday to the best places to travel solo female.

1- Lombok, Indonesia

Many tourists need help with Bali’s overtourism. You may constantly encounter traffic, sands littered with garbage, and delays for photos at different spots. So, there are spectacular falls, lovely shores, and a social yet laidback aura like Bali. The answer is Lombok in Indonesia. It is an excellent option for Bali, but also affordable. Here, it is easier to socialize and relate with other solo travelers.

Lombok, Indonesia
Lombok, Indonesia

This island receives fewer visitors and is more beautiful than its famous neighbor. During the tour, you can visit six cascades & shores and climb the remarkable Rinjani volcano. Finish with a travel to the Gili islands. Thus, you can spend months on the island, find secret places around every Jurassic Park-like curve, and turn.

2- Siargao Island, The Philippines

Siargao Island is a perfect place for water-lover and broad adventurer’s dreams. You can go on a solo motorbike ride, as the roads are mainly flat and straightforward. It is also a surfer’s heaven with an active soul. This place is excellent if you are a surfing fan or have considered picking it up.

Moreover, the island’s popularity is growing, but the aura remains laid back and comfy. It means it’s just as effortless to meet others as being by yourself. Apart from all this, you can hang out with surfers on the seaside and chat with other tourists in cafes and diners. Therefore, you can retreat to this little corner in a pretty guesthouse every night. Romblon Island and Camiguin are nearby places.

3- Chiang Mai, Thailand

Thailand is famously a fabulous place for solo female tourists because of how friendly the citizens and backpackers are. It’s easy to meet different visitors here. They might be down to investigate different treks, temples, and other outings outside Chiang Mai. This northern city is noted for its exceptional sky views, and touring solo means that you can dine your way without anybody stopping you.

Chiang Mai, Thailand
Chiang Mai, Thailand

Furthermore, it has around 300 Buddhist temples to check out in and around the city. Many people can view the famous and magnificent ones like Doi Suthep and Wat Chedi Luang. Doi Suthep is almost 30 minutes beyond the old town. Wat Chedi Luang is right in the middle of the city. Likewise, the Sunday Night Market can only be followed once per week.

4- Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is the capital city of Portugal. It is one of Europe’s most charismatic cities for solo female trip because of its stunning hills, walkable design, and the River Tagus. Apart from all this, elaborate architecture contributes to the city’s spirit. There are plenty of things to do here. You can admire the hilly views from Alfama or the Tagus Estuary, pastel-colored structures.

Likewise, view the Ponte 25 de Abril suspension bridge from St. George’s Castle. There are even some must-visit galleries, like the National Azulejo Museum. Here, you’ll find ornamental ceramic tiles that date around five centuries. Lisbon is a great jumping-off point to explore the Atlantic Ocean shorelines if you value shores.

5- The Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland

The small townlets on Ireland’s populated beach can be the most optimistic. In an already pleasant country, people are friendly along the Wild Atlantic Way. Just stroll into any bar, and within a few seconds, someone will speak to you and joke around with you.

The Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland
The Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland

View a new highway that covers the island and is the longest-defined seaside drive in the world. This place has an excellent reputation and become famous. Still, the little townlets along the way are retro and small. Yet, some of the roads are still short and winding.

6- Quebec, Canada

Quebec is a memorable place with lasting beauty to present to its tourists. It is the best if you are looking for a relaxed solo road trip experience with great housing choices, tasty food, and friendly locals. Come for the fall leafage, hospitality, and uncrowded happenings.

Yet, explore the Canadian Museum of History. It is the perfect way to rest at the land before the road trip begins. Like the record of most of the world, there’s a ton of good, bunches of evil, and an abundance of ‘oh wow in this region. Thus, the view from the outside is impressive as well.

7- Iguazu Falls, Argentina

Iguazu Falls is one of Argentina’s most-visited sites, and for good reason look at the magnificence. There are numerous social spots to stay, from mid-range resorts to inns. You can enjoy the guesthouse it lets you see the waterfall.

Iguazu Falls, Argentina
Iguazu Falls, Argentina

Much of Patagonia, mainly along the Carretera Austral, is quiet, but this place is the best blend of nature and options if you’re solo. The roadhouses are warm and pleasant, and many treks and campsites are well-loved. Further, it is easy to meet others on the challenging hikes. You can even view El Chaltén, which is nearby.

8- The Riviera Maya, Mexico

Leasing a motorcar and steering from Cancún through Playa del Carmen, Tulum, and down to Bacalar is an exceptional highway trip. With fresh cenotes, clear sand coasts, and Mayan ruins along the way, take this travel at your own pace. Tulum and Bacalar are nearby.

You can visit the beaches all around the Yucatán Peninsula; they are stunning. Likewise, play in the lovely Caribbean water and soft white sand. The private and public sectors work to clear the numerous tons from the shores before most sightseers wake up to float, but sometimes they can’t keep up. They even raise awareness to deal with the root problem.

9- Torres del Paine National Park, Chile

Even if you begin your journey alone in Torres del Paine National Park, you’ll come out with many new mates. On this trek, you can view the beautiful places along the campers and hikers. Yet, organizers play music and organize soccer games in the park. Though the structures in the park, the ever-changing landscape of the track will make you fall in love with it enough to walk it twice. You can view the sunset along the park. It will give you a more stunning experience.

Torres del Paine National Park, Chile
Torres del Paine National Park, Chile

10- Coffee Bay, South Africa

Africa is considered a scary place to travel through. While taking precautions is essential, that doesn’t imply solo female travelers should go. You can view the Coffee Bay and easily play and rest here. Many other excellent hikers are constantly passing through. It’s easy to talk to others, take long walks along the ocean’s cliffs, and enjoy beautiful nature.

You can go in the morning to Johannesburg via a train or a cab. Likewise, you can start a carefree conversation with the driver, giggling and joking. Thus, it is good to go there, even if you are exhausted, as it provides a peaceful experience.


Solo female tourists can select from various points of the world. These places present security, culture, adventurous hikes, and social options. There are many best places to travel solo female. These regions have friendly citizens, spectacular scenery, a rich past, and mixed activities. They conveniently suit diverse interests and funding. Solo female tourists can relish the space and flexibility of trekking alone to the landscapes while meeting other tourists and citizens.

FAQs on Best Places to Travel Solo Female

What are the ways to select the best places to travel solo female?

You can select the finest destination points. They may be based on your interests, funding, safety, and convenience. You can even look for sites of good standing for solo female drifters. It includes Japan, Canada, Scotland, Spain, Sri Lanka, and Botswana.

What are the few challenges a solo female traveler faces?

There are many challenges that solo travelers face. It includes dealing with isolation, harassment, cultural disparities, and speech barriers. You can address these challenges by seeking help from townies, fellow tourists, or online communities.

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