Arizona is the sixth largest out of fifty states in the Southwestern U.S. The livability score of Arizona suggests that it is the best state for traveling to. It showcases beautiful scenery and rich history. Also, the breathtaking scenes make visitors dwell in the moment. However, the best time to visit Arizona is in the fall and spring seasons. The state also has many popular tourist destinations to catch visitors’ attention, so this article discusses the best places to visit in Arizona.

Best Places to Visit in Arizona

Some of the best places to visit in Arizona include:

1- Grand Canyon

To enjoy a visit to Arizona, one must visit the iconic Grand Canyon. Gigantic in size, this massive wonder is a source of pride for the state. Its alluring panoramas are breathtaking. When canyons glow in the afternoon, it is impossible not to get inspired by these jaw-dropping scenes.

Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon

The national park has two sections comprising North and South Rims. Also, there are challenging hikes in both rims. Expanded with the Colorado River, visitors from all over the world travel to Arizona to witness the mesmerizing geological formations of the Grand Canyon. Travelers can visit Tusayan Ruin and Museum nearby to explore the history of the place. 

2- Phoenix

Arizona is primarily famous for its desert landscapes, but there is much more to enjoy in busy cities. Phoenix, the state’s capital, is one of the popular destinations to explore. A perfect sight for sun-seekers in the winter season. Surrounded by vibrant red mountains, Phoenix has high-end shopping centers, luxurious resorts, and prospering restaurants.

The Phoenix Metropolitan Area has biking & hiking trails with many other popular attractions. The Papago Park, Heard Museum, Camelback Mountain, and the Japanese Friendship Garden top the list of places to visit in Phoenix. Visitors will likely stay in the top sights in this thriving art city of the state. 


3- Flagstaff

Flagstaff lies on Historic Will Rogers Highway in Arizona, a treasure nest of well-preserved streets and buildings. Unlike many tourist destinations, Flagstaff is a go-to place in all seasons. This mountain valley has all the festive air to make a peaceful stay for the visitors. Visitors can enjoy skiing, tubing, snow biking, and snowboarding in winter.

Moreover, nothing can beat the sightseeing night sky scene in Flagstaff. Because of its clear sky full of stars at night, Flagstaff is the first international night sky city. Some popular places include Walnut Canyon National Park, the Museum of Northern Arizona, Buffalo Park, and Humphreys Peak

4- Horseshoe Bend

This natural wonder is located in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. The place was named because of the Colorado River’s U-turn around a sandstone cliff. An ideal spot for nature photography. To get the best view of the Horseshoe Bend, one must hike 1.5 miles to the viewing platform.

Horsehoe Bend
Horsehoe Bend

Moreover, the suitable time to visit there is early morning or late evening as the sand gets extremely hot in the summer. The attraction needs sufficient safety measures to prevent the sight from losing its attraction. A small fence is on the lookout area, but the guide suggests visitors stay far from the falling edge.

5- Lake Havasu

Nature lovers will only want to end their Arizona trip after visiting Lake Havasu. Lake Havasu is a hotspot for relaxation and watersports. The visitors can enjoy water skiing, fishing, boating, and swimming. A lakeside location city with a slow pace offers a pleasant stay away from the desert landscapes of Arizona.

After spending quality time at Lake Havasu, travelers can head towards Lake Havasu city nearby to find shopping centers and restaurants. Moreover, the city also offers hiking and campgrounds. The other outdoor attractions include Lake Havasu National Park and London Bridge.

Lake Havasau
Lake Havasau

6- Vermilion Cliffs National Monument

The Vermilion Cliffs are a must-go for photographers. Spreading around 280,000 acres, this National Monument comprises a diverse landscape carved into buttes, canyons, and cliffs. A gorgeous rock formation known as The Wave is a famous hallmark of this place.

So the visitors can access The Wave by a six-mile hike. The cliffs draw the attention of hikers from all over the globe. However, visitors need a permit to go hiking or camping. The fascinating landscape invites travelers to witness the beauty of wave-like rock patterns. The best part about visiting Vermilion Cliffs is Coyote Buttes. 

7- Sedona

Sedona lies in the heart of Verde Valley. The peaceful place offers unparalleled landscapes in Arizona. The Red Rock Scenic along the valley counts in beautiful drives of the state. There are many outdoor activities and places to visit in Sedona. Travelers can visit the national monuments, explore history in museums, fish alongside lake areas, and explore the city to get the most out of it.


The Sedona events, like outdoor meditation and restorative yoga, allow travelers to feel the peace of the place wholeheartedly. Because some people think of rock formations as emitting healing energy, and the only way to feel it is by experiencing it. 


Exploring the best places in Arizona to visit and choosing one is tricky. All the places possess their charm and attract travelers toward them. Whenever one plans to visit Arizona, it has many places to offer the best vacation period. Arizona has everything to offer tourists, from rugged landscapes to lively cities and hiking trails to national parks.

However, it is best practice to estimate your budget and monitor the weather conditions before visiting there. Home to lakes, mountains, volcanoes, and waterfalls, Arizona is an ideal place to go for adventures.

FAQs about Best Places to Visit in Arizona

What is the cheapest time to visit Arizona?

Travel costs depend on staying hotel, outdoor activities, and travel time. The cheapest time to visit Arizona is mainly in February. The reason is that February welcomes the least number of visitors. 

What is the optimum period to stay in Arizona?

The optimal time frame for a stay in Arizona is up to five days. One can visit the main attractions of the state in five days. Moreover, the visitors can extend their stay if they want to spend more time in the state.

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