Bozeman is the fourth largest city in the Gallatin Valley, encircled by the Rocky Cliffs. It is an excellent place because of its lively aura and warm hospitality. The intricate art creations and cultural societies make it more prominent. From food bloggers to photographers, this city consistently delivers something. So if you are living in Billings, pack up your bag and venture to the beautiful Bozeman. Even if you are a local, walk in the lively streets often. Let’s find out how to travel from Billings to Bozeman.

How to Travel from Billings to Bozeman?

Let us discover some of the most feasible modes to travel between the two cities.

  • By Bus

Catch a Jefferson Lines bus from Billings for $30 – $75 to Wal-Mart, Bozeman. There are 11 weekly buses, each covering 2 hours and 15 minutes to reach. Further, take a bus from Bozeman, Wal-Mart Bus station, to Mountain Village Center. 

  • By Train

Reserve a seat from Amtrak Empire Builder train from Billings Depot for $29 – $43 to Livingston Depot. It will take 2 hours and 10 minutes. Then take a bus or taxi from this depot to Bozeman. It takes about 30 minutes and costs around $20 – $50.

Billings Montana
Billings Montana
  • By Airplane

Fly from Billings Airport to Salt Lake City International Airport. Then take a Greyhound bus from the airport to Bozeman. It covers the duration within 9 hours and costs $380.

  • By Car

Drive from Billings via I-90 W highway for nearly 142.7 miles, taking 2 hours. The price of gas is roughly $25 – $40, plus any tolls. Likewise, drive from Billings Airport to Bozeman Airport via the I-90 W route for roughly 140.8 miles.

Quick Stops on a Road Trip from Billings to Bozeman

You can choose from multiple quick stops, from the largest city of Billings to the scenic city of Bozeman.

1- Livingston

Livingston is an exceptional city with a prosperous history, a rich and lively culture, and stunning sights. This city was once a railway town. Between both cities, it covers 117 miles from Billings but towards Bozeman, and the distance is only 26 miles. Escape from the chaos of your life to Yellowstone National Park. Here you can still view the imprints of its past in its historic alleys, galleries, and milestones. You can go to the Livingston Depot Center. It is a repaired railway station with a museum and artistic hub.


Apart from all this, you can explore the Yellowstone Gateway Museum. It has a colorful and handmade crafts and amusement scene, with multiple galleries, shows, carnivals, and events. Moreover, adore the works of national and regional artists at its Livingston Center for Art and Culture. Danforth Gallery and the Shane Lalani Center for the Arts have the finest art pieces. Thus, it is a city that delivers a combination of past, culture, and beauty.

2- Park City

Park City is a small townlet with a historical downtown region, a golf course, and a garden. You can do some affordable shopping at one of the shops and boutiques. Likewise, dine with your family, and relax at one of the beaches. The park is near Canyon Creek Battlefield Monument. It is the battle spot between the Nez Perce, directed by Chief Joseph.

Further, you can see the weapons, tools, and vehicles used in the deadly battle. You can know more about this affair and its value at the monument. This city is also near the beautiful Yellowstone River. It offers incredible fishing prospects by casting your line for fish types. If you drive a car, it will take 27 minutes to get to this city to stop. You can take the I-90 W highways from Billings and exit to this site.

3- Fishtail

Fishtail is a rural district that is located around the Beartooth Mountains. This community is half of the way to both cities in the north. You can admire the Tippet Rise Art Center, a statue park and music forum showing current art and classical melody. Remember to marvel at the works of famous painters. It includes the legends like Alexander Calder, Mark di Suvero, and Patrick Dougherty.


Enjoy lively and energetic concerts by world-class performers and singers in an outdoor scene. Furthermore, you can also walk along the trails and landscapes of the vast farm. You can even pick your favorite fruits from this ranch. This district is near Rosebud Isle Fishing Access Site. It is a state park on Fishtail Creek. You can catch your favorite fish at this spot or relish the scenery and wilderness.

4- Chief Plenty Coups State Park

Chief Plenty Coups State Park is a lovely park that conserves the shelter and the legacy of Chief Plenty Coups. They belong to The Crow community, whose courage, oversight, and vision bridged the crack between the two cultures. You can visit his log house, his holy spring, and his farm at this park. Yet, you can also know about his lifestyle, concept, and grants to the history and culture of the Crow people and the state at the visitor camp.

Likewise, you can walk the 3/4-mile trails near the park along stunning Pryor Creek. The peaceful, shaded picnic site is a beautiful place to relish lunch and immerse in the peace of this unique place. The park is for day use exclusively, and no camping sites are available.

5- Big Timber

Big Timber is a lovely city that is along the Yellowstone River. You can adore the Crazy Mountain Museum. It displays exhibitions about regional history, culture, and nature. Check out the Natural Bridge State Park, which has a limestone hook and a cascade. This city is along the west of both cities.

Big Timber
Big Timber

It is noted for its art alleys, museums, and carnivals. You can visit the Big Timber Arts Roundup Museum & Gallery. It shows Western art and antiques. Apart from all this, join some of the occasions the city manages, like the Sweet Grass Fest in June or Christmas hike in December.

6- Chico Hot Springs

Chico Hot Springs is a hotel with natural hot springs, a spa facility, a cafe, and various housing options. You can immerse in the mineral-rich reservoirs or enjoy a massage or a facial at a reasonable price. Savor a complete meal, and unwind in a comfortable room of a historic hotel.

You can also enjoy some of the activities and occasions at the lodge. It manages events like riding, boating, skydiving, and concerts. This park has some of the state’s most suitable blue-ribbon trout fishing. Thus, it is where you can enjoy, have fun, and encounter Montana’s warm hospitality.


Plan a family trip from Billings City to Bozeman to escape the hustle. Many people enjoy this trip, as it takes them from the most extensive city in Montana to the most lively and vibrant city. Billings has multiple attractions, a deep culture, and a profitable economy. Bozeman includes stunning landscapes, lively arts, lovely parks, and a well-known university. You can reach this city via train, bus, car, or plane. You can even stop at locations to have enjoyment.

FAQs on Billings to Bozeman Trip

What are some traveling tips from Billings to this city?

Check out the highway’s conditions and the weather before you leave, as they vary relying on the season and the site to visit. Pack a bag full of snacks, and cold drinks, as there are few conveniences along the way. Schedule your complete journey and reserve your housing in advance.

What are the finest theatres to enjoy a movie at Bozeman?

Ellen Theatre is a historical theatre that organizes various shows. Verge Theater is a modern theatre that produces original and creative shows. It includes multiple genres. Regal Gallatin Valley is a trendy theatre that presents the latest films and technology. It has lounging seats, digital displays, and a DTS system.

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