If you are considering having a family-fun holiday from Key West, Fort Lauderdale is the best and most pleasing option. The views of the Overseas Highway to Fort Lauderdale are stunning. The pleasant weather of the city will even make your trip exceptional.

This city welcomes food lovers with big-portion meals and warm hospitality. After resting at the city’s parks, tourists head to Funky Buddha Brewery for lunch and a tour. They even enjoy the party vibes of the city. How far is Key West from Fort Lauderdale? Let’s find out.

How Far is Key West from Fort Lauderdale?

The distance and travel time vary according to the transport:

  • By Bus

The bus ride from Key West to Fort Lauderdale takes almost 4 hours and 50 minutes for a bus. The bus covers a distance of 191 miles, with fares ranging from $17 to $66. It depends on the assistance and availability.

  • By Train

Take a bus ride from Key West to Miami Intermodal Center and then grab a train from Miami Airport Station to Fort Lauderdale Station. This choice takes about 5 hours and 6 minutes, spanning 197 miles. You can even fly from the Key West Airport to the Miami train station and then reach your destination. It will cost $152-$470.

How Far is Key West from Lauderdale
How Far is Key West from Lauderdale
  • By Airplane

You can fly from Key West to Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International in 2 hours and 56 minutes. A distance of 150 miles is covered with fares varying from $88 to $397.

  • By Car

Driving from Key West to Fort Lauderdale is a direct option. The driving time is almost 4 hours, spanning 190 miles. The fuel cost varies from $30-$50, relying on the gas price and car efficiency.

Road Trip from Key West to Fort Lauderdale

There are various places where you can stop for a while from Key West. These places allow you to double your enjoyment level. You can even rest or unwind for a while at these considerable sites and then resume your journey.

1- Bahia Honda State Park

Bahia Honda State Park is a lively state park. It is approximately 37 miles from Key West in the Florida Keys. This park includes multiple natural attractions. You can play on the sandy beaches, walk on the calm waters, pick the coral reefs, and see the mangrove woodlands and tropical greenery. Here you will even find many wildlife types.

Bahia Honda State Park
Bahia Honda State Park

Hear the birds chirping or peek at the fish or turtles. You can even see a dolphin and manatees show for free. It is a famous garden for outdoor lovers who enjoy water sports, camping, and trekking. The park suggests guided group tours to its nature center. Walk on the historic bridge that presents incredible sea and island views.

2- Robbie’s Dock

Robbie’s Dock is a prominent location in Islamorada. At this point, tourists can feed the considerable tarpon that collects around the pier. The tarpons are mainly colossal fish that weights around 200 pounds. They can jump out of the water to grab the feed from your hand. You can carry their feed along the trip and stop by the way to feed them. 

The feeding craze is an exciting yet dangerous activity that attracts many visitors annually. It also offers other thrilling activities. Have boat outings, snorkeling travels, boating, fishing, and kayaking. You can search for the stores, enjoy concerts, or dine at the nearby waterfront cafes and bars. Robbie’s Dock is almost 77 miles from Key West on a drive via car.

3- Key Largo

Key Largo is titled the “Dive Capital of the World.” This notable site houses the world’s largest synthetic reef, the USS Spiegel Grove. It also links to the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park. This waterpark is considered the first underwater park in the state. Here tourists can explore the bright coral builds and various fish kinds.

Key Largo
Key Largo

Further, it offers other sites, likewise the African Queen. It is a retro boat that was utilized in a markable movie. The Florida Keys Wild Bird Rehabilitation Center is a site that is nearby. This center rescues birds and works on their conservation. You can even walk for a while to see Island Dolphin Care. Key Largo has a moderate climate, so you can relax or enjoy after a 40 minutes drive from Key West.

4- Robert Is Here, Inc.

Robert Is Here, Inc. is farmland that grows fruit stands in Homestead. This ranch presents rare and strange fruits and vegetables regionally on its farms. This fruit stand began in 1959 when Robert Moehling was six years old. He liked to sell his cucumbers on the roadside. This boy created a signboard that stated, “Robert Is Here.” It attracted customers’ sight but later became a complete tourist site.

Now, this farm offers numerous fruits yearly. You can also test their homemade jams, dressings, honey, shakes, smoothies, slush, and pies. This farm has a conserved area for the cattle, a play area, picnic sites, live harmony on weekends, and a reader that describes Robert’s story. This farm is almost 64 kilometers from Key West. Thus, you can eat fresh fruits from this place.

5- Miami

Miami is a dynamic and famous city, almost 30km from Fort Lauderdale. It is known for its vibrant culture, arts, style, recreation, and night activities. This city is also a leading finance, business, marketing, and tourism hub. You can enjoy a one-day stay in this city as it has a tropical climate. It even includes the most favored beaches like Miami Beach and Key Biscayne.


Click photos at attractions like the Art Deco District or the Wynwood Walls. You can marvel at the exotic animals at the Zoo Miami or explore the Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science. You will be happy with your one-day stay as you can encounter multiple activities. It is a seat to several skilled sports teams and a multicultural city.

6- Yardi Spice

During your trip to Fort Lauderdale, you may crave something. Yardi Spice is a cafe in Homestead. This cafe is almost 2 hours away from Key West. It serves original Jamaican and Haitian fare. JP and his partner have been serving the food and drink for the past 30 years and manage it accordingly. It offers a combination of dishes.

You can order tender chicken, thick curry mutton, oxtail, griot, fried foods, rice and beans, sandwiches, and salad. It has vegan and vegetarian choices. This cafe is named for its rich, tangy, tasty food that remembers the Caribbean legacy. It has friendly surroundings where customers can enjoy music and art. You can even take the drive-through facility but order 20 minutes before your reach this cafe.


Key West and Fort Lauderdale are two famous and beautiful cities in Florida. You can opt for various modes of transport according to your preference and budget. The trip duration and cost may contrast greatly. Apart from all this, there are numerous points where you can de-stress and have fun with your family and buddies. You can visit one of the parks or glimpse the rushing waterfalls. So, plan your trip and make it an exceptional one.

FAQs on How Far Is Key West from Fort Lauderdale

What are the finest ways to relish at Flamingo Gardens in Fort Lauderdale?

Flamingo Gardens is a garden and nature shelter with artificial waterfalls and streamlets. To enjoy them safely, you should obey the park rules. Stay on the specified paths, not irritating the animals and seeing the plants and wildlife.

What are the directions for visiting Fort Lauderdale’s beaches and channels?

Fort Lauderdale is marked for its beaches and channels, but they also pose some dangers. Swim only in lifeguarded sites, and apply sunscreen and defensive clothes. Avoid touching jellyfish, lock your things in the car, and be conscious of your surroundings.

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