Traveling with an emotional support animal (ESA) can be quite challenging, especially when the trip is a long one and your pet requires special treatment. To ensure the comfort and well-being of your ESA while on the road, you may consider using CBD oil as a natural remedy.

In this article, we explore the benefits of using CBD oil for emotional support animals while traveling, along with dosage guidance and advice. With that said, you should always consult a veterinarian before using CBD, as not all pets can benefit from the substance at any dose.

Even if your pet has used CBD in the past, you should still speak to your veterinarian. CBD may interfere with certain medications, potentially making them ineffective or dangerous to use.

How CBD Can Help Pets While Traveling

When administered correctly, CBD can help many pets feel less anxiety while traveling. Here are a few ways CBD can ease fears in your ESA, especially if they’re a nervous dog or cat.

Reduced Anxiety

CBD oil is known to have calming effects on animals. If we consider that traveling can be quite stressful for an emotional support pet, administering some CBD oil could help alleviate their anxiety and keep them relaxed during the journey. CBD oil is also easy to ship in most states.

Improved Sleep

Ensuring your ESA sleeps well during travel is essential to maintaining their mental and physical health. As CBD oil promotes relaxation, it also aids in improving sleep quality. It’s often difficult for animals to sleep on planes or trains. However, CBD oil can make it much easier for pets to do so.

Comes in Multiple Forms

Calming CBD dog bites and chews exist as alternative options should your ESA not be receptive to oils being administered directly into their mouth or food. These bite-sized treats are often beloved by pet owners but keep in mind that it’ll be hard to adjust dosages based on needs.

Pain Relief

Some pets may experience discomfort or pain when traveling due to aging or underlying health conditions. Thankfully, CBD has been found helpful in reducing inflammation and relieving pain in animals. That’s because it can affect the endocannabinoid receptors, reducing inflammation.
Pain Relief

No Sedation

Unlike some conventional pet medications, CBD oils won’t sedate your animal companion excessively. This is important, as many airlines don’t allow pets to be sedated during travel. With CBD, your pet will have a decent level of alertness, meaning they can still help relax you.

General Dosage Recommendations

The following dosage recommendations should not be issued without your vet’s permission.

As a rule, start with a low dose of 1-2 mg per every 10lbs of body weight twice a day when first introducing these products into their routine. Monitor your pet closely for any adverse reactions or behavioral changes before gradually increasing the dosage as necessary before the travel day.

Pre-Travel Period

The following dosage recommendations should not be issued without your vet’s permission. 

Before embarking on your journey, introduce CBD oil a few days earlier to help them become accustomed to the treatment. This way, they’re more likely to experience CBD’s full benefits during the trip without the risk of sudden intake-related concerns in unfamiliar environments. 

Always Consult a Vet

We really can’t stress this enough. Consult with your veterinarian before administering any CBD products to your emotional support animal. While most pets can’t overdose on CBD, an incorrect dose can make your pet sick. Natural CBD oil should be treated like a medication.

In Conclusion…

In summary, CBD oil can bring significant benefits to emotional support animals during travel, such as reduced anxiety, without excessive sedation and side effects. However, always consult with a professional veterinarian for proper dosage guidance before using CBD oil or chews.