Nyeri is a town in central Kenya, an important market town and regional administrative center. It is home to several banks, insurance companies, scenic spots, hotels, and other businesses. Also, this place has a cool climate year-round due to its high altitude, which makes it an ideal destination for tourists seeking to escape the heat of the lowlands. Besides, this spot quickly becomes one of Kenya’s most popular tourist destinations because of its friendly people and multiple attractions. However, you need to explore cheap hotels in Nyeri for perfect accommodation!

Hotels in Nyeri Kenya
Hotels in Nyeri Kenya

Cheap Hotels in Nyeri

Find the best and cheap hotels to stay in Nyeri. Hence, make your vacations with your loved ones more exciting, amusing, and thrilling.

1- Ruby Modern Homes

The Ruby Modern Homes Hotel is a popular choice for travelers looking for comfortable accommodations while exploring the area. It is a beautiful and modern hotel that offers a wide variety of facilities to all its guests. The hotel provides various rooms and suites, all modernly furnished and equipped with free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, and private bathrooms.

Besides this, it is a top-notch place where all the guests can enjoy a variety of on-site restaurants, bars, and cafes, as well as a fitness center and an outdoor pool. Also, this spot offers an excellent location for exploring the surrounding area, with easy access to all major attractions.

Ruby Modern Homes
Ruby Modern Homes

2- Thayo Place

It is a luxury hotel that offers its guests the peace of the countryside and the convenience of being near the city. This place also has a private golf course, and there are plenty of things to do to keep guests busy, such as hiking, horse riding, and cycling. East African Plateau is only at a distance of 12km.

In addition, there is a spa on-site, where guests can enjoy treatments such as massages and facials. The enchanting views of the surrounding countryside make this hotel a stunning place to stay. Hence, it can be an excellent spot to make your mind unwind and relax with multiple services and facilities. 

3- Skuta Hillview Apartment

Those looking for a complete facility with a well-equipped kitchen for their fresh meals along with maintained safety and security must check out Skuta Hillview Apartment now. One can get his private apartment at this property at a highly affordable price. Moreover, this pet-friendly hotel provides hot tubs with iron facilities. 

Skuta Hillview Apartment
Skuta Hillview Apartment

Besides this, the outdoor view from this place includes a river and garden view that makes it a worthwhile living place. This place’s contemporary design and elegant interiors are complemented by its landscaped gardens and terraces, providing guests with a tranquil oasis.

4- Johari Home

The Johri Home is a unique accommodation that offers an ideal blend of modern amenities and Kenyan warmth, making it a popular choice for guests looking for quality accommodation and excellent service. All rooms at this place come with all the basics you need for a comfortable stay.

For dining pleasure, the guests can head to the hotel’s restaurant, which serves traditional Kenyan cuisine and international favorites. There is also a huge bar where guests can enjoy drinks or relax in the sun. The nearby places include Baden-Powell Museum and Kimathi University Wildlife Conservancy.

Johari Home
Johari Home

5- Tazama Place

Tazama place is a quaint boutique hotel featuring tastefully designed rooms and suites, all with beautiful views of the surrounding countryside. The staff is friendly and accommodating. There is a lot to do in the area, whether you opt for a lazy day by the pool or explore the local shops and restaurants.

In addition, there is a huge sitting area with sofas and comfortable chairs so you can gossip with your loved ones and make your vacations more memorable. A fantastic spa arrangement allows all the guests to maintain their beauty and look fresh while exploring multiple attractions. You can visit Karatina Stadium and Wamagana Sports Field nearby.

6- The Hampton’s Furnished House

The Hampton’s Furnished House is an excellent option for staying in Nyeri. The hotel has a beautiful setting with lush gardens and a pond, making it the perfect place to relax after a busy day. There are also plenty of recreational facilities, including a swimming pool and spa.

Hampton's Furnished House
Hampton’s Furnished House

The staff is welcoming and attentive, ensuring your stay is enjoyable. For all disabled guests, a wheelchair facility is available. Moreover, free parking for your lovely vehicle allows safety, security, and many perks. 

7- Mountain View Apartment

Mountain View Apartment hotel is a good option for travelers who want to enjoy the area’s natural beauty. The property offers beautiful views of Mount Kenya and is close to some of the city’s most popular attractions. This place is only a few minutes walk from the city center. You can go for a train trip since the Karatina railway station is 8km distance.

The free internet access and availability of a giant TV screen allow all the guests to watch their favorite series during their stay. One can also celebrate their special events by hoisting a party at this place. Also, get 24/7 assistance from the available front desk and much more. 

Mountain View Apartment
Mountain View Apartment

8- Affordable Ring Road Guest House

Finding an affordable and comfortable stay in Nyeri can be difficult, but you can still maintain quality. Therefore, you must check out all the accommodations at the guest house on the ring road. This establishment usually offers reasonable rates and comfortable accommodations.

Moreover, this property offers complimentary breakfast or dinner, making it a great place to stay. One can also get several room amenities, including a bbq facility, picnic area, outdoor furniture, and much more.

Final Words

While planning your next tour to Nyeri, several good cheap hotels in Nyeri must be explored. Also, it is essential to be aware of the limitations and advantages of all accommodations. Moreover, many hotels have highly comfortable rooms and outdated facilities that meet the needs of most travelers. In addition, visitors can find many reliable options at reasonable prices. However, all travelers and visitors must select the best accommodation for themselves according to their budget and requirements.

FAQs about Cheap Hotels in Nyeri

Which is the top hotel to stay in Nyeri?

Serena Hotel is the best option for those who demand luxury and convenience with a more elegant style. This property offers spacious rooms with comfortable beds and luxurious amenities like robes and slippers in each room.

What is the average cost of a cheap hotel to stay in Nyeri?

There are plenty of budget-friendly hotels in Nyeri that can suit a wide range of budgets. A few examples include the Treetop Inn, which charges around KSh200 per night for a room with a shared bathroom and breakfast.

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