I don’t need to tell you that we are in the video era; It doesn’t matter what area it is, we pay more attention to everything visual, and on trips, it cannot be less. In fact, more and more is demanded. We have many travel blogs, and many of us write about the destinations we visit, give advice, tours, etc. So in the face of so much “competition,” you have to differentiate yourself, and what better way to do it than with videos?

Although at first (perhaps this is not your case because you already have a large community behind you), no one sees them and thinks they are memories that will always remain there. Whenever you want, you can transport yourself again, so first of all, if you do them, do them because you are passionate about them. Well, let’s get started. What should you consider in your travel videos, so they are of good quality?

Travel Videos
Travel Videos

7 Tips for Making Travel Videos

Let’s explore the top tips for making travel videos!

1- Be clear about what you want to tell

If you mix a lot of things and you don’t follow a common thread, surely you won’t transmit what you want, and not only that, but you’ll find yourself with several problems. First, the video will end up being meaningless, and second, when it comes to editing it, it’s going to be complicated because you won’t have the chance to make it fluid, and it may not turn out quite right.

2- Do not move the camera

When you record moving shots, do not move the camera quickly; it can end up dizzying, and the image is not clear. YouTube detects if the video moves a lot, with the consequent problem of positioning, since it does not help because it is indicative of low quality.

3- Record your travel videos in HD

It is essential to record in high definition if we talk about quality. Minimum in 720p, although if it is in 1080 better. Currently, there is no longer such a problem to find a camera that records with that quality, even many mobile phones do, so there is no excuse. You can also get a complete guide of any type of camera using the camera system Manual, It helps you to understand your gadget before using it.

Traveling Videos
Traveling Videos

4- Edit your videos easily

Editing the video is almost more important than recording it because the result depends on whether people see your video until the end. You can use intuitive video editing programs like FlexClip video editor, where you can create your video professionally even if you are inexperienced. Using it is super easy, and I have been using it on my computer to edit my travel videos. The truth is that it is very easy and intuitive. Create stunning travel videos with ease using Adobe Spark, this site could be helpful as well.

In addition, you can also use different effects that you will find on its website so that the video is even more professional. With its auto subtitle generator, you can quickly finish your video editing in a few clicks.

5- Use a tripod

If you shoot still shots, use a tripod. I perfectly understand the laziness of carrying the tripod on trips, but the difference is very noticeable later in the videos. If you decide not to use it, try to stabilize the image by resting your elbows on your body or any surface you find. It is essential to differentiate a static shot from one in motion.

6- Show the place in a different way

Please don’t do it like we all do to selfies with the camera in hand and talking. Ask the locals, get lost in the city to see what you can find, record in first person, and create a story. Be different, don’t be afraid.

Showing Tour Place
Showing Tour Place

7- Record as you like

Do not try to imitate the styles of other YouTubers. It is only necessary to find it and perfect it, and if you do it with passion, surely the result will be good. 


We all like to travel for a good reason. It allows us to relax, takes the pressure off of everyday life, and allows us to enjoy our life. And you, have you already started making travel videos, or are you thinking of making them? These are seven tips that you can have to improve your traveling videos

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