This year, the prices of hotels and air flights have increased significantly. And many popular tourist destinations are still under coronavirus restrictions. Therefore, traveling on a college budget in 2023 is difficult. The budget trip can become a problem because of inflation. It will affect all European countries next year. Therefore, we offer the 12 cheapest places to travel for college students.

Travel Trends for Each Student in 2023

It is evident that in 2023, after the pandemic, tourists will become much more expensive, and prices will rise accordingly. It is expected that the most popular tourist destinations in Europe will be affected the most. Including:

  • Paris;
  • Stockholm;
  • Dublin.

Also, some tourism experts said several trends would determine tourist preferences next year. They believe that students are most interested in healthy travel. That is, young people most often choose places closer to nature. While older people prefer family vacations.

Cheapest Places to Travel for Students
Cheapest Places to Travel for Students

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1- Hungary

Surprisingly, not so many people visited this country, but in vain. Hungary can be an excellent option for a budget vacation, which is necessary for students.  Here you can find accommodation from $16 per night.  And even modern hotels will cost about $70.  Transport and food here also fit into a poor student budget framework.

2- Portugal

Portugal is famous among students because you can find accommodation for any budget. You can also buy a monthly pass for $40, which will benefit students. You can eat here for $10, considering that it will not be some kind of fast food, but a typical lunch.


3- Slovenia

Slovenia is not very popular because of the pension. Still, those who have been there can confirm that all of Ukraine is worth including in your list of budget trips. A hostel here can be found for $15, while an expensive hotel will cost around $50.  Fast food can cost only $6, and a typical lunch in a restaurant is up to 15.

4- Romania

The cheapest accommodation here will cost about $10.  Also, one-time transport tickets here are very cheap, namely $0.30.  Fast food here can cost about $4 for a full meal, and a meal in a restaurant can cost at least $6.

5- Moldova 

Any student can find accommodation here for either $5 or $150 if they want to live in the best hotel. A one-time trip in Transport will cost about $0.50, and a full meal will cost $10-12.

Moldova _ Cheapest Places to Travel for Vacations

6- Thailand

It is still one of the most popular and cheapest places to travel for students. Magnificent landscapes, turquoise ocean, beaches with pink sand, tropical forests, centuries-old Buddhist temples, and recreation at attractive prices. Thailand is especially loved by “digital nomads,” who stay in the country for a long time and work remotely. On average, students in Thailand can expect to live comfortably for $533 per month + rent.

7- Laos

This country in Southeast Asia is a regional center for getting to know nature. Known for its rugged mountain landscape, Laos has always attracted students who dream of escaping the noise and chaos. Lunch for one person in an inexpensive restaurant can be eaten for as little as $2.72, and a pint of local beer costs $1.13.

8- Cambodia

A cultural center is known for its thousand-year history, archaeological sites, and incredible nature. Travelers are advised to add at least $593.88 per month to their budget. It will cover the cost of living. In the country’s largest city, Phnom Penh, long-term students pay 55.81 percent less for rent than, for example, in France.


9- Albania

Recently, this country has gained a reputation as an accessible sunny corner of the Mediterranean. Here it is twice as cheap as in EU countries. Albania is famous for its picturesque Adriatic coast, UNESCO monuments, and medieval mountain top castles.

10- Bulgaria

It is a true paradise for long-term travelers. It is 41.19% cheaper than other western EU countries. Also, it is a seriously underestimated direction among students—a country with diverse nature and a rich ethnic and cultural background.

11- Georgia

It is one of the oldest places in the world. The wine was invented here. Georgian cities have existed for thousands of years. Here, modernity and European influences collide with post-Soviet aesthetics. Excluding housing, a student here will spend an average of $555.21 per month.


12- Turkey

It is a country with a complicated history. High minarets of Istanbul, sandy beaches of Antalya, mountains, and newly opened ski resorts – it’s all here. Prices for food, accommodation and tourist activities in Turkey are 48% and 21% lower than in Italy or Greece.


A budget trip for a student is very realistic if you know where to go. You can economically go to the most exotic countries if you explore different cheapest places to travel for students. The main thing is to plan and accept offers. So pack your suitcase and go to the farthest corners of the world to make your student life even more enjoyable.

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