If you dream of a career in politics and want to change the world one day, you should consider studying abroad. Seeing and understanding the world’s full picture will improve your education. You will learn about the peculiarities of government in another country. And also experience the difference between laws and values in different cultures. This experience will help you be more open-minded and raise your qualification to a new level. Read on to learn about top locations to study political science abroad.

1. Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva has long gained fame as the capital of financiers and diplomats. This city is home to prestigious universities with impressive curricula for future political scientists. Perhaps you should read the materials about politics essay examples in English to better understand the subject. Reading papers on politics by professional authors will expand your intellectual horizons and improve your writing skills. This is a case where a few great examples are better than a thousand explanations about essays’ correct structure and style.

Geneva Switzerland
Geneva Switzerland

All the skills mentioned above will come in handy in top political science schools. We mean the University of Geneva, Webster University, Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, etc. The city is also home to many international organizations, including the second-largest United Nations headquarters. The majority of political science exchange programs concentrate on IR-related topics. Students will find a great fit in several political science degree programs. Almost all emphasize international connections.

2. Santiago, Chile

Santiago is one of the largest economic and political centers in South America. Why can this city become a true dream for political science students? Such institutions as the University Of Los Lagos and Universidad de Chile offer excellent training programs for future professionals. Local students can enjoy the city’s many shopping centers and exciting nightlife.

Study Political Science in Santiago Chile
Study Political Science in Santiago Chile

Santiago’s political science departments are among the finest in the Southern Hemisphere. Colleges are entrusted with developing a generation who can lead the country. It’s worth noting that all or almost all of the political science courses offered here will be conducted in Spanish. It makes the city an excellent option for anyone looking to expand their Spanish vocabulary.

3. Brussels, Belgium

Brussels is the seat of the European Union’s government and has plenty to offer students interested in politics. Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Universidad Camilo José Cela, and Brussels School of Governance (BSoG) are among the best universities in political science worldwide. Brussels also has a convenient central position on the map of Europe, amazing architecture, and rich culture. The languages of communication and education are mostly French and Danish. So if you plan to take courses here or a full curriculum, you will have to learn a foreign language.

Study Political Science in Brussels Belgium
Brussels Belgium

4. San Jose, Costa Rica

In a region where political instability is the norm, Costa Rica stands out as a beacon of achievement in Central America. Universidad Veritas is a popular choice for future political scientists. There is no compulsion to learn Spanish or English in Costa Rica, although you may take classes in either language.

What can make a valuable experience after studying in this country? One may see firsthand the effective political system. It includes a unique scheme of proportional representation and its voting practices. And then compare it to those of other Central and South American nations. Another fascinating aspect is connected to the economy.

San Jose Costa Rica
San Jose, Costa Rica

Costa Rica has significant economic relationships with nations inside and outside Central America. And the country’s trade focus is likely to be a part of political science study. Students will have plenty of opportunities to rest outside the campus. You can spend your spare time in a tropical paradise. Another option is to escape to the beach and forget about studies for a while.

5. Hong Kong, China

China plays a major role in the international scene. The study of political science in China is crucial to its vast economy and a similarly massive population. Due to its many positive attributes, Hong Kong is an excellent location for a year or more of political science studies.

Locals in Hong Kong have been more vocal in favor of the notion of secession from Chinese sovereignty during the last several years. Recent demonstrations have focused on this topic. Since English is the official language in Hong Kong, the language barrier is significantly reduced. The island also has a unique political milieu that is well worth exploring.

Hong Kong China
Hong Kong China


Political scientists have to think outside of the box like no other. These specialists are called to analyze and change our lives for the better. To make that happen, students need to get an education in their home country and abroad. Such valuable experience makes people more open-minded. It teaches critical thinking and helps to learn from other nations’ advantages. We hope our list of top education locations worldwide will help you to choose the right way in your future studies.

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