Paris is a lovely municipality with many marvels to explore by tourists. They are expected to spend days and weeks on holiday with friends, family, or even alone. Here, you can try to find all its hidden gems by day trips from Paris by train. When you visit this city, many day travels enable you to see more of the nearby region. There are many resorts in France for family trips. You can lease a vehicle for a day is only sometimes isn’t valuable. Thus, always trek to one of the convenient trains in France.

Day Trips from Paris by Train

You can locate everything on the different day trips from Paris by train.

1- View structures at Dijon

Dijon is amazing if you like an effortless train trip. This stunning town is short but charming and can easily be reached on the ground in one day. You can view the powerful Dukes towered European art. Likewise, its regional wines gained marked economic and cultural status.

Dijon Structures
Dijon Structures

Moreover, you can take the edge of the Palace of the Dukes. The architecture of it is also noted. It features half-timbered homes and bright tiled roofs. View Rue Verrerie, a street of shops and cafes. Thus, travel from Paris Gare de Lyon and trains depart almost every hour.

2- Click pics at the Disneyland Paris

The two parks are next to each other. It includes Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park. A train travel to these two theme parks wraps 32 kilometers from Paris. You will find many hotels, shopping, and an entire recreation complex. Roller coasters, active rides, and walks are all open.

Further, it lets the entire family see something to value. It includes the sole access and dining options. For a memorable event, you can stay at one of the hotels onsite. So, the train station is the Gare de Lyon to Marne-la-Vallee. It is a 2-minute trek from the Disney Parks.

3- Trek at the Strasbourg

Strasbourg is drop-dead beautiful. It permits you to explore French culture finely compared to the rush of Paris. Also, it is just two hours from Paris by train. The prehistoric legacy makes it worth a day-tripping site. Here, you can view an exquisite sandstone cathedral. It was the loftiest building in the world until 1874.

Strasbourg Trekking
Strasbourg Trekking

Furthermore, climb the north building to get sights of the Black Forest on an obvious day. Le Petite France allows you to see colorful designs. It is the most photogenic place in the city and will be caught on your day trip. Also, you can stop at Barrage Vauban, the Ponts Converts, and the Rohan Palace nearby.

4- Rest along the Champagne

Champagne is another precious area for a day’s travel. The best time of year to view is from April to October. If you see the harvest’s outset, plan to stay in September. There are multiple champagne houses and a booming nightlife to enjoy.

In addition, several vineyards provide all-day options. It has a spa, pool, and family-friendly sports. The train station is the Paris l’Est to Reims, Champagne-Ardenne, to Epernay, with many daily trains. Thus, experience it because you’ll be on a train through the cellars.

5- Gateway to the Palace of Versailles

Versailles is the most famous and most convenient day trip. It is just 17 km south of the Ile-de-France. The palace is the most favored attraction. It was created in the early 17th century and later extended by Louis XIV. It was initially a tiny country escape. The royal place became a museum in 1833 and now houses 60,000 art elements.

Palace of Versailles
Palace of Versailles

There’s so much to visit and do in here. So, you need a complete day to see it all. Also, you can explore the various street booths and markets after seeing the court on your way back to the train station. At the Market of Notre Dame, you can ride some cuisine. Hence, Paris Gare Saint Lazare or central Paris stations depart every hour.

6- Explore the Provins

History comes happening when taking a day train from Paris to Provins. It is realized for its medieval legacy and aura. It takes roughly 90 minutes to get from Paris to here. But, it is easy to explore the area once you arrive. You can walk down the Rue du College. There needs to be more traffic to handle on a day.

Further, you can see the Cesar Tower, as it is a day’s highlight. It ranges to Roman times; you can mount the stairs to view the city for a bit of cost. You can catch the Medieval Festival of Provins. It is also known as the medieval carnival in France. Therefore, the RER train gets off and departs hourly.

7- Trek along the Giverny

Giverny is known as a tiny townlet once home to the idol Claude Monet. Claude Monet labored in this village for around 40 years. His lovely home and bursting gardens are now part of a gallery. It can be one of the stops during your day trip. Rest along the lily pond from Water Lilies or paint the terrains found over the years.

Giverny Trekking
Giverny Trekking

Similarly, if you want to visit Giverny by train, you can permit 3 to 4 hours to visit Monet’s Giverny. The train stations include the Paris-Saint-Lazare to Vernon-Giverny train station. Once you jump off, you are still 6km away from the gardens. So, take the shuttle bus.

8- Stay at places in London

London is a lavish option for a day trip out of France. You can be in London in around two hours by train. Trains leave multiple times over the day, yet some trips take longer. So, Paris Nord includes 15 trains that depart for London per day. It is fun to spend hours in a park. Try walking, try striking the Tower Bridge. Therefore, the trek takes you past the HMS Belfast City Hall and other unique points. A ride on the London Eye allows you to get an even better view.

9- Eat at a cafe in Lyon

This day trip to Lyon is an excellent prospect to explore the local culture and food set. You can arrive by train feeling hungry. It is a city known for its high quality of life and blend of art dating back to Roman times. Several junctures are worth seeing, like the Cathedrale Saint-Jean and Old Lyon. Try the five-course set menu, and leave there feeling pleased.

Moreover, the outdoor seating is open at other cafes, especially if you want something more straightforward. You can continue exploring at the Saone River Banks and Les Halles de Lyon Paul Bocuse. Paris Gare de Lyon includes lots of train exits per day. But be sure to book your tickets in advance.

Cafe in Lyon
Cafe in Lyon

10- Scenic view at Chantilly Castle

Chantilly Castle is the best castle in France. This castle is what art fans’ goals are made of. The floors house two castles, the Petite and the Grand Chateau. So, the Duke of Aumale designed it to house his art collection and readers. Luckily, now it is open, so take the edge and tour the castle.

Likewise, check out the bedrooms with pure luxury, detailed gold accents, and chandeliers. The Reading Room features the Duke’s famous book cluster. Hence, Paris Gare du Nord to Trains to Chantilly Gouvieux train station depart hourly.


Paris is a stunning city, but you may want to explore outside its barriers. Luckily, there are many incredible day trips from Paris by train that you can relish. You are curious about history, culture, wildlife, or art here. Still, there is a destination for you. From the valley’s splendid castles to the island’s stunning landscapes, you can discover the beauty and variety of your holiday and its adjacent places. Therefore, there are many places you can view.

FAQs on Day Trips from Paris by Train

How can you purchase train tickets for day trips from Paris?

You can purchase train tickets via the website, at the train depot, or on ticket engines. Check if the ticket is valid before boarding. You can use a rail pass if you plan to travel often. You can also use a rail machine if you plan to travel via off-station.

What are some of the finest day trips from Paris by train for craft lovers?

If you value art, go to Giverny and paint the water lilies. You can even visit Auvers-sur-Oise, where Van Gogh made some of his iconic pieces. Another option is Reims, where you can respect the cathedral and its shaded glass windows.

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