Although Space Mountain is not the fastest ride at Disney World, it is the most iconic ride. Many visitors wonder; is Space Mountain scary? It is an indoor roller coaster in almost complete darkness. You can ride on it many times, but still, many people have plenty of personal experience. After the ride, you can even view different landscapes or eat at restaurants nearby. However, the ride’s darkness, speed, and turns can seem risky for some younger tourists. Many older kids face no problem riding it. So, don’t worry about an upside-down ride, but there are other quick turns.

Is Space Mountain Scary

Let us cover the details to get a good idea is space mountain scary. Many tourists enjoy it during their nightlife experience.

Experience of riders

Overall, Space Mountain isn’t prepared to scare visitors. Most kids and adults should not have an issue relishing the ride without feeling too nervous. So, it is a lot of joy and a family choice for many. It’s one of the top priorities of tourists during a journey to Magic Kingdom. You can always use a ride pass to enjoy it. It is right at the top of the list of the must-do’s of the ride. But, the ride can’t be scary to typical guests.

While the ride structure is entirely safe for space runners, kids may fear crashing with an errant beam of the roller coaster trace in the darkness. To this day, after riding it, you may get it a hundred times. Relatedly, the ride vehicle sits tourists in a single-file line. It makes it impossible for riders to sit with nervous kids. Thus, fearful travelers may be satisfied with being placed in the middle of a three-person car.

Riders Experience
Riders Experience

Recommended Age

The suggested age for riding Space Mountain is almost five years and older. But, any junior that fulfills the ride’s 44″ height state will be entitled to ride. Most kids who meet the height condition will enjoy the ride. Still, parents should use alert with kids who fear darkness or swiftness. Thus, this ride on Disney’s site details the height requirement and suggested age groups.

Multiple Themes

The ride is rich on the dimly-lit “Space” theme. It is apparent at the point you walk into the line string. The walkway directs you through a sequel of dark paths with fluorescent blue lighting until you reach your car. You cannot explain the lighting as fear, but small ones can get a mysterious vibe. Likewise, a soundtrack recreates live music and space noise plays throughout the event.

Further, it helps the magical feel of the ride in a way that isn’t weird. Only worry about Space Mountain’s theme or setting if your kid needs help with the dark. Also, the line row sets the stage for the ride, so it’s an ideal way to estimate how you feel about the whole affair. Hence, if you feel that the queue alone is overcoming your child, you can predict the ride to be a more extreme version of this.

Speed of the ride

Space Mountain has a highest speed of 28mph. But this ride is slower than that. The trail has few straight paths, and the endless turns keep the average speed low. The looks of Space Mountain are the fantasy of speed made by the ride setting. You cannot be able to see much at all for the majority of the ride. So, you will hardly be able to see some of the track’s infrastructure during the quick parts of the path.

Speed of Mountain Space Ride
Speed of Mountain Space Ride

Moreover, the lower visibility can cause you to feel like you will hit your charge on low-hanging cross-sections. Some tourists fear putting their hands in the air because they feel they will hit something. The dark makes you feel like everything is much more packed than it is. Still, it is hard to fight the urge to weave your head when you can hardly make out the elements of a fast-approaching bar. It looks like it’s only a pair of feet above you.

Further, kids get this feeling less, though, as most need to sit high enough to see everything. You can get an extra dose while holding my camera to film it. Similarly, you can have the opportunity to ride it with the lights on, and you can learn firsthand that it feels much slower. But it’s a bit more uneasy with the lights on because you can see the trail areas above you as you zip by.

Drops of the ride

This ride has small drops. Its tracks only have irregular tiny drops, but it’s a stretch even to name their drops in a classic roller coaster sense. Likewise, they are more like fast dips in the track.

From start to end, the coaster keeps rolling, meaning there are no suspenseful breaks before the tiny drops. In addition, all of the drops happen within the flow of the track, and they’re over before you can feel like you are genuinely falling. The Space Mountain drop could be more than 20 feet.

Drops of the ride
Drops of the ride

Loops and turns

Likewise, its height is tame compared to other Walt Disney World rides. It includes the Magic Kingdom’s Splash Mountain and Animal Kingdom’s Expedition Everest. Both of them have become infamous for their enormous drops. Its track ascends and dips several times, though it lacks actual stomach-flipping rises and declines. Besides, unlike the Rock’ n’ Roller Coaster, the coaster path on Space Mountain does not wind guests upside down.

Furthermore, it will come as a relief to Disney fans who fear extreme roller coaster parts. Those tourists who avoid the more significant, heart-pounding ride may find a lovely spot on this ride. Despite the lack of drops and upside-loops, it has a bunch of quick turns. The indoor, dim track shakes guests from side to side. These sudden actions may surprise you. It recommends that the front of the ride vehicle be over the back for visitors wanting a smoother affair, as the back tends to be rougher with abrupt turns.

Setting Layout

Space Mountain utilizes a single-file 3-seat vehicle. Keep your seating area distinct from other coasters that put you alongside another visitor. The seating layout is more relaxed. But it’s nice not to share a seat. It can be a concern if you have a kid who is nervous about sitting alone, but you’ll still be close. If you are in the exact vehicle, only a few feet in front of or behind your partner rider. The middle seat may prevent them from seeing straight ahead. It helps them feel more secure.

Safety of the ride

The safety of a ride that hides its mechanical parts under a cloak of darkness is a realistic question. Disney park fans can attest to the ride’s security from personal experience. Also, a mechanics writer, David Grossman, claims the coaster track on this ride enforces multiple reliable safety elements.

Safety of Mountain Space Ride
Safety of Mountain Space Ride

These protective devices include brake runs and straight coaster tracks with brakes planned to slow or stop ride vehicles. Brake runs allow ride operators to control the movement of all guest-laden spacecraft. Still, safety surety depends on you.


Camping at Disney can be a better idea. Is Space Mountain scary, or does it suit every person? The ride may be harsh at first glimpse, but that’s only because of the shady space theme. The trail itself is relatively tame for a roller coaster. Be underwhelmed if you see the lights on. Likewise, view the landscapes nearby. Or eat at restaurants after enjoying the ride and completing the trip. So, make the jump and try it out this ride.

FAQs on Is Space Mountain Scary

Is there any picture of both in this ride?

After covering the aspect that is Space Mountain scary, another part is the photo op. You can take snaps while you’re on the ride. However, the flash feature of a camera-ready pose is not allowed. The images from this ride vary. Some people laugh, while others are scared or surprised.

Does this ride have too much crowd that lets you wait at the Disney Parks?

The Disney parks do not have a lot of hair-raising rides. But it attracts thrill-seeking ones and adults looking for more fun. Specific times of day are more active than others. The delay can be anywhere from 15 minutes to two hours. So reach earlier to avoid long lines.

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