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Douglas Falls, WV | Waterfalls in West Virginia

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West Virginia is a scenic and artistic state in the United States. It is located on the Eastern side of the Appalachian Mountains. This city lives up to its catchphrase of two W’s,’ i.e., wild and wonderful. There are multiple attractions and shifts for tourists and citizens. Here you can see the museums, antiques, live shows, local marts, farm ranches, and wildlife. One of the best ways to encounter its untouched beauty is by visiting its multiple waterfalls, including Douglas Falls, WV. It ranges from massive falls to hidden gems.

1- Douglas Falls

Douglas Falls, WV, is a breathtaking cascade. This waterfall is around the townlet of Thomas in the Monongahela National Forest. It is approximately thirty-five feet tall and falls into a reservoir of emerald-green water. Rust-colored rocks enclose this water flow. The rocks acquire shade from the past iron ore drilled in this region.

Furthermore, it is also part of the Blackwater Canyon Trail, which tracks the North Fork Blackwater River. All of the zone offers shaded valley sights. It usually takes a lot of labor to reach Douglas Falls, WV. Moving along a muddy road with old Coke cookers and an undersized gallery would be most suitable.

Douglas Falls
Douglas Falls

A four-wheel drive automobile is instructed because the route can be uneven and dirty. A quick pathway directs to the falls. But it is vertical and stony, so be cautious. There is a string to help you dismount to the bottom of the falls, where you can appreciate the beauty and calmness of this hidden gem.

2- Strenuous Hike at Elakala Falls

Elakala Falls is a string of four cascades of Shays Run. It falls into the Blackwater Canyon. These falls can be seen in the Blackwater Falls State Park. They are relatively prevalent among photographers, where you can see the foremost waterfall easily. The title of the falls originated from a myth of a princess, Elakala, who threw herself when her lover disregarded her.

The first cascade is thirty-five feet tall. It can be advanced from a bridge over the shelter of the falls or a path from the garden lodge. The other three waterfalls are more complex and have no publically marked pathways. It is two-hundred feet deep, which makes the hike challenging and vertical.

3- Fantastic Spot at High Falls of Cheat

High Falls of Cheat is an attractive waterfall in the Monongahela National Forest. It is at a height of around 2,800 feet. The falls are shaped like a horseshoe, a hundred feet broad, dropping twenty feet into a gigantic pool beneath. The track passes through old woods as it winds through Shaver’s Mountain.

High Falls of Cheat
High Falls of Cheat

It is a beautiful yet challenging trek in the frontier of the woods. There are several entry points for the trail. Another course is located just four miles on Forest Road. Therefore, it is also a stopping juncture for The New Tygart Flyer tour train that presents a different view of the falls.

4- The Massive Waterfall of Blackwater Falls

Blackwater Falls is the masterpiece of Blackwater Falls State Park of Tucker County. This waterfall is designated for the amber moisture of the Blackwater River. The acid of dropped hemlock and red spruce arrows shades it. Further, this waterfall is fifty-seven feet above. It is the point where the river leaves its path in Canaan Valley and penetrates Blackwater Canyon.

The waterfall is among the most photoed sites in the state. It emerges on calendars, envelopes, and promotions. You can also cover a wide path from the parking lot to a walkway and towers. On the contrasting side, an extender trail also passes it from a more elevated point. Thus, it is dazzling in winter when it often freezes over totally.

5- Mighty Waterfall of Kanawha Falls

Kanawha Falls is an immense rapid on the Kanawha River. It is near Gauley Bridge. This fall is one of the biggest waterfalls by magnitude in the eastern US, with a moderate discharge of almost 15k cubic feet per second. It covers the complete river, forming an unusual sight.

Kanawha Falls
Kanawha Falls

Moreover, the fall has several blocs. Some are more observable than others leaning on the water station and angle of sight. The main area is a fifteen, and another bloc is a twenty-foot drop. Thus, it is also a famous fishing site, dwelling on fish species.

6- Sweeping Cascade at Sandstone Falls

Sandstone Falls is a stunning cascade on the New River around Hinton. It is the most extensive fall on the river. The waterfall has multiple downpours that soak over sandstone ridges, making a sweeping picture. Apart from all this, it splits the river into an upper and descending area, each with distinct traits.

The upper area is quieter and broader, while the descending passage is slimmer and quicker. It can be accessed from both paths of the river. Furthermore, it is also a habitat for different plants and animal species.

7- Classical Flow at Valley Falls

Valley Falls is a scenic place on the Tygart Valley River. The drops are a sequence of four waterfalls that traverse nearly the whole width of the river. It ranges from ten to twenty-five feet elevated. They are easily attainable from a riverside path.

Valley Falls
Valley Falls

In addition to its beauty, it suggests miles of walking and racing tracks and fishing options. The grassland has free entry and has two available toilets. It was once the place of a lumber and grain mill society. Some remains of the mill can yet be noticed near the downfalls.

8- Secret Beauty of the Wonder Falls

Wonder Falls is a treasure around Bruceton Mills. It is almost fifteen feet cascade that drops into a deep pool. Boulders and woods enclose this water. It is one of the most unique and complex waterfalls.

You will require a four-wheeler vehicle or a tool to steer the uneven roads to reach it. Here, you can wander along for approximately a mile. There is no authorized pathway to the waterfall, and you may undergo no signs. Further, it is famous for swimming, fishing, and enjoying nature’s peace and solitude.

9- Three-tiered Wonder at Hills Creek Falls

Hills Creek Falls is a sensational cascade on Hills Creek in Pocahontas County. It is in the Monongahela National Forest. The rapids have three levels that fall 25, 45, and 63 feet, respectively. The descending falls are the second-highest in West Virginia.

Hills Creek Falls
Hills Creek Falls

The trail guides visitors to stunning views of the three falls as it falls between the upper and lower slides. The first track is paved, and a wheelchair is accessible to the views of the falls. However, the rest of the pathway is more rugged, with stairways and alleys directing to the descending falls. Thus, it is lovely in autumn when the vegetation turns greenish.

10- Hidden Gem of the Cathedral Falls

Cathedral Falls is a classy cascade on Cane Branch. It is located along the Gauley Bridge and is observable from the highway. The falls drop sixty feet on the sandstone. It is called for its similarity to a cathedral’s tube organ, as the water rushes over steep rock columns.

The waterfall is provided by a covert spring and changes in amount leaning on the season and rainfall. Thus, it is one of the most snapped waterfalls and is liked by the residents—a small parking place near the drops and a quick trail directing to the falls’ bottom.

The Bottom Line

Douglas Falls, WV, is additionally more than just stunning views. They are also headwaters of vitality, life, and motivation. West Virginia has an abundance of waterfalls to dig and appreciate. Each cascade has its charm and feeling. Whether you like to glimpse the state’s loftiest, most extensive, or most hidden waterfalls, you’ll see them on the West Virginia Waterfall Trail. So, take your camera, hiking shoes, and feel the happening. Be prepared to uncover the wild and stunning waterfalls of West Virginia.

FAQs on Douglas Falls, WV

What are some basic directions for visiting cascades in this state?

Some widespread leads are to inspect the weather and highway situations before driving and wear hiking shoes and proper clothing. Carry water and eatables, admire nature and plants, and obey the leave no garbage.

What are instructed rules and regulations for seeing rapids in WV?

Obey the warnings and limitations at each waterfall location, and stay on the set paths and areas. Do not litter or swim in the water unless permitted. Try not to graze or disturb the animals. Also, be civil to other tourists and share the room.

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