Leeds is a beautiful city in Alabama, a lovely Tri-County in Jefferson, St. Clair, and Shelby Counties. If you’re planning a trip here, you can find plenty of choices to shop for antiques, explore galleries, uncover history, or cherish beauty. After all day out, you desire barbecue, Mexican, Chinese, or American cooking. There are multiple restaurants in Leeds, AL. You can find a cafe in this eastern suburb that fits your taste. There is something to offer, from small portions to a complete meal, from family to romantic, from simple to premiere.

Restaurants in Leeds, AL

This article details ten of the best restaurants in Leeds, AL, and offers some leads and rules to relish your dining venture.

1- Flavorful food at Mangos Cantina #3

Mangos Cantina #3 is a unique Mexican cafeteria. It is in the old Wintzell building. The food is spicy and savory, including tangy tacos, crispy burritos, cheesy fajitas, and flaky quesadillas. You can also try their specialties, like the steak, batter fries, or seafood platter.

Mangos Cantina #3
Mangos Cantina #3

The amount of food is plentiful, and the prices are cheap. You can relish a full line of colas and drinks. The aura is cozy and lively, with a Latin melody and bright decor. Furthermore, the staff is attentive. Thus, it is an excellent choice if you are looking for a place to flavor your meal.

2- Mexican bakery at La Juanita

La Juanita is a lunchroom and a classical bakery. It delivers fresh and delectable Mexican pies. You can pick various bread, cakes, brownies, pastries, and other goodies to fulfill your sweet tooth. Some famous bakery goods are conchas, leches cake, and churros.

It is suitable to order traditional cakes for special events. The bakery is open except Mondays. You can also appreciate their brunch menu. It possesses homemade tortas, burritos, and nachos. Therefore, it is a must-visit bakery that prides itself on grade and assistance.

3- Chinese dishes at China Wok

China Wok is a Chinese diner in the city that offers quick and timely service. You can collect your order online or by call and pick up your meals in minutes. Dine in their ample and neat dining room. The menu includes a combination of dishes. It includes fried rice with chow mein, spaghetti, sushi, and chops.

China Wok
China Wok

You can select from their chef’s specials, like sesame, General Tso’s, and orange chicken. The fresh and savory dishes and portions are big and reasonable. Get complimentary soup or egg rolls with your demand. It is the right choice if you like a short and delectable Chinese meal.

4- Homestyle food at Cracker Barrel

Cracker Barrel is one of the well-known restaurants in Leeds, AL, that fits homestyle cuisine and has a convenient store. It is located on Parkway Drive. The diner offers three times menus with traditional choices and seasonal fortes. You can relish desserts like hotcakes, biscuits. Savor gravy, omelets, chicken dumplings, pot roast, and seafood.

Likewise, you can order from their more delicate meals or kid’s menu. The cafe also has a fireplace and swinging chairs, making a relaxing and welcoming aura. This store sells presents, toys, candies, clothes, and scenery. Order online or get catering assistance from the friendly staff. Thus, it is an ideal option to relish comfort food.

5- Old cafe at The Three Earred Rabbit

The Three Earred Rabbit is an old cafe. It has served tasty food and beverages since 1985. It is located in a historical structure that dates around 1905. The cafe presents brunch menus. It includes a variety of juicy sandwiches, fresh salads, half-cooked omelets, thick soups, and warm bakery items.

Three Earred Rabbit
Three Earred Rabbit

The cafe has a retro and cozy surrounding with antique tables and attentive staff. It is open except Sundays. You can order on the website or get takeaway services. Regardless, it is a flawless choice if you want a spot to enjoy a comfortable meal in a recorded setting.

6- Southern dishes at Laney’s Country Cooking

Laney’s Country Cooking is fantastic for having southern comfort food with your family and friends. You can enjoy their buffet for lunch and dinner timings or choose from their breakfast platter. The buffet features vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine. The breakfast menu even includes gluten-free bakery items.

You can also acquire a 10% aged citizens’ deal. The lunchroom has a cozy, relaxed aura with a fireplace and classical chairs. The chefs are friendly and committed to their work. It is an excellent alternative if you want a residence to relish good home cooking.

7- Calm place at Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant

Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant is a site to enjoy exact Mexican cuisine. The cafe is located on Ashville Road, near the Walmart Supercenter. It has a big dining area with comfy booths and tables. The interior is simple and graceful, with shady colors and Mexican painting. The food is refreshed and delicious. You can choose from famous traditional dishes.

Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant
Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant

You can also try their main dishes, like the steak Jalisco or the chori pollo. Enjoy a complete bar with beers and wines. The restaurant is open all day. Thus, it is an excellent choice if you are peeking for a calm spot to savor Mexican food.

8- American Diner at Waffle House

Waffle House is a traditional American restaurant. It serves three-course meals all day. The cafe is located on Parkway Drive. The surroundings are cozy and simple, with a counter, stools, stalls, tables, and a jukebox. The assistance is fast and pleasant, and the food is hot and delicious.

You can order from their variety of dishes. Customize your order with their toppings and dips. The portions are significant, and the prices are lower. You can also acquire free refills on drinks. Thus, it is a great spot to enjoy a hearty dinner.

9- Barbecue sauces at Rusty’s BAR-B-Q

Rusty’s BAR-B-Q is a BBQ place that serves award-winning smoked steaks and homemade dressings. The cafe is around the Bass Pro Shops. It has a rural and inviting environment. The interior includes wooden tables and stools, vintage movements, and awards. Moreover, the service is friendly and pleasing, and the meals are delicious and tender.

Rusty's BAR-B-Q
Rusty’s BAR-B-Q

You can choose from their multiple meats and drizzle the authentic red, sweet, vinegar, white, or spicy mustard sauce. The dressings are made from fresh products and complete the meats thoroughly. You can also appreciate their side dishes, like baked beans, dry fruits, potatoes, fried okra, and more. There is a rush, so order online or get catering favors. Therefore, if you like a place to taste BBQ sauces in the city, it is a must-try place.

10- Family cafe of El Cazador Mexican Grill

El Cazador Mexican Grill is a cafe for family gatherings as it is very convenient for large groups. The cafe serves tasty Mexican snacks and drinks in the city. It is on Ashville Road, around the Leeds Civic Center Park. The vistas of the cafe are sunny, with bright walls, tables, and a children’s playroom.

You can pick from their fresh salads, creamy soups, spicy tacos, and cheesy fajitas. Moreover, attempt their specialties, like the Camarones al mojo de ajo. The portions are immense, and the prices are reasonable. Enjoy a complete bar with multiple wines. The diner is open the entire week. Therefore, it is an excellent option if you are looking for a family cafe to enjoy Mexican food.


Leeds is a charming city in Alabama. It offers a combination of dining locations for locals and tourists who are eating buffs. You can enjoy tasty food from other cultures, areas, and traditional choices and things. No matter what you are in a temper for, you can locate a cafe that meets your anticipations and benefits your hunger. Moreover, these diners suit your taste buds and budget accordingly. You can discover some of the best cafes in Leeds.

FAQs on Restaurants in Leeds, AL

What are some suggestions for picking a cafe in this city?

Some tips for picking a diner include checking the feedback and ratings online. Look at the menu, costs, location, and parking availability. Ask for suggestions from buddies or locals, and try new dishes and tastes sincerely. 

What are some directions for dining in a cafe in this city?

Some practices for dining in such restaurants are to make seating, mainly for busy times or big groups. Obey the dress code, and be courteous and compliant to the team and other clients. Tip around fifteen% for reasonable assistance.

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