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Top 10 Reasons to Visit Elkhorn Flea Market

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Walworth County Fairgrounds has been the award-winning location since its opening in 1842 on April 28. Since 1930. It has been the premier destination for famous musical arts like The Beach Boy and Johnny Cash. After the one hundred and fifty years of its opening, it added another reason to visit the beautiful ground of Elkhorn Flea Market.

According to the Elkhorn Flea Market, antique enthusiasts have felt that Walworth County Fairgrounds is an excellent market location.

10 Reasons You Should Visit Elkhorn Flea Market

These are the top 10 reasons why you should visit the Elkhorn Flea Market:

1- Location

It is one of the biggest flea outdoor markets in Southern Wisconsin. This market is held about four times per year on Sunday. Vendors come to the event and register for the whole season. It is tough to see all the items in one day. So, you can visit two or three times a year to discover favorite old and other things that you have never seen before.

Elkhorn Flea Market Location
Elkhorn Flea Market Location

Although there are about ten thousand people, there are not many things to see on this site. It is at the distance of one hour from the metropolis of Milwaukee, and it is a great place to visit and relax there. There is also a winery; if you see this specific area late in the season, you can get different edibles and bushels of apples from the orchard that you may find in this town.

2- Some Good Ink

Born in the 1980s, you can remember the Paradise Magazine, the Sunday inset with all informational and fun articles. In a recent article, seventy years old publications published an article about the best flea market, and the Elkhorn market was one of the top picks in this publication.

3- It’s Not Random

Many things are there behind the high recommendation of this market. One of the top reasons is that it is not random. They are very cautious about the vendors that sell their items in the market. If any of the vendors are selling bad quality or not unique items there, then they are not invited back. This thing made this market a rare one.

High Quality Things
High Quality Things

4- Community

As we know that this market has a lot of history because it was developed many years ago. People know each other because they have come here for many years; there is a strong interaction between them.

It feels like visiting family compared to the typical shopping mall experience when you go there. When you walk through stands, people feel happy to learn what fantastic things you found, and they want to help you and not upsell.

5- Country Living

In much publication on essential platforms like MSN, many popular websites have listed the best picks from the flea market in-country and then narrate that the Elkhorn flea market is among the country’s gems. Various attributes discussed in publications like the atmosphere, charm, and no compromise on quality are essential things.

Best Environment
Best Environment

6- Snacks

Apart from a large selection of stock vendors, you will also find great food trucks with treats and sweets to sample. People wandering in flea markets can taste the sample of deep-fried cheese curds at Say Cheese. Elkhorn brewery and Happy Camper Coffee are there; you can get the local brews and pastries for sugar fixing.

If you want to buy snacks while walking, go to T. Best Concessions. If you feel lethargic after walking miles, go to Thelen’s and take some cream puff to make yourself energetic.

7- Coast to Coast

Country Sampler Magazine is a publication devoted to giving their home a rural feel, complete with exceptional pieces that don’t look like they belong in Ikea. In 2020, Country Sampler Magazine listed the top fleas market in the country, and Elkhorn Flea Market was at third number.

Antique Market
Antique Market

8- Insider Scoop

According to market insiders, the Elkhorn Flea Market is a perfect place for one that wants to find unique and exciting things. You will find anything from farm apparatus to antique advertisements from various vendors and stalls.

Other reasons for large varieties of things are that many people are experienced, antique professionals. Different people have cleaned out the loft and found unique items to sell. So, there is a variety of things to look through.

9- Proud state

Wisconsin is the premier site of state for tourists. They telecast the television show that throws light on antique things about conditions. Apart from cheese, The Green Bay Packers, and the famous beer city, the Elkhorn flea market was highlighted on a show’s episode. From its simple beginning to its current notable size, it is one of the best places to see in this town, and you will want to see it once again.

Wisconsin Proud State
Wisconsin Proud State

10- Collectible Hobby

If your hoppy is collecting something new, it is best to find great collectible hobbies. If your hobby is collecting antique things like Radio and Model Tractors, it is the best place to find items. Not only do you find hobbies, but also you can gain knowledge about the collections from vendors that are selling supplies.

You can also find pocketbooks from the flea market and get the necklaces for 5$ only. Moreover, you may find the Christmas gift from there. If there are holidays and costly, go to the Elkhorn Flea market, and you will get in precious gifts at low rates.

Final Verdict: Elkhorn Flea Market

It would be best to remember many things before going to the flea market. The first one is that it is overcrowded from opening to closing, so it is the best thing to reach at a time before the gate opens to get a decent space for parking.

Why Visit Elkhorn Flea Market
Why Visit Elkhorn Flea Market

Moreover, the fairground is expensive, so sunscreen and walking shoes are necessary. The last thing is the 5$ admission charge when you get in. You must have adequate cash in hand other than purchases. Keep in mind vendors don’t accept credit cards.


Why is Elkhorn Flea Market a must-visit place?

Elkhorn Flea Market is a great place to find unique items and spend a fun day out. Everyone has various things to purchase, with multiple booths selling everything from antiques and collectibles to fresh produce and homemade goods.

What is the timing of Elkhorn Flea Market?

Every Saturday, the market is open from 7 am-3 pm. That’s why there’s plenty of time to browse through all the stalls. And if you are hungry, there are plenty of food options available. So whether you’re looking for a new piece for your home or want to enjoy a day out with friends, Elkhorn Flea Market is well worth a visit.

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