The Caribbean is an American state named after its Sea, consisting of several coasts and islands. For Sailing out the Caribbean Sea, Haiti has endowed the sort of beaches that feature on the duvet of travel brochures. It’s onerous to summarize it, but here’s an outlet for the Haiti beaches and a complete guided tour.

Haiti contains a long line stretching out on the country’s north, west, and east, with plenty of lovely beaches and coves for guests and locals to relish. There are many of the best beaches in Haiti, and it will be quite troublesome for the typical someone to decide between them.

Why are Haiti Beaches so Famous?

Haiti’s beaches are known for measuring the enticing land and peace. Most places surround well-managed and remodeled sites to wipe out the harshness of their past. Currently, it accommodates the best beaches in the Caribbean. On the other hand, Haiti beaches are also known as fascinating families and couples points to spend valuable time.

All these beaches go with fascinated views and a peaceful atmosphere. These beautiful sites also enjoy many fun activities, including swimming, photography, snorkeling, hiking, and strolling.

Famous Haiti Beach
Famous Haiti Beach

How to Get to Haiti Beaches?

There are various ways for visitors to reach Haiti Beaches, such as you can easily travel to Haiti by plane, cruise ship, or even by car.

1- By Plane

If you want to get to Haiti Beaches comfortably, you may prefer air travel. There are six airports in Haiti. You can book your flight as you wish, but Toussaint Louverture International Airport is the best option if you travel internationally.

2- By Cruise Ships

There is another way to get to Haiti’s beaches. You can extend your travel time by choosing this option, which will take your tour to the next level. Traveling to Haiti by sailing on cruise ships will be the best experience. Here is an inconvenience you cannot find ferries and boats on this route, so grab a cruise for the sea route. You can book travel by the sea in Haiti Royal Caribbean Cruise Line or Celebrity Cruises operating for Haiti only. So, book your cruise before your arrival for a smooth sea journey.

3- By Car

Traveling by road is another best option if you are a native European or American. It is a reverting fact that Haiti provides greater ease to travel by road without a visa. You can travel in your vehicle towards Haiti beaches, and all you need to do is show your passport at the border for security concerns. You can also use public transport after reaching its border. 

Reaching Haiti by Car
Reaching Haiti by Car

Top Things to Do at Haiti Beaches

Let’s have a detailed look at some top Haiti beaches to visit!

1- Take Cabanas

Exploring stunning beaches in the Caribbean is always a foremost choice for every visitor. It can be the best experience if you know about taking Cabanas. Yes, you can have a personal space to sit back and keep out of the sun once if you like some shade. 

You can make your beachside tour cozier and comfy by adding a folding chair or simple chair to the rental things. It will be a little expensive, but the experience will be priceless.

2- Explore Waterfalls and Swim

Hidden within the mountains above its beaches are the falls, one of the foremost stunning things to explore on the island. If you wish to know the wonder of Haiti, then you need to notice its breathless gems within the mountains. Bassin cheese is one of the most effective falls that consists of 3 completely different pools of water that flow down from a natural waterfall, the furthest one being the foremost stunning. The hike and short climb are well worthwhile once you see the falls waiting at the tip of the journey.

Explore Waterfalls
Explore Waterfalls

Secondly, Saut Mathurine could be another fantastic place to swim and is considered higher even than Gelée Beach. This waterfall is worth visiting and swimming in for its ice-cold water, even on sunny days. On the other hand, a few hours are not enough arduous no matter that you only do swimming there.

3- Never Miss Labadie Lunch

With your cruise arrival at this port, you may have a barbeque lunch expecting you on the island. It is a type of jollification liberated to all guests served buffet-style from the cruises and offers chicken, burgers, hot dogs, and multiple aspect dishes of a sizeable meal.

The lunch is served at a lined picnic table that appears out onto the ocean. Nothing gets far better than that with an excellent meal and an incredibly serene meal! The lunch begins serving in the morning at 11, so arrange your alternative excursions around that point to confirm that you get to perforate the free feast before averting on a replacement journey.

4- Stroll Across the Port au Prince

Port au prince was hit onerous by the 2010 earthquake. On the other hand, the town still holds several charms for guests, like the upmarket Petionville neighborhood, aside from sanctuary and residential to several of the city’s Dominican restaurants and hotels.

Port au Prince
Port au Prince

Lying in the heart of Haiti, Port au Prince is the island’s capital in a quaint space. El-Saieh Gallery is the best charm of this place, which retreats from town life. This gallery contains Haitian paintings and wood carvings and explores beadwork, metalwork, and mosaics.

You can also consider the adjacent place, Oloffson, in a pleasant location. It also contains a 19th-century Gothic mansion, a historical visiting point because once it was the home to 2 previous presidents of Haiti. So, never miss this place whenever you are visiting the Haiti beaches.

5- Take A Dragon Breath Flight Line in Labadie

You did nothing if you did not enjoy A Dragon Breath Flight Line in Labadie. It is an adventurous ride to this site, where you can see the whole beach site through the air higher than Labadie at speeds of 40-50 mph. Labadie beach is full of excursions on Royal Caribbean and is known for being an adventurous destination among tourists, but there is no substitute for this ride in Haiti. So, never miss this ride when you are strolling on Labadie beach.

It will grab you above five hundred feet higher than the beaches of Labadie, where you will go down along with a zipper line that is longer than a pair of 600 feet. Visitors can take this ride if they want to see some unbelievable views by experiencing a high mountain fly.

6- Taste the Haiti Food 

While you explore the island, you should never miss out on any chance to taste traditional Haitian foods if you are there. The cuisines of Haiti’s beaches are also heavily influenced by African traditions and tend to be hearty and meat-centric.

Haiti Food
Haiti Food

One thing you will find customary in all restaurants will be the stew-created meat and different vegetables on their menu. However, Haiti’s national food is teller, a slice of cooked pork marinated in sweet and hot sauce. You can also try a distinctive dish of the Caribbean, which is a grilled gastropod lamb.

The Top 11 Haiti Beaches to Visit

There are several Haiti beaches to visit in the Caribbean, but the top 11 best ones for tourist attractions are here.

1- Kokoye Beach Haiti

Comprising white sand and turquoise fascination Kokoye Beach Haiti is a stunning destination for a new adventure. The combination of white sand, blue water, and palm trees make a perfect natural view that will surely fetch you to tag no-filter on your story.

Kokoye Beach
Kokoye Beach

You can stay in a hotel room but camping around the palm trees without electricity on a starry night will be fabulous. On the other hand, if you want to enjoy your tour in a crowd-free place, then this place is best to consider.

2- Labadee Beach Haiti

Expanding over one mile on the northern coasts of the Caribbean, Labadee Beach is the most common site to grab a cruise ship of your choice. It is a horseshoe-shaped beach comprising cozy sand and bluish water. It is a great place to welcome the guests coming from the cruise ships.

Adding more value to the site beach also contains water parks, kayaking, and snorkeling options. However, it is one of the crowded beaches because of continuously sprinting cruise ships.

3- Gelée Beach Haiti

Situated on the southern margin of the Caribbean, Gelée Beach is spanned over miles. Beach is known for its typical seafood and cuisines. Grilled fish, fried plantains, and meat are exceptional contributions to the site.

Gelée Beach
Gelée Beach

Besides its clear water and soft sand, the beach is full of fascinating views. It is also a well-known site for kite flying, so it is the best place for kids and family. 

4- Cormier Plage Haiti

Cormier Plage is an accommodation of Cormier Plage resort on a small sandy patch. You can book your favorite suite in front of the beach after paying its admission fee.

Approaching several outside bars, stores, and restaurants, the area is perfect for enjoying your private place. Beautiful sea views and landscapes surround the visiting point. 

5- Jacmel Beach Haiti

It is a coruscating spot primarily known for its events and festivals. Unfortunately, after the hilarious earthquake, this beautiful place was ruined. However, Jacmel Beach got back its reputation after revamping the place.

Jacmel Beach
Jacmel Beach

There are several reasons to visit the site, including the annual carnival, Boulevard Pétion-Bolivar, French Colonial Architecture, and many other arts and craft boutiques. Bassin-Bleu Waterfall is another pictured view to see at the site. You can also find restaurants, stores, and bars on the beach.

6- Wahoo Bay Beach Haiti

Wahoo Bay Beach is one of the greatest beach sites on an uninterrupted coastline. The beach is proximal to Port-au-Prince and comes with multiple amusement options. It integrates several fun activities in one place, including hiking, diving, sunbathing, and swimming. It is one of the best beaches in the Caribbean.

Due to its stunning views and peaceful environment, it is one of the best places for love birds in the Caribbean. The place is also known for its soft sand and warm water.

7- Ils-a-Rat Beach Haiti

If you are looking for a small relaxing option for your Haitian vacations, Ils-a-Rat Beach might be a perfect option for you. It is a small, peaceful site surrounded by greenery and situated on a small island.

Ils-a-Rat Beach
Ils-a-Rat Beach

Besides snorkeling and swimming, you can also do so if you want to ramble. Rambling in the lenient Sea waves is so relaxing. It is a beautiful Haiti and an adventurous place to spend vacations.

8- Port Salut Haiti

It is a beautiful Haitian place on Haiti beaches due to its alleviating atmosphere. Apart from its noise-free environment, it is also a crowd-free place for people seeking peace. Moreover, you can find restaurants and stores near the beach.

You can spend several hours alone on the beach enjoying waterfalls and freshwater pools. You can also enjoy snorkeling, caves, and swimming on the beach. 

9- Abaka Bay Beach Haiti

The green mountainous region crowds the beach with soft sand and blue water. The combination of water, sand, and mountains makes the beach a dream place for romance and adventures. If you want to soothe your body, mind, and soul, don’t miss the chance to visit Abaka Bay Beach.

Abaka Bay Beach
Abaka Bay Beach

10- Chouchou Bay Beach Haiti

This beach is the finest place to enjoy snorkeling and diving. On the other hand, people who want to enjoy the natural beauty on the best beaches in the Caribbean can visit this one. It is an ideal beach for lovebirds and an adventurous spot due to its beautiful landscapes.

Lush green mountains add more beauty to the beach. Moreover, you can enjoy water-based activities as well as feasts at Chouchou Bay Beach.

11- Grann Do Beach Haiti

Last but not least, this site is full of natural and attractive views. The mountainous regions around the beach, white sand on the seashore, crystal clear water, and broad spectrums present breathtaking views on the beach.

Grann Do Beach
Grann Do Beach

You can enjoy and relax after diving or swimming. Water-based activities include diving, swimming, and snorkeling. You can also enjoy some local events and live performances of local stars at Grann Do Beach.

11- Ouanga Bay Beach

Ouanga Bay lies slightly on the northwestern side of Port au blue and maybe a little sandy beach that does not usually trap visitors. You can stretch yourself towards the beach as it comes with the best things to do in Haiti.

You can find several sea-facing hotels and resorts on Ouanga Bay, providing several facilities, such as loungers or umbrellas. Visitors can also enjoy several activities, like windsurfing, pedal boards, snorkeling, and glass-bottomed tours to see underwater creatures. Several hotels and resorts facilitate diving excursions where you can spend an exhausting day in or in front of water on sand. You can also try seafood on this site because the hotels on Ouanga Bay Beach are best known for their seafood serving.

12- Kaliko Beach

Apart from Kaliko’s beautiful pools, the beach is known for providing access to the calm water currents, where you can enjoy abundant water activities on a strikingly peaceful beach. Visitors can also find some beachside bars where you can sit, drink and enjoy a charming sunset view.

Kalko Beach
Kalko Beach

It is an ideal spot to enjoy a few Caribbean watersports adventures as it comes with several fun activities to do on the beach. You can enjoy activities from jetskiing to flyboarding, skin-diving, and snorkeling on Kakilo Beach. There are several other places around the beach where you can spend a day as you can reach the Port au in 20 to25 minutes. So, you can find several alternate eating places and bar around the beach.

13- Cote Des Arcadins Beach 

Cote Des Arcadins is the best beach among Haiti beaches with its endless stretch of sand and clear water. Everyone can find things according to his taste as you can enjoy watersports around the beach if you want to do some adventure. You can also enjoy land hiking to watch stunning views if you like to stay away from the water.

Moreover, if you are a peace lover and want to relax in front of the water, you can keep yourself chill for the whole day by spending your day under an umbrella on a mat. The beach is a hub of several beautiful heights where you can stay on the island. Visitors can find several relaxing points around the site where you can enjoy boat excursions and contemporary native foods.

14- Montrouis Beach

Montrouis Beach is the central hub for food and fishing among Haiti’s beaches. The beach site is rich in marine life and is the best place for tasting fresh seafood and fishing. Its freshwater side is known for the best water sports for enjoying snorkeling and diving. You can also learn diving from some teaching firms giving lessons from basic to advance levels.

Montrouis Beach
Montrouis Beach

Kay Piat is a lush spot adjacent to the mountains enclosed by jungle and the hidden gem of this place where you can go hiking and swimming in its crystal-clear pools. Like Kaliko beach, the Montrouis bach is also a modern place containing a succession of Arcadian resorts. This beach is worth visiting because you can find several fantastic things to see and do there. 

5- Amiga Island Beach

Amiga island is a compact island where you can walk peacefully and enjoy snorkeling. It is a small island which is not much populated, so you will not find shops and facilitation of outlets. You must bring your snorkeling equipment and towels if you want to go snorkeling there. However, you will see a small bar containing contemporary drinks, but there is no facilitation of bathrooms, so manage your tour accordingly and use minimum beverages and water.

This beach is undertaken by Labadee beach, and they serve complimentary drinks on arrival like Labadee beach. The island is a barrel paradise and the best place to relax your mind and body. Chairs are available on-site, and you can hear sweet music in the background as the music decks to hand.

6- Cadras Beach

Cardas is a little cove-type place where you can stroll, swim and take advantage of snorkeling. There are several other simple activities that you can do for your sake, including fishing and watching freshwater creatures due to its impossibly clear water.

Cadras Beach
Cadras Beach

You can stay on the beach all day, but you must pay for beach mats, chairs, and umbrellas. Several vendors and food stalls can provide you with the delicious eatables to beat your hunger. So, situating within the northern part of Haiti, Cadras Beach is the best sparkling spot with stunning mountainous views and provides a boundless vision of the turquoise ocean.

7- Moulin Sur Mer Beach

Moulin Sur Mer beach is a distant island that encompasses its visitors for fishing and boat visits. It is a historically deserted beach, once associated with an 18th-century sugar plantation. On the other hand, this compact island is worth visiting due to the notable things to enjoy, including snorkeling, jetskiing, paddle-boarding, and sunset cruises.

Visitors can also get guided tours that include walking or hiking tours. With the help of a guide, you can play some outdoor sports, such as volleyball and football, before returning from the beach. You can wander within the shady gardens and sit underneath a beach umbrella with a drink without a guide as an alternate option.

Places to Stay in Haiti Beaches

Let’s move forward to the hotels/restaurants near Haiti beaches!

1- Royal Decameron Indigo Beach Resort & Spa

Royal Decameron Indigo Beach Resort & Spa is the best resort in Montrouis and accommodates several indoor pools and inside bars for its guests. Then there’s the array of food and drinks captured in the booking reservation. Additionally, it permits you to eat the maximum amount you would like at the buffet because it is well-stocked with an open restaurant. You can also experience additional diversions of exploration across the beach near the resort.

Indigo Beach Resort
Indigo Beach Resort

2- Coin Perdu Guest House

Coin Perdu Guest House is present about a 12-minute walk from the beach Jacmel. Visitors can find indoor and outdoor pools in the hotel. Perdu Guest house is a hidden gem in Jacmel and encompasses a beautiful garden where you can enjoy green views.

It is a comfortable area where you can feel cold due to air conditioning. Providing the best views of the garden, it is one of the best places to stay for families and couples. It is a perfect spot for travelers needing to discover the town of Jacmel and the beach. The bungalow unit is surprisingly cute, and the area is well patterned and clean. You can book this property at the lowest cost for several days.

3- Hotel Cyvadier

Hotel Cyvadier is a small hotel containing 28 rooms and has a 50-seater restaurant beside the hotel. Restaurant and hotel Cyvadier beach include an eating house, an outside pool, a bar, and a shared lounge in Jacmel.

The beach space is lacking, but some beaches close to the hotel are the best. It’s also splendid that the hotel could be a bit outside of Jacmel, quiet and serene. No power from 9 is-12 pm and 230-4 pm.

Hotel Cyvadier
Hotel Cyvadier

They have a touch of slow processing bills and obtaining drinks, but once everything is modified, you will get to expect no waiting. Also, owing to currency exchange, it will take a small amount longer. The views are the best and affectionate the Blue Lagoon. The employees are relatively kind, so the owner is seen walking the grounds.

4- Hibiscus Guest House – Haiti

Present in the Tabarre, this house is at small intervals nine minutes and 15 km from Iron Market, the national capital Cathedral, and Marassa Gallery.

It is a place where you can make yourself comfy in one of the six cool rooms, including flat-screen televisions. Rooms have non-public balconies or patios. The staff is kind and hospitable and undoubtedly an excellent place to decide home once you are within the house.

5- Kaliko Beach Club Haiti

Situated about 61 kilometers from the national capital International landing field, the hotel may be a splendid and harmonious retreat within the Caribbean with its Creole design. It is the foremost reposeful destination on Côte des Arcadins.

Kaliko Beach Club
Kaliko Beach Club

This resort is beautiful, where the workers are super suitable, and the beach is unbelievable. The ocean is calm and blue and safe for your stay. There are masses to try to do with pools and ocean swimming, volleyball nets, and areas to the sun. Native vendors can take you snorkel diving for a pretty low cost at the island. On the other hand, it offers an incomparable beauty with delicious food and attentive workers.

6- Robsi hotel

Robsi hotel offers thirty chill accommodations with complimentary newspapers and complimentary drinking water. Rooms are hospitable, containing balconies or patios.

It is well placed on the national road and could be a safe site to stay in Haiti near Haiti beaches. The hotel is present on a suitable destination and allows you to eat out, nightspot and a stage wherever bands, etc., will perform. All in all, it is not unhealthy by Haitian standards.

7- The NH Haiti El Rancho

Hotel El Rancho was not solely unimaginable in that the scenery was stunning. However, the employees are therefore accommodating and fantastic. The administrator Mr. Romàn is an implausible host and manager and provides accommodations well higher than and on the far side.

Hotel El Rancho
Hotel El Rancho

A pretty calm and restful atmosphere where you’ll have an excellent day at the pool, thereby enjoying the food from the building. It’s conjointly the best place to host memorable and massive events.


Haiti might not come back to mind as your conventional traveler destination, notably because of the difficulty of its two-faced in its past, with hurricanes and earthquakes devastating the island. However, this compact piece of land shares its border with the state and contains an absolute hidden gem for culture, design, food, and, most significantly, beaches.

All these beaches come with fascinated views and a peaceful atmosphere. You can enjoy several fun activities there like swimming, strolling, photography, snorkeling, and even hiking.

Beaches in the Caribbean
Beaches in the Caribbean
What are your favorite beaches in Haiti? 

My favorite beaches in Haiti are located in the North (Cote des Arcadins). They are not as developed as some of the beaches in the south, but they are beautiful, uncrowded, and offer great swimming, snorkeling, and diving. Some of my favorites include Anse a Galet (near Cap-Haitien), Jean-Rabel Bay (near Fort Liberte), and Cayes de Fer (southwest of Port-au-Prince).

Which Haiti beach do you think is the best for families with young kids? 

If you’re looking for a lovely Haiti beach with crystal clear water and white sand, I would recommend heading to Labadee. It’s a private beach resort on Haiti’s north coast owned by Royal Caribbean. They have several activities for kids and a few restaurants and bars. Plus, it’s just wonderful!

What is the best time to visit Haiti?

Haiti remains hot weather because it is a tropical region geographically. Its average temperature for summers is 23 to 33 Celsius. On the other hand, the average temperature for winters is 19 to 25 Celsius. So, you can visit the Haiti beaches between November and March because this region acquires a general temperature during these months.

What are Haiti’s location and history?

It is an eastern country on the Caribbean coasts, sharing the island of Hispaniola. It is a place where you can still see the historical landmarks of the 2010 earthquake. Haiti is known for accommodating several beautiful and comfy beaches.

Why is it necessary to visit Haiti beaches?

Visitors can find several charms and things to do around Haiti. Although visitors can find several historical and fun places, including parks and museums, for spending some quality time, there is no alternative to its beaches. Haiti beaches leave their visitors insane with their beautiful golden and white sand in front of clear blue water.

What’s the best beach for surfing?

The best beach for surfing in Malibu. It has excellent waves, and various surf breaks to suit everyone from beginners to experts. Plus, the scenery is beautiful, and there are plenty of restaurants and shops nearby if you need to take a break from the waves.

I hope you enjoy our article, do check out more of our amazing articles.