When you wish to travel to Europe as a student, you should combine the best of both worlds as you explore some of the prestigious universities and take your time to see all the tourist spots. Since you wish to provide yourself with an adventure, the trick is to have a plan and ensure that you add something special to your professional resume or a list of academic experiences. The passion for travel is only natural, but it becomes even more special and meaningful when you explore the history, culture, and the best ways to learn. Let’s narrow things down to five European adventure stops!

1- Central University Library at the University of Bucharest

If you want to visit a place that looks like a fairytale and explore one of the most amazing places to learn, it is the university in Romania. It looks like a castle that looks stunning. It was built in 1893, but it looks much older!

If you study Architecture or History, this one is the best for reflective writing. When you feel stuck and wish to complete things faster, Trust My Paper is one of the best solutions to get all of your writing tasks under control. Now, do not forget to visit the library!

Central University Library
Central University Library

2- University of Catania

This is one of those adventure stops that reflects one of the most European southern vibes, located in Italy. This baroque building dates back to 1693 and represents the famous golden ratio building. It has a mystic feeling to it and must be one of the best places to visit when you love to travel. It also provides you with amazing labs and great libraries for data sciences and engineers.

3- University of Oxford, the Radcliffe Camera

While Oxford needs no introduction, you should look beyond the unique teaching style. It is also visually unique, just like the Italian university above. What you shall learn is that it is one of the most haunted places. When you have a chance to visit Oxford as a traveler, do not miss your chance!

4- Paris-Sorbonne University

It is one of the iconic adventure stops not only for European history but also for the cultural world. Also, it is one of those places where you can learn of many famous alumni like Madame Marie Curie. It is a beautiful place to visit and a great source of information for travelers.

If you stand for women’s rights and humanity research, it is one of those places that you absolutely have to visit! Make sure to arrange your visit in advance because you will get special accommodation prices and amazing student discounts.

5- Aarhus University

This one is located in Denmark and truly stands out in the list of most prestigious universities. It has been performed in a special style that is called “functionalism.” It is one of the most important architectural elements in Denmark that is quite popular among tourists.

Aarhus University
Aarhus University

Still, it’s also one of the best places for conducting international research. When you compare this university to other places in Denmark, it is unique when it comes to friendliness and openness to academic travelers.

Participating in European Volunteering Programs for Students

When you are a member of the global scouting movement or participate in a global volunteering movement, you can enjoy your travel schedule even more. The same applies to various projects focusing on exchange student programs where three to five diverse universities work together. This way, you can join one of the most prestigious universities as a guest lecturer or participate in a lab project.

As a rule, you can focus on environmental projects for students in Europe and provide your bright ideas on an official level. Once you approach a university as a part of the team, you can get your message across!

Barbara Freeland loves to travel and study as a researcher and an educator. She loves to write and learn how to make studies fun and adventurous. Follow Barbara to get your travel vibes right and find inspiration.