Each location has its attractions and past, so you should decide which one to visit for a family vacation. Springville is a title shared by considerable places in the US. If you are looking for activities like hiking, water sports, or riding, visit this city in the spring, summer, or fall when the aura is fresh and the scenery is captivating. Remember to enjoy the cultural affairs, art exhibits, concerts, or festivals in winter, with fewer travelers and other indoor sports. Explore the natural beauty of each site, like the Fifth Water Hot Springs.

Fifth Water Hot Springs

Here is everything you need to know about Fifth Water Hot Springs:

A Scenic and Pacifying Point in Utah

Fifth Water Hot Springs is also known as Diamond Fork Hot Springs. It is a natural splendor in the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest. This site offers a unique option to soak in mineral-rich reservoirs covered by a spectacular waterfall and lush woodland. Whether you are looking for a vacation or a weekend departure, a trip to Utah is a perfect option for adventure seekers.

Ways to Reach

This spring is nearly 70 miles south of Salt Lake City. It is 15 miles north of Spanish Fork. The most effortless way to get there is by motorcar, heading to the Diamond Fork Road. You will see a parking area at the back of the lane. Here, the trailhead is found. There are toilets at the parking point.

Pathway to the Hot Springs

The path to the hot springs is almost 2.2 miles one route, leading to the Sixth Water Creek. It is well-marked and manageable to follow. But it can be dirty or snowy, depending on the season. The height is nearly 600 feet, which is considered a reasonable hike. It takes nearly an hour to get the hot springs from the parking lot.

Sixth Water Creek
Sixth Water Creek

Refreshing Pools

The hot springs include pools of separate extents and temperatures. It ranges from lukewarm to chilly water. The waters are milky blue and stink like sulfur, indicating mineral content. These puddles are on both flanks of the stream, and some are hidden under the woods or behind the stones. Its most notable pool is at the waterfall’s ground. It shows a breathtaking and calming view from the falling water.


This spring is open annually. The difference between the hot water and the cold air forms a mystical setting. It is also very packed on weekends. So it is advisable to reach early or stay on weekdays to sidestep the crowds. Try camping near the hot springs, but you must receive a pass from the Forest Service beforehand.

Things to carry

There are a few things you must bring to make your visit to Fifth Water Hot Springs more pleasant and restful. A swimsuit and a towel are a must. Likewise, wear water shoes or sandals to protect your feet from stones and glass. Yet, backpack with snacks, sunscreen, insect repellent, a first aid kit, and a trash bag. Likewise, a headlamp lets you hike back in the dark.

Resorts near these hot springs

There are no resorts near the springs. But there are other choices, which are almost twenty minutes and thirty minutes away by motorcar, respectively. Some hotels you can discover are Best Western Mountain View Inn and Holiday Inn Express & Suites Spanish Fork.

Things to Do in Springville

Let’s learn about the top things to do in Springville:

1- Skate at Springville City Skate Park

If you want a few rides and enjoyment, you can check out the Springville City Skate Park. It is a part of the city’s Memorial Park. This skate park includes a medley of ramps, railings, and barriers for skateboarders of all classes. You can even enjoy the lawn room with tall trees for shadow.

Springville City Skate Park
Springville City Skate Park

Yet, there is a small grassland next to this skating point. The skate playground is fenced and has a respective entry. It is open from sunrise to sunset, and access to every path is free. You can bring a skateboard or lease one from the nearby store. Thus, it is a fabulous place to practice your aptitudes and match with other skaters.

2- Arts at Springville Museum of Art

If you are interested in art and landscapes, visit the Springville Museum of Art. It is the aged gallery for the pictorial fine arts in Utah. This showroom is lodged in an exquisite Spanish Colonial Revival building. It is detailed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1986.

Further, it has an endless collection of around 2,500 works. It mainly focuses on Utah, American, and Soviet-era crafts. Likewise, it organizes temporary displays, academic programs, and exceptional events. Therefore, explore the showroom on your own or enter a guided tour.

3- Farms at Jaker’s Pumpkin Patch

For family-friendly enjoyment, you can heed to Jaker’s Pumpkin Patch. Harward Farms runs it. This patch presents various activities for all generations. It includes grass rides, a petting zoo, a corn field, a fountain, a hollow, a haunted den, giant slides, and more.

Jaker's Pumpkin Patch
Jaker’s Pumpkin Patch

Apart from all this, you can select a pumpkin from the massive pumpkin patch or purchase one from the ones they have picked for you. There are also deals and fall sets for sale. Its entry fee is $6 per person. Pumpkins and other veggies are sold individually.

4- Kids at Springville Public Library

 If you are looking for a zone to read, learn, or console, Springville Public Library is the best option. It is located on US Route 11. This library has a vast section of textbooks, journals, DVDs, and audiobooks for all eras and interests. Further, access online help, like the Alabama Virtual Library, with the card.

Moreover, it presents various schedules and events yearly. It includes storytime, book packs, skills, and more. Sit with a book in the lawn area. It has tall trees for shadows or a small garden next to it. So, the library is open except on weekends.

5- Shot at Rangemasters of Utah

For fun and delight, venture to Rangemasters of Utah. It is a trendy indoor shooting point. The building has 13 static paper-mark roads and three cutting-edge system routes. It also adjusts large caliber rifle firing up to 50 BMG cartridges.

Rangemasters of Utah
Rangemasters of Utah

Similarly, it serves the public, law enforcement agents, scouting, clergy, and workers. You can carry your gun or lease one from the building. Remember to take courses or join clubs to improve your skills.

6- Equips at the Legends Motorcycles

Legends Motorcycles is a museum and shop. It features around 120 of the world’s finest sought-after parts of two-wheeled American iron. You can value vintage bikes and retro cars. Likewise, you can view the customized paintings and memorabilia of vehicles. The store offers an entire line of handmade pieces. They catch and recall the vintage of 1940-1950 motorcars. You can rent one from the store.

7- Games at the Nickel Mania

Let your kids have fun at Nickel Mania. It is an arcade full of plays for everyone. You can recreate your favored traditional video games or attempt your hand at the belated games known. It uses rechargeable nickel cards that load the tokens you bet.

You can save your tickets for rewards at the counter. It is an excellent site for kids’ birthday bashes. Carry your edibles to the bash. It is splendid for numerous families that need such chances to enjoy. Thus, it is mainly crowded on weekends.

Nickel Mania
Nickel Mania


Fifth Water Hot Springs is one of the various places in the US. Each covers its interests and past. You can uncover something to do in Springville. It fits your taste and allocation, whether outdoor sports, cultural affairs, water sports, or family-friendly fun.

Likewise, enjoy the natural magnificence and wildlife of each area, as well as the pleasure and diversity of small-town. Yet, it is an excellent goal for travelers who want to share something new and additional.

FAQs on Fifth Water Hot Springs

What are some outdoor and indoor sports to do on a hot day?

There are countless outdoor and indoor sports that the groups can enjoy. Outdoor sports can include free-play volleyball, soccer, or tennis. Indoor sports include table tennis and basketball in an air-conditioned gym or indoor swimming pool.

Is it secure to stay at the springs in COVID-19?

It is feasible to visit it during COVID-19, but you must follow some precautions to defend yourself and others. Wear a mask around others on the track or in the parking area. Further, maintain at least six feet from other parties in the hot springs.

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