Frisco and Dallas are beautiful cities in Texas. On vacations, many families from Frisco plan to go to the enchanting city of Dallas. The locals of Frisco and tourists worldwide consider Dallas a more appealing place. People enjoy its artistic landscapes at the museums and uncover history.

Moreover, they get delighted by this world-class melody, cinema, ballet, and opera. Its energetic and diverse nightlife venues make it an exceptional night lovers’ site. Hence, there are multiple reasons why travelers and residents of Frisco consider going from Frisco to Dallas for a family vacation.

Distance from Frisco to Dallas

Some of the possible options to go from Frisco to Dallas are:

  • By Bus

The span from Frisco through the bus is nearly 25.6 miles or 41.2 km. A bus takes almost 49 minutes to 1 hour and 30 minutes. It depends on the highway and the traffic conditions. The fare varies from $17 to $22 per seat. Take a bus from Northwest Plano Park and Ride to St Paul at Bryan or Ross at St Paul. Walk one mile to reach your destination.

  • By Train

You can take a train from Frisco by reserving a seat at North Frankford Station and Inwood/Love Field Station to Dallas. It takes about one hour and 12 minutes, with the ticket price ranging from $41 to $50.

Travel from Frisco to Dallas
Travel from Frisco to Dallas
  • By Airplane

You can fly from Frisco by booking a cab to Denver International Airport. Then take a flight to Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport. The flight duration is 2 and 15 minutes, and the total is 5 hours, relying on the airport clearance method. The price for a flight ticket is approximately $ 143 to $691.

  • By Car

You can drive your car and reach it in almost 26 minutes. The driving stretch is 23.8 miles. The calculated fuel price varies accordingly.

Road Trip from Frisco to Dallas

You can choose various stops according to your preference, budget, or mood. Some of the prominent quick stops are:

1- Shops at Legacy Mall

Legacy is an urban type of center or mall. It has various shops providing you the quality product in an affordable range. There are well-known boutiques for clothes shopping. You can eat or have amusement at one of the exceptional cafes and bars. You will be treated to a good portion of food with many dining choices here. Pick from Mexican, Italian, Asian, or Indian cuisine. There are multiple entertainment venues and theatres, like the Angelika Film Center.

Thus, here you can encounter a variety of marts and services. Purchase clothing, accessories, beauty products, and fitness tool. Apart from all this, this center is a splendid place to undergo the rich culture and nightlife of North Texas. The span from Frisco to Shops at Legacy is approximately 3.5 miles by car, vis the Dallas North Tollway S route. It takes about 7 minutes to drive to this stop.

Legacy Mall
Legacy Mall

2- Cadillac Ranch

The distance from Frisco city to this lovely Cadillac Ranch is roughly 372 miles by motorcar. If you follow the highway i-40 W, it takes roughly 60 minutes to drive. This place is a public art structure and statue in Amarillo. This farm has numerous attractions. It includes the ten graffiti-coated Cadillacs concealed nose-first in the bed.

The building was constructed in 1974 by an art set called Ant Farm. Further, this building represents the growth of the car line and its tariffs. Visitors are motivated to spray-paint the cars and take pictures of this unique location. Thus, it is a fun and strange stop for anyone who adores cars, craftwork, or both.

3- Peggy Sue Barbeque

This beloved cafe is located in Snider Plaza. It serves tasty Texas-style BBQ, and grills, under a comforting aura. The cafe was extended in 1989. It has been creating customers for around 30 years with its delicious ribs, crispy brisket, juicy sausage, crispy chicken, and side dishes.

To complement your meal, you can select from their list of delicious desserts. Try their homemade cakes and pastries with different frostings. Their drinks and ice cream will refresh your mood. Thus, it is a cozy and simple place to enjoy some of the most pleasing BBQs.

Peggy Sue Barbeque
Peggy Sue Barbeque

4- Perot Museum of Nature and Science

Stop at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science if your kids want to explore or learn something new. It delivers raw history and antiques at the science gallery. You may encounter collective productions, academic programs, and unique knowledge for all ages.

Moreover, you can walk into eleven exhibition halls encircling fossils, geology, technology, play, marks, and more. See a 3D movie at the cinema or the movie-making scenes and science of Pixar movies at a particular show. Enjoy concerts, food stalls, drinks, and outdoor plays on Thursdays. Therefore, it is a must-see place for anyone who values learning, including joy.

5- Bachman Lake Park

Bachman Lake Park is a vast city grassland located on the northwest side of Love Field Airport. This park includes five hiking and biking trails. Further, you can lunch at the picnic points and use a gazebo, boating areas, Bachman Recreation Center, and an indoor marine base.

Enjoy the lovely views of the lake, parks, and wildlife. Overlook the planes landing and taking off from the terminal. Check out the format for the skate park, which presents a passive playground with five distinct areas for skaters of all classes. Hence, it is a relaxing stop for nature fans and outdoor lovers.

Bachman Lake Park
Bachman Lake Park

6- Homewood Suites by Hilton Dallas-Frisco

Homewood Suites by Hilton Dallas-Frisco is an exclusive all-suite resort. It is near multiple attractions and actions. The distance from Frisco is almost 3.9 km by auto. Take the Parkwood Blvd route, which takes three minutes to reach here.

The hotel presents spacious lodgings with fully fitted kitchens, dining rooms, living spaces, LCDs, and WiFi facilities. You can also eat an everyday hot breakfast and evening bash on Wednesdays. The gym is available 24 hours with a swimming pool and a meeting center. Yet, it is a cozy and suitable stop for visitors who want to feel at house.

7- Grapevine Lake

Frisco to this lake is almost 19 miles via car. It carries around twenty-six minutes to drive to this fresh lake. This pool is located in the North region, roughly twenty miles northwest of the city. It was seized in 1952 by the US Army Corps of Engineers. They covered Denton Creek, a branch of the Trinity River.

Moreover, the lake is perfect for water sports at all levels, camping or picnic sites, trekking, and racing. Choose according to your mood from the notable parks, pathways, camps, rentals, and directions close to the lake. You can even rest by the water reservoir, see fossils or sunset and click photos. It is an attractive and thrilling stop for anyone who loves water fun.

Grapevine Lake
Grapevine Lake


Frisco and Dallas are the cities with stunning landscapes in Texas. Both cities are almost twenty-four miles apart. They have various interests, cultures, and records that make them notable. You can adore, admire, value, or enjoy art, matches, natural beauty, or food. You will encounter something to appreciate. Take a bus, train, airplane, or car according to your preference. Enjoy quick stops to see thrilling places like museums and parks.

FAQs on Frisco to Dallas

What is the finest time to go on a family vacation to Dallas?

The most suitable time to visit Dallas is spring or fall. It is when the temperature is moderate, clear, and pleasant. The average temperature in these times is almost 21°C. This way, you can sidestep the crowds and the high costs of summer or winter.

What are some events and carnivals that happen in Dallas?

Multiple events happen in Dallas. State Fair of Texas is a 24-day occasion in Dallas every fall season. It shows the state’s culture, farming, recreation, and food. It includes lifts, games, concerts, and shows. Dallas International Film Festival occurs for ten days. It shows local and international movies from countries.

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