There are two beautiful cities in Indiana, Fort Wayne and Indianapolis. Many people go from Fort Wayne to Indianapolis on a family holiday. Similarly, there are numerous reasons why travelers consider Indianapolis as their first choice.

Indianapolis is a dynamic city full of breathtaking landscapes. Whether a sports lover or a nature fan, you will find plenty of sites. Moreover, they plan to go to memorials, museums, and parks. Unlike Fort Wayne, Indianapolis is easier to access by any transport. Thus, it will surprise and entertain you with its magic and culture.

Distance from Fort Wayne to Indianapolis

There are four feasible courses to travel. It includes the bus, train, airplane, or car.

  • By Bus

Take the Barons Bus to Indianapolis. It will cost you almost $25 -to $65 and covers two hours and 15 minutes. Only one daily bus leaves Fort Wayne and reaches this city.

  • By Train

There are no immediate train stations from Fort Wayne to take tickets. Yet, you can reserve a train seat from Fort Wayne to Waterloo. As you arrive in this city, take another train from Indianapolis. The total travel time is about ten hours and 45 minutes, and the total expense is $57 – $65.

Fort Wayne
Fort Wayne
  • By Airplane

There are no continuous flights to Indianapolis. Yet, you can locate linking flights with more than one stop. The quickest flight will take two hours and 8 minutes, costing $275 per rounded trip. It costs $131 for four hours and 15 minutes.

  • By Car

The swiftest way to drive to Indianapolis is to opt for the I-69 S highway route. It is 125 miles long and takes roughly two hours and 7 minutes. The counted fuel price is $22 to $35. You can even use the GPS to get driving suggestions and see the traffic conditions.

Quick Stops on a Road Trip from Fort Wayne to Indianapolis

Here are some places to explore on a road trip from Fort Wayne to Indianapolis:

1- Paige’s Crossing Winter Jumperland

Paige’s Crossing Winter Jumperland is a kids’ play area. It is located in the lovely city of Columbia. This center is roughly 28 minutes that is 23 miles from Fort Wayne via car. It offers several indoor and outdoor thrilling games for kids of all levels. Moreover, you can play mini golf with a small ticket fee. The indoor games include professional arcade matches, batting plains, and soccer.

This winter jumping land is exceptional. It has around four bouncy huts and three inflatable falls. However, this place is open on Saturdays, so plan your trip on this day. Apart from all this, you can reserve your birthday bash or gatherings at their specifically decorated zones. Have a fun-filled daytime with your buddies and family members. Therefore, if you want to jump, glide, skate, race, or have a match, this jumping land is a perfect site to enjoy.

Paige's Crossing Winter Jumperland
Paige’s Crossing Winter Jumperland

2- Markle

Markle is a beautiful small village between Huntington and Wells counties. It covers a population of nearly 1,100. This town is roughly 17 minutes from Paige’s Crossing Winter Jumperland. Likewise, as you cover 14 miles, you will reach this place. It is marked for its vibrant and documented street. This community dates around to the late 19th and earlier 20th century. Apart from all this, you can walk along Main Street and adore the architecture and complexities of the ancient buildings.

Remember to click photos of the Bank Building and the Markle Hardware Store. You can even visit the Opera House and the Historical Museum. Here, you can learn about the townlet’s past and culture. Thus, it organizes multiple events yearly, like the Fresh Fish Fry Festival in July. The Wildcat Festival in August and the Christmas Walk in December are unique. Hence, it is a lovely town that holds its legacy and praises its society.

3- Marion

Marion is a historical city in the seat of Grant County, with roughly 28,000 residents. This city is approximately 30 minutes with a distance of 25 miles away from Markle. It is the motherland of well-known individuals. The famous performer James Dean and the outstanding cartoonist Jim Davis were born here. Moreover, the songwriter Cole Porter and astronaut Kevin Ford lived in this hometown.

Further, you can dig and value the legacy of these stars at various places in this county seat. You can plan a trip with your friends to the James Dean Museum, the Garfield Trail, and the Cole Porter Birthplace and Showroom. Do visit the Quilters Hall of Fame to adore the structures. You can also see the bill signed at the Battle of Mississinewa in 1812. Thus, this city is a hidden gem of considerable recorded places. It has a cultural value that offers a variety of ventures for visitors.


4- Muncie

Muncie is a municipality in Delaware County with a large population. After a few miles, you will encounter another city full of attractions. It is roughly 46 minutes away from Marion and covers 36 miles. It is house to Ball State University. This institute has around 22,000 pupils and shows multiple attractions on its campus. It includes the David Owsley Museum of Art, the refreshing Charles W. Brown Planetarium, the Emens Auditorium, and the stunning Christy Woods.

Apart from all this, it is also noted for being one of the most researched cities in the state by sociologists from 1920. It was titled Middletown because it was considered a typical society. Yet, it has a lively art and play scene. It features many platforms like the Muncie Civic Theatre or the Minnetrista Cultural Center. You can even enjoy it at the Horizon Convention Center. Thus, it is a city that blends teaching, culture, and joy for its locals and tourists.

5- Conner Prairie

Conner Prairie is a communal history garden in Fishers. It recreates the lifestyle of the 19th-century state. Staying for a while at Muncie, you again move on and find this beautiful place. This garden is about 40 minutes or 35 miles from Muncie City. You can dig a frontiersperson town and even see a Civil War camping base. There is a facility for a balloon sail and more.

You can also partake in hands-on, active sports and gain profound experiences. It guides you about the state’s history and present. Yet, it hosts numerous programs and occasions yearly. Listen to Symphony on the Prairie, or take Headless Horseman Hayride. A Merry Prairie Holiday and Spring Break are awaited. Therefore, it is a site where you can discover history by living it.

Conner Prairie
Conner Prairie

6- Yats

Yats is a lively cafe almost 20 minutes before your final destination. This cafe serves Cajun and Creole meals. It was launched by Joe Vuskovich in 2001 as he drove from New Orleans. This eatery presents a rotating list of tangy and delicious dishes. Enjoy jambalaya, saucy gumbo, types of etouffee, fresh red beans with steamed rice, soft boudin balls, and more.

You can select from various portions and bread choices to suit your hunger. It also has gluten-free and vegan choices available. Moreover, this cafe has several locations in Indianapolis and different cities. Thus, it is a famous spot for locals and tourists who crave original cuisine.

Final Words

Fort Wayne and Indianapolis are lovely cities. It is located in the beautiful state of Indiana. It offers a combination of interests and activities for tourists. The length between both cities is roughly 125 miles. Moreover, there are four transport mediums to travel. Each vehicle varies in cost, duration, and comfort. Remember to plan a family holiday at the stunning landscapes, parks, and museums. Thus, tourists should choose the best place that suits them.

FAQs on How Far is Fort Wayne to Indianapolis

What are the ways to buy tickets for the city’s arena events?

You can buy tickets for the city’s theater occasions on the site. There is a complete detail of every event. So you can check your favorite arts and hall event access and seating sites. Get access to the schedule of occasions from the websites of the platforms.

What are the three most pleasing things to accomplish in the city?

See the Indianapolis Museum of Art. It has a pack of around 54,000 paintings from different cultures. Adore the creatures and greenery at the Indianapolis Zoo. You can even watch a play or a show at the Lucas Oil Stadium. It organizes many events yearly.

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