Best known for stunning skyscrapers, the Chicago city is situated on the southwestern shores of Lake Michigan. Being one of the largest cities in the United States, the city is a great attraction for tourists due to its stunning art, several bridges, backward running river, and bluish waters. The attraction points of Chicago are unbeatable all over the world. In short, Chicago is the best option for a US tour, but due to the pandemic, there is an implementation of Chicago travel restrictions for people’ safety.

Unfortunately, the world suffers from the pandemic COVID situation, and international tourism falls over 70%. Before January 2021, all national and international travelling was banned. However, travelling resumed with all safety parameters under stable and controlled conditions. So, Chicago COVID travel restrictions are issued by CDPH (Chicago Department of Public Health) for both national and international travellers. 

Chicago Travel Restrictions for the National States

According to the Chicago Department of Public Health, people can travel only if fully vaccinated. The policy for state travel allows you to travel across Chicago if your state has less than 15% COVID cases per 100,000 residents. According to Chicago COVID travel restrictions, exceeding these cases limit people from travelling. Moreover, recent updates let people of Guam and Montana travel across Chicago. However, international travel is permitted with proper vaccination and certain safety precautions.

chicago traveling
Chicago Travelling

Chicago Travel Restrictions for International travellers

International travellers can travel across Chicago with certain restrictions:

  • An international traveller should get full dose of vaccination along with vaccination proof. Other than that, he was directed to conduct a COVID-19 test. People can travel only if the test result is negative.
  • If you are travelling for a visit, you can obtain a PCR test. You will get results after 72 hours. If the report is negative, you can travel easily.
  • But if you are going for your business task and need an urgent flight, you can obtain a PCR test, and you will be able to get results in just 20 minutes. If the test is negative, you can travel across Chicago.

Chicago CDC Travel Guidelines for Quarantine

After travelling, people should observe COVID19 symptoms and get a COVID test if they develop symptoms; otherwise, they can isolate themselves for specific days.

Chicago CDC travel guidelines
Chicago CDC travel guidelines
  • According to CDC guidelines for quarantine, you must quarantine yourself for seven days even if your PCR test result was negative.
  • You should quarantine yourself at least for ten days if you have travelled without a PCR test.
  • Moreover, you must stay away from the people at risk for the illness for 14 days.

Complete travel restrictions:

According to Chicago CDC travel guidelines:

  • Avoid travelling to Chicago if you are developing symptoms for COVID.
  • Never travel if you didn’t complete the isolation period after testing positive for COVID 19.
  • Do not travel if you have had COVID in the past 90 years, even you are recovered.

Chicago vesting points and restrictions:

  • You are open to enter arenas, museums, and other attractions with face masks and hand sanitisations. However, there is no further restriction on visiting places except capacity limits.
  • Visiting places offering indoor dining require vaccination proof.
  • According to recent Chicago travel restriction updates, performing art theatres, movie theatres, sports avenues, and concert performing avenues also don’t allow entry without full vaccination proof.
Chicago Complete Travel Restrictions
Chicago Complete Travel Restrictions

Restaurants & bars restrictions:

Indoor dining is available in restaurants if you are fully vaccinated. However, masks and hand sanitisations are mandatory.

Hotels restrictions:

You can stay in hotels because the hotels are open for gussets and giving services while maintaining safety precautions.

Community guidelines and travel restrictions:

All travellers must follow the community health guidelines to enjoy their journey in this pandemic situation.

  • Use a face mask in both public and private transport to avoid getting a virus from any person.
  • In Chicago, besides your vaccination status, you must wear a face mask in all indoor public settings.
  • Frequently wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap for at least 20 minutes during your travel.
  • Avoid touching everywhere.
  • Don’t touch your face, nose, eyes, or lips without washing your hands.
  • Wash your hand after coughing, blowing the nose, or sneezing to protect your partners and other passengers.
  • If you are unable to access hand wash or soap, make sure you are carrying a hand sanitiser during travel.
Chicago hotels
Chicago hotels


It is better to avoid tourism due to the deteriorating condition of COVID. If it is essential to travel across Chicago, make sure you follow the community guidelines for travel. Make sure your PCR testing before the trip. If your test is negative, you can travel. Make sure your isolation for 7 to 14 days after travelling. On the other hand, the well-known sentence “to stay home stay safe.”

Frequently asked questions

What are the Chicago CDC travel guidelines for travellers?

Coronavirus is a life-threatening virus, which can transfer into your body and destroy your lungs. At present, the whole world is suffering from a challenging situation for COVID-19. If you want to stay healthy, then you must show some resistance.

  • Try to stay in a single room if you are staying in a hotel.
  • Make sure the room has ventilation, not suffocated.
  • Use a face mask all the time. Try to wear it even if you are in a hotel room.
  • Keep your hand clean and sanitised all the time.

How long should you quarantine yourself after Chicago Travel?

If you are travelling across Chicago, make sure to quarantine yourself for a minimum of 7 days and a maximum of 14 days. This quarantine is because you travel with several people on your flight—the risk increases for getting a virus if you are travelling. Coronavirus takes 5 to 7 days for developing symptoms. You can monitor yourself for signs if you have kept yourself minimum for seven days.

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