Barbados is known for its beautiful beaches, and most people love to stroll around them. It’s not only the perfect spot for honeymooners, but it’s also amazing for a good summer, fun-filled holiday with family. The best thing about Saint Michael Barbados is its capital city, Bridgetown.

However, you just do not get limited to them with beautiful beaches. You can try more exciting locations and sights to see while visiting Saint Michael Barbados.

Places to Visit in Saint Michael Barbados

And to help you find some fascinating places to visit in Saint Michael Barbados, we have enlisted a few:

1. The Catamaran Cruise Experience:

While visiting Saint Michael Barbados, you must set sail on one of the careenage charter fishing experiences. You can enjoy some of the most exclusive fishing and dining experience at careenage alone with experiencing a world of people and life happening. The careenage is situated at the bottom of broad street, and it’s a place worth visiting.

Catamaran Cruise
Catamaran Cruise Saint Michael Barbados

2. Visit Bridge Town:

In Saint Michael Barbados, you visit the amazing capital city Bridge Town. It’s filled with places to shop and dine. Local bars, museums and other tourist activities such as tourist agencies offer packages for families and friends. Bridge town is amazing for all the exciting, fun hangouts for all kinds of groups and people of all ages. So bridge town, the capital city, is a must-visit. 

Bridge Town
Bridge Town

3. Barbados Wildlife Reserve: 

Barbados Wildlife reserve is the best place to find the best exotic animals. Your children and family will love interacting with them and have a lot of fun watching them through the cage. Hundreds of different species reside in these four acres of the wildlife reserve. 

Saint Michael Barbados Wildlife Reserve
Saint Michael Barbados Wildlife Reserve

Vicious and dangerous animals like pythons have been contained in cages and can be safely viewed from a distance along with other animals. The wildlife guided tours are also available if you don’t want to stroll along with the place all by yourself. 

There are deers, rabbits, bears, and exotic monkeys just living their lives swinging away. 

4. Saint Nicholas Abbey The Run Distillery:

When visiting Barbados, you must visit the saint Nicholas rum distillery as it offers a unique and takes you back to the 17th century. This place offers many tours of the area and distillery rum action. You can take on the experience of fantastic rum and plantation procedures, along with a behind the scenes rum production and tasting on the spot. All this and much more can be very exciting to taste some amazing rum with friends and family and have a glass or two while you are there.

Saint Nicholas Abbey
Saint Nicholas Abbey

A heritage railway train ride allows you to take a full tour of the area and explore unique places and landscapes. 

5. Barbados Boardwalk:

You must visit the beautiful Saint Michael Barbados boardwalk for the best ocean views and sunsets to see. This place is the most scenic place to be in Barbados to experience the ocean, stunning views, and dining options at the beaches. The oceanfront restaurants are the best place to dine with exciting sights and delicious food.

Saint Michael Barbados Boardwalk
Saint Michael Barbados Boardwalk

The beaches themselves offer a peaceful place to walk around. And the Barbados boardwalk itself is 1.9 kilometres long, so lots of space to cover along with the shops that sell cute artsy souvenirs.

6. Speightstown:

It is one of the second largest centres in Barbados. Speightstown offers its tourists a fantastic experience with the most picturesque streets and beaches. Moreover, the roads are made of colonial architecture, making your experience even better. You can always walk around the places and explore the town.


This town centre has the best local shops and small vendors selling fun delicacies and fresh produce. Cheap yet delicious, these give you the natural flavour of Barbados, and you can’t go wrong with either of the delicious produce and delicacies. 

7. Harrisons Cave:

Harrisons cave offers the most exquisite views of the crystallized limestone cave. It is genuinely the top tourist destination in Barbados. You have to visit this place if you ever see Barbados because this place is jaw-droppingly beautiful.

Harrisons Cave
Harrisons Cave

Also, you will not imagine what it has to offer, the waterfalls, crystal clear waters, flowing streams, giant columns and the most picturesque views. You can roam around yourself, but there are family-friendly tram tours that you can take to enjoy the whole cave tour. 

8. Oistins Fish Fry:

For foodies, Oistins fish fry is the best place to be. It offers the best Mahi Mahi, lobster, and other delicious seafood. You can enjoy a hearty meal with beer and the best views ever. There are other even more exciting attractions at Oistins, christ church, such as painting, pottery, feeding turtles and shopping from local vendors. You can also shop for cute artsy jewellery from these local vendors.

Oistins Fish Fry
Oistins Fish Fry

These activities are great for the whole family and make for a fun day of eating and enjoying crafts. On Friday, you can catch the live entertainment scheduled every week if you visit the place. Just imagine live music, entertainment and food with beer. 

9. Bliss Cafe:

Yes, a Cafe, you can’t imagine it until you try it. It is the best, most delicious breakfast served that is hot, and hand made to order on the spot for its customers. The Cafe offers both dine-in and dines out options.

Saint Michael Barbados Bliss Cafe
Bliss Cafe Saint Michael Barbados

In contrast, the interior is cosy and perfect for just enjoying your meal with your family in a quiet environment. The outdoors offers you the chance to view life and place move. As people go about their business, you can enjoy and explore the lives of the people of Barbados.


With all these locations to visit, Saint Michael Barbados is a place that is filled with exciting activities and exotic locations. You can do as many things as you want on its beautiful beaches. Book your flights to Barbados and enjoy.


What are the free things to enjoy in Barbados?

Barbados is well known for its free charming tropical beaches attractions. However, you can also enjoy the Nation’s capital trip, picnic, window shopping, hiking, boardwalk, Local market visit, and free crop over festival free of cost in Barbados.

Why is the Barbados boardwalk famous?

Located at the south Bridgetown, the Barbados boardwalk links Camelot and Accra beaches. This Saint Michael Barbados boardwalk, merely 4 miles in length, provides an outdoor dramatic ocean scene.

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