When a city is mostly of greenery, mountains, and tall trees, you can bet that it is worth visiting, especially in the summers. That is why Blythe has such a great tourism rate. This small city of California, located in Riverside County, is not only picturesque but also a place where you will find new perspectives, new faces of natural beauty, and ways of having fun. This small town attracts friend groups, couples as well as families. If you are visiting it, book one of the best hotels in Blythe, CA!

Hotels in Blythe, CA

Below are some fantastic hotels in Blythe, CA!

1- SureStay Hotel by Best Western Blythe

SureStay Hotel by Best Western Blythe is a great place to make your trip hassle-free and yourself at home, even in a stranger city. It covers the amenities, facilities, and services you need or want in your temporary home. When you are in the hotel, you are supposed to do nothing other than relaxing and rest. Yes, because the daily housekeeping is there to take care of your in-room features.

SureStay Hotel by Best Western
SureStay Hotel by Best Western

The convenience stores in the hotel will allow you to get things you forgot to bring along. Several dining options are available to let guests have different experiences while staying at the same place. You can kick start your day with a complimentary breakfast.

SureStay can provide a stay filled with comfort, relaxation, and entertainment, all in an aesthetic interior.

2- Travelodge by Wyndham

Travelodge is a perfect combination of lodging and traveling. Be it its location ideal for travelers, who can take around 15 minutes to reach the hotel after landing at Blythe Airport. Or the wide range of services that it offers. Every factor about Travelodge is worth praising and makes it worth selecting from all the hotel options in the city.

Another significant factor of its ideal location is the famous cafes Blythe, located at a brief distance from the hotel. Yes, Blythe Intaglios and A-10 Reservoir are two options you can dine out at without traveling long distances.

Travelodge by Wyndham
Travelodge by Wyndham

Moreover, you can cancel for free no matter what room between the standard room and the deluxe room you have booked. The hotel map is simple, making it easy for guests to navigate. The express check-in/check-out feature also makes it worth choosing for travelers.

3- Best Western Blythe

Best Western Blythe is one of the best hotels in Blythe, CA. You can choose it for the long list of amenities as well as the variety of recreational activities it offers. Moreover, it is situated near the Colorado River. So, you can enjoy views of the river or visit the river at your convenience. You can do a lot on the riverside from fishing to boating and many other water activities.

Moreover, there are local mountains nearby where you can hike and explore. The golf course is also a great place to spend quality time.

4- Emerald Inn and Lounge

For many good reasons, Emerald Inn and Lounge are on this list of the best hotels in Blythe, CA. First of all, its staff is multilingual to ensure no guest faces any trouble regarding communication with the staff. Secondly, it offers many recreational activities for guests to enjoy a good time.

Emerald Inn and Lounge
Emerald Inn and Lounge

The actions being proposed include scuba diving, canoeing, and fishing. The setup of each area is designed perfectly, leaving no loopholes. The outdoor swimming area is excellent, thanks to its vast size, surrounding hang-out spots with modern furniture, and the view of the sky.

5- Quality Inn

Quality Inn is located on Donlon Street, just off the I10 on the California-Arizona border. This high-class hotel gives beautiful expansive and uninterrupted views of the city. The on-site recreational activities will allow you to enjoy yourself with your companions. You can play golf on the dedicated course. The canoeing, hiking, swimming, and bathing in hot tubs are all fun and full of excitement. Your kids will especially love the kid’s play area.

This non-smoking hotel channels such clean, fresh, and safe energy that you will feel right at home. Also, breakfast is complimentary every day.

6- Rodeway Inn and Suites

Rodeway Inn and Suites is one of the most Californian hotels in Blythe, CA. This non-smoking place overlooks the wide roads, lush green gardens, beautiful forest scenery, and tall trees. Channeling contemporary art energy, this hotel is perfect for those who believe in minimalism without compromising on luxurious facilities and modern art.

Rodeway Inn and Suites
Rodeway Inn and Suites

Be it the canvases decorating the rooms and lounges or the clever combination of nudes with bright colors, every aspect of interiors and exteriors is artistic and welcoming.  Let the on-site restaurants and recreational activities entertain you to the fullest once you are in the hotel.


Blythe has Hauser Geode Beds, Blythe Municipal Golf Course, Village Retreat Inc., and many other attractions. This list of city attractions can go on and on, but the list of top-notch hotels in Blythe, CA, is short. Do not kill the joy of vast agricultural lands by choosing the wrong hotel.

The list mentioned above ensures that the wrong hotel is not a thing in this charming city. You can choose Travelodge by Wyndham if you come by air because it is a 15-minute drive from the city airport. Quality Inn is a luxurious option for those who love a wide range of expensive amenities. If you are planning a vacation there, let’s consider the best places to visit in California!

Blythe CA
Blythe CA

FAQs About Hotels in Blythe, CA

What are the best hotels in Blythe, CA?

The exemplary hotels in Blythe, CA, include SureStay Hotel by Best Western, Travelodge by Wyndham, Emerald Inn and Lounge, and Quality Inn. These four options offer a comfortable, convenient, and entertaining stay.

Can I find a cheap hotel that is safe and clean in Blythe, CA?

You can stay at Motel 6 by Wyndham or at the Emerald Inn and Lounge. These motels are financially affordable and credible names in the motel industry. Serving guests with check-in/check-out service at any time of the day, they make good options for the best hotels in Blythe, CA list.

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