If you have friends who travel regularly, you must have heard them complain about hotel issues. Sometimes, people book, pay online and find out about the non-existence of the hotel after reaching the location. Sometimes, the hotel’s claims are all false because their quality of services is poor when you experience it. To avoid all such mishaps and bad experiences while spending your family vacations in Texas; here is a compiled list of the top 6 hotels in Van Horn, TX. Let’s explore!

Van Horn Texas
Van Horn Texas

Hotels in Van Horn, TX

Below are the best hotels in Van Horn, TX, which are safe from all angles and levels. You can easily select one!

1- Hotel EI Capitan

Hotel EI Capitan is a Best Seller place in Van Horn, Texas. The lodging experience it offers is valuable, welcoming, and friendly. Located on East Frontage Road, the location of this non-smoking hotel will please travelers. Other than the ideal location, you will also find the architecture and design quite impressive.

Hotel AI Capitan
Hotel AI Capitan

The rooms and suites are clean and comfortable with all the required furniture and a small balcony as a bonus. Moreover, the hotel staff is 24/7 willing to go over and beyond to make your stay super easy, convenient, and cozy. The accommodating staff will let you check in/check out even at late hours at midnight or the earliest in the morning.

This hotel had been through many changes before becoming what it is today. From being originated in 1930 to being converted into a bank in the 1960s to becoming a hotel again in 2007, Hotel EI Capitan has a rich history. The centuries-old experience is evident in its services and facilities.

2- Desert Inn

Desert Inn is one of the most affordable yet high-performance hotels in Van Horn, TX. Almost no guest is disappointed in any hotel features and amenities. The air is clean and fresh, the furniture is sanitized, the interiors are aesthetic, and the staff friendly. It is located on Broadway Street and does not require traveling long distances to reach most city attractions.

The board directing the building states Free Wi-Fi, HBO, Micro Fridge, and Low Rates, but there is a lot more. From free parking to 24-hour front desk service and outdoor plus indoor recreational activities, it is indeed one of the best-kept hotels in Van Horn, TX.

3- Super 8 by Wyndham

The vast parking area of the hotel clearly shows how much parking space Super 8 by Wyndham needs to accommodate a significant number of guests checking in and out all week long. It is hard to find your slot during weekends due to the increased demands of this hotel. The main reason for such popularity is the reasonability of rates regarding high standards.

Super 8 by Wyndham
Super 8 by Wyndham

The luxurious amenities and modern facilities being provided by this hotel to its guests make it count as an elite-class hotel but not in charge. Enjoy complimentary breakfast, airport transportation, and more services.

4- Knights Inn

Knights Inn is exemplary in terms of lodging, accommodation, and cleanliness standards. The enhanced cleaning measures make it a good choice, especially during current circumstances with the widespread notorious virus. It is present at West Broadway and offers many affordable and budget-friendly deals at all times of the year.

The kitchenette available in a suite is exceptional in its equipment and modern technology. In fact, the whole of the hotel runs on modern facilities and advanced management techniques. You can take help from the staff at any time of the day. The recreational areas, like the swimming pool, are well-equipped and available for use.

5- Holiday Inn Express and Suites

Holiday Inn Express and Suites is not just a hotel business but a brand. During all the decades of its serving, the only direction its success, popularity, and standards have gone in is upwards. This serene hotel is clean, cozy, and has a personality.

Holiday Inn Express and Suites
Holiday Inn Express and Suites

Once you stay at this place, you will feel privileged in terms of comfort, relaxing environment, and entertainment. From interacting with other guests in shared lounges to swimming in the joyous pool, there is a lot to serve and excite you. 

6- Days Inn by Wyndham

Days Inn Hotel is right out of a fairytale. The interiors, aesthetics, and every aspect make it appear out of this world. The light color building covered in a red roof will give you a sense of safety and comfort just by looking at it.

This is one of those hotels where not only travelers stay to get some sleep, but locals also book to enjoy a fun weekend because the number of recreational activities and fun things you can experience inside are many. Many city attractions such as Van Horn Community Church and RJ’s Grill are within a short distance from this hotel.


Van Horn is a charming city in the realm of Texas. This romantic town in Culberson County is regarded as the westernmost incorporated community in the Central Time Zone area of Texas. From playing golf in the Tumbleweed Mini Golf to saying a prayer in Van Horn Community Church, there is much to do when you are in the city.


While planning a trip to Van Horn must be going great because the attractions are many and the roads and transportation systems are well-maintained. We have taken care of the hotel you will stay at, in the form of the list given above!

FAQs About Hotels in Van Horn, Tx

Where should I stay when I visit Van Horn, Tx?

There are many hotels in Van Horn, TX, all offering services for variable rates. You can find Holiday Inn Express and Suites, Hotel EI Capitan, Desert Inn, and Super 8 by Wyndham as safe, clean, comfortable, and relaxing options.

Are there any luxurious hotels in Van Horn, Tx?

Yes, Holiday Inn Express and Suites, Days Inn by Wyndham, and Knights Inn are three of the top hotels in Van Horn, TX. The locations of both of the hotels are super convenient for travelers for being closer to most of the city attractions.

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