1890 House Museum has the whole world admiring it. Some talk about the artifacts they had seen here, while others plan to visit it soon. The main reason behind its popularity is that it takes you through the history of Cortland in an impressive manner. Once you are in the city, this museum is one thing worth visiting, and there are many more. But other than exploring, getting rest is also important because, without energy, you cannot be good at absorbing things. Below are the top 6 hotels in Cortland, NY, where you can rest, refresh, and prepare for the next day.

Hotels in Cortland, NY

Let’s dive deep into the details of various hotels in Cortland, NY!

1- Best Western Plus Finger Lakes Inn and Suites

Best Western Plus Finger Lakes Inn and Suite has a little something extra for your comfort, convenience, and entertainment. If your biggest concern while booking a hotel in a stranger city is safety and cleanliness, then this hotel is the best option you can choose.

Best Western Plus Finger Lakes
Best Western Plus Finger Lakes

Best Western Plus has set the bar high for other hotels with its exceptional amenities and management. Everything feels relaxing and convenient here. You will be welcomed with free parking, high-speed Wi-Fi service, and courteous and helpful front desk staff. During your stay, you do not have to miss out on work since there are business centers with desks and electronic devices.

If your stay here is going to be long, you can settle down well with facilities like a refrigerator that can keep your snacks and drinks. Moreover, you can make the most of the number of room services. Hang-out spots on the property will ensure you enjoy quality time socializing with other guests and talking with your travel partners.

2- Holiday Inn Express and Suites

Holiday Inn Express and Suites is such an ideal location in the city that you will have no trouble traveling from here because most of the places on your to-visit list are a short distance from this hotel. The nearby attractions are SUNY, the State University of Cortland, and others. Save your time, money, and energy.

Holiday Inn Express
Holiday Inn Express

This property has around 74 luxurious guest rooms. Each room has much thought into making, designing, and furnishing. There is no reason as to why you would not feel the calmest and most fresh version of yourself inside the room. Some rooms are executive class and contain a king whirlpool, granite countertops, and many other elite features. After enjoying the top-grade facilities, features, amenities, and services, you will be sad while checking out.

3- Fairfield by Marriot Inn and Suites

Fairfield by Marriot Inn and Suites is one of the best hotels in Cortland, NY. The main reasons it is considered the best one in the city are related to maintenance and management. The hotel maintenance is so perfectly that you can barely get in contact with even a harmless germ. Nothing should be concerned about before using their towels, curtains, and linens, as everything is sanitized and clean.

The hotel staff is worth praising for their excellent management skills. You will never find any loopholes in any service. Despite being the finest in everything, it is also great at its location. Yes, four ski mountains are nearby where you can go for hiking trails and adventurous activities.

Fairfield by Marriot Inn
Fairfield by Marriot Inn

4- Hampton Inn and Suites

Hampton Inn and Suites is one of the grandest hotels in Cortland, NY. It has a long list of amenities to offer. No matter the purpose of your trip, how you are planning your trip to Cortland, who you are traveling with, and how long you will stay there, you can always find this hotel as the best option.

There is romance for love birds, recreational activities for friend groups, and many opportunities for families to reconnect and get closer with each other. Choose Hampton Inn, and enjoy complimentary services and features along with the necessary and luxurious ones.

5- Imperial Motel

Not everyone can afford a luxurious hotel with elite-class facilities and services. Some travelers want to save as much money as possible by compromising on luxury since safety is not what you can compromise at any cost. However, Imperial Motel is one of the most secure and budget-friendly hotels in Cortland, NY.

Imperial Hotel
Imperial Hotel

There is free parking, a high-speed Wi-Fi network, a well-equipped business center, and laundry service. The rooms contain a refrigerator, air conditioning, and a well-equipped kitchenette. You might not be able to get the royal treatment, but you will indeed be served with everything high-performance and trustworthy.

6- The William Henry Miller Inn

The William Henry Miller Inn is situated on the outskirts of the city but is worth all the effort for its impressive ambiance and one-of-a-kind theme. This resort-like hotel will cover all your basic and luxurious needs regarding comfort, safety, and enjoyment. 

Final Words

All your time in Cortland will be occupied with exploring, seeing, and experiencing. Due to such hectic schedules, all you would want to do at night is find a friendly and safe place and doze off on clean linens. To ensure that this is what you do, the above list of the best hotels in Cortland, NY.

Cortland NY
Cortland NY

Imperial Motel is the best option for an affordable hotel since it does not compromise on the quality for low rates. The best luxurious options are Hampton Inn, Comfort Inn, and The William Henry Miller Inn. And if you are a regular traveler, you must consider the best travel insurance company for your safety!

FAQs About Hotels in Corland, NY

Should I visit Cortland, NY?

Cortland is situated in the Finger Lakes, New York. Famous for being one of the cities with the cleanest water in the USA, there is much more that Cortland can offer. For your stay, make sure to stay at a nice place. Best Western Plus, Hampton Inn, Fairfield Inn, and Comfort Inn are the top hotels in Cortland, NY.

Is Cortland, NY nice?

Cortland is beyond excellent. With the views of the lakes, the sky, and greenery, everything about nature is prettier in this city. The best hotels in Cortland, NY, are Holiday Inn Express Inn and Suites, Hampton Inn and Suites, and Imperial Motel.

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