Hotels in Dickson TN

Some Best Hotels in Dickson, TN

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Dickson has the honor of being home to Tennessee’s oldest courthouse, which was built in 1835. What sets this courthouse apart from others is the fact that it is still functioning. This place is where history lovers from all around the world get together to satisfy their curious heads. There is a lot more in Dickson regarding history, culture, and heritage that tourists fall in love with. If you are planning a trip to get amazed by the beauty of Dickson, make sure to book the right hotel. So the list of the best hotels in Dickson, TN, given below will prove to be your comprehensive guide.

Hotels in Dickson TN

Let us walk into their details!

1- Best Western Plus

Best Western Plus is one of the best hotels in Dickson, TN. You can get off Interstate 40 at Exit 172 to reach this hotel. Since it is a distance of around 5 minutes drive from downtown Dickson, you will be able to enjoy the city life to the fullest while staying here.

Best Western Plus
Best Western Plus

You can access most shopping centers, boutiques, local stores, roadside cafes, and much more without traveling. The street culture of Dickson is enriched with friendly gestures, courteous help, and interesting talks with the locals. Other than the street culture, you can enjoy many more outdoor activities by covering a little distance from Best Western Plus. The helpfulness at this hotel is not limited to the inside and outside in the form of keeping landmark places at a short distance from the hotel.

2- Hampton Inn

Hampton Inn is a hotel fully determined not to make you homesick. Yes, everything about this place to stay in will feel home-like. The caring thoughts behind this hotel’s interior design are all about coziness, warmth, and a strong sense of tranquility. The color palette will soothe you deeply. Also, the furniture and decorations are minimalistic and top-notch.

The non-smoking policy, strict daily cleaning, and sanitization management ensure clean and fresh air, the environment, and everything. There are 62 luxurious rooms on this property. The recreational areas include a well-maintained swimming pool, a fitness center, spa, and sauna. You can enjoy the leisure and relaxing vacation time here.

Hampton Inn
Hampton Inn

Moreover, you can choose Hampton Inn even if you are on a business tour. Yes, the business center in the hotel is well-equipped with electronic devices, a Wi-Fi connection, a projector, and professional furniture. You can do your work as well as conduct in-person meetings.

3- Holiday Inn Express and Suites

Holiday Inn Express and Suites is situated right in the heart of Dickson. This perfectly structured and designed hotel will remind you of your home. The coziness, warmth, safety, and calmness are provided here to guests. The beauty of this hotel will serve to your eyes while a long list of amenities will serve to your tired self.

You can enjoy eating at the on-site restaurants that have delicious cuisines to offer. You will love the relaxing and comfortable environment of recreational rooms and shared lounges where socializing and engaging in different activities take place.

Holiday Inn Express and Suites
Holiday Inn Express and Suites

4- Comfort Inn

Comfort is one of the best budget-friendly hotels in Dickson, TN. The first great thing that differentiates this hotel from others in the city is its location. You must have Horizon Medical Center and Renaissance Center on your to-visit list for Dickson. Both these places are a few minute drives from this hotel.

The hotel has 67 rooms. The non-smoking policy is executed so firmly that you will observe no guest smoking other than in the smoking room. No additional charges will be involved if you are traveling with your toddler kids. Even the beds for your kids will be provided for free. This is only true if they stay with you in the same room.

5- Fairfield Inn and Suites by Marriot

Fairfield Inn and Suites by Marriot is that name in the list of lodging and accommodation services that people are ready to trust blindly. When founded, it instantly won the hearts of travelers and has never lost a high reputation ever since. This clearly explains the hard-working teams behind the management and maintenance of this hotel.

Fairfield Inn and Suites
Fairfield Inn and Suites

The mornings here start with a complimentary breakfast that contains hot eggs, sausages, fruit, and a hot drink. The spacious rooms and suites have everything you need to relax, rest, get entertained, and even work. Moreover, high-speed Wi-Fi, along with the necessary working equipment, is available for guests’ use.

6- Super 8 by Wyndham

For all the good reasons, Super 8 by Wyndham is one of the most popular hotels in Dickson, TN. Also, you can get help from the front desk staff at any time of the day or night. The advanced facilities are available for free self-help laundry and other tasks.


Most tourists returning from Dickson to their homeland describe this city like no other. The main reasons behind such distinction include welcoming locals, deep cultural values, and rich history. Moreover, the places to stay are also not a problem in this well-developed city.

Dickson TN
Dickson TN

You can have any decision-defining reference point, such as the distance of the hotel from the downtown, charges, or a list of amenities. The list mentioned above answers all your hotels in Dickson, TN-related questions. Choose the one that suits your requirements and budget the most. While planning a trip to Dickson, you can also plan a trip to Nashville. Read the guide, best hotels in Nashville, Tennessee!

FAQs About Hotels in Dickson, TN

What safe and clean motel can I stay at in Dickson, Tennessee?

Super 8 by Wyndham is one of the best budget-friendly hotels in Dickson, TN. You can spend quality time relaxing and enjoying without concern for safety and cleanliness. This place is safe as well as highly cleaned and well sanitized.

Which is one of the best hotels in Dickson, TN? 

The best hotels in Dickson, TN, are many. Comfort Inn, Hampton Inn, Best Western Plus, and Fairfield Inn by Marriot. Staying at any of these would be the best experience for you since they all offer many amenities.

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