La Grange, TX, is a beautiful and historic place with a lot to offer tourists. The city is located in the heart of Texas Hill Country and is famous for its charming small-town atmosphere and many beautiful parks and lakes. Also, there are several excellent cultural & recreational activities, along with shops & hotels in La Grange, TX.

Besides this, there are plenty of options as well for those looking for a more active vacation. Those who want to relax can find places to kick back with a good book or take a stroll downtown. Also, nature lovers will enjoy hiking or biking through the city’s many parks, such as Lost Pines Nature Park or Fayetteville Community Park.

Fayetteville Community Park
Fayetteville Community Park

Hotels in La Grange TX

Find one of the best hotels in La Grange, TX, according to your range, and make your vacations more breathtaking, amusing, and pleasurable. 

1- Hampton Inn

Hampton Inn is a hotel that offers many outstanding facilities for weary travelers and visitors. It is located in La Grange, Texas, close to many attractions, making this city a great place to visit. This hotel offers a shuttle service between the airport, as well as in the downtown area.

Moreover, this place also offers a complimentary breakfast each morning for guests. All the suites and rooms are spacious and comfortable, with plenty of amenities to make your stay more enjoyable. Hence, staying in with your loved ones can be a relaxing and highly affordable hotel. 

Hampton Inn & Suites
Hampton Inn and Suites

2- The Oak Motel

The Oak Motel is a quaint and charming hotel perfect for a romantic getaway or a family vacation. This place is situated in the central historic downtown, 3km from Clement Island. It is within walking distance of all shops, restaurants, and attractions.

With free parking, wireless internet, and telephone availability in each room, this hotel provides you with much more. Here, all the suites are tastefully decorated and have all the amenities you need for an excellent stay.

3- River Valley Motor Inn

Are you looking for a highly relaxing and attractive place to spend holidays with your family? Look no more other than River Valley Motor Inn. This stunning hotel is on the river, so you can enjoy breathtaking water views while relaxing. There is also a swimming pool, so you can take a dip after a long day exploring the area.

River Valley Motor Inn

The large business center allows its guests to arrange their introductory meetings at any time of the day. The ATM and vending machines for quick snacks and drinks make your experience during your stay in this hotel more fascinating and memorable. 

4- Executive Inn

The Executive Inn hotel is in an area home to various businesses and industries, including manufacturing, agriculture, and healthcare. It also offers a popular tourist destination, with its many historical attractions and cultural events.

Besides this, the place provides a convenient location for business and leisure travelers. The hotels feature spacious guest rooms, suites, and various amenities such as an onsite restaurant, fitness center, and business center.

Executive Inn
Executive Inn

5- Best Western Inn & Suites

Best Western Inn & Suites Hotels is a top choice for couples exploring different attractions together. The hotel offers a great location, comfortable accommodations, excellent amenities, and many perks.

With free coffee and tea maker in every room, guests can have their favorite hot beverage whenever possible. All the staff is friendly and warm-hearted and welcome their guests in an excellent mood. However, for any other query, one can get quick assistance from the help desk.

6- Pine Point Inn & Suites

Pine Point Inn & Suites is one of the pet-friendly hotels that provides its guests well maintained and furnished rooms. It offers a variety of room types to fit your needs, including suites with kitchens and whirlpool tubs. Also, this place is just minutes from all the attractions, including the Fayette County Courthouse, the Farmers Market, and the Confederate Museum.

Pine Point Inn & Suites
Pine Point Inn & Suites

Moreover, laundry and housekeeping daily help the guests to remain active and tidy throughout their stay. The onsite park also allows you to walk in your free time and keep yourself healthy and fresh all day long. 

7- FlopHouze Shipping Container Hotel

FlopHouze Shipping hotel is made out of shipping containers. This hotel is popping up all over the world, and it offers a unique and affordable way to stay. It is in the city center, so that you can enjoy all the attractions, including McKinney Falls State Park.

In addition, all the guests can have a remarkable and unique experience. The interior of this hotel is highly decorated using different artwork, making it a more charming place to stay. All the rooms have nicely maintained temperatures so the guests can relax after a hectic day of traveling.

FlopHouze Shipping Container Hotel
FlopHouze Shipping Container Hotel

8- Katy House Bed & Breakfast

For those looking for a perfect starting point to explore the area, Katy House Bed & Breakfast can be an ideal place to stay. With spacious and decorative rooms, one can get multiple perks, including benefits for all disabled guests. 

The availability of handy amenities, luggage storage, equipped rooms, hot swimming pools, and fitness centers adds a lot to the reasons to select this hotel for a comfortable stay. Hence, this hotel also offers many recreational opportunities. It also combines warm hospitality with a lovely ambiance to make your stay unforgettable.

The Bottom Line

Hotels in La Grange, TX, are known for their luxury and elegance. They offer their guests a wide range of services and facilities, ensuring they have a comfortable and enjoyable stay. The staff at these hotels are highly trained and experienced, so you can be sure that you will receive the best possible service.

FAQs about Hotels in La Grange, TX

What is the average cost of staying in the hotel in La Grange?

The moderate cost of a hotel room in La Grange is $89 per night. However, this price can increase or decrease depending on the time of year and the specific hotel you choose.

Which is the best hotel to stay in La Grange?

There are a lot of hotels in La Grange to stay at, but Grand Hotel & Spa is a great option. This place offers luxury accommodations with an onsite spa and an award-winning restaurant.

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