There is no doubt that a pet is the most important being in anyone’s life. The guilt one feels while planning a trip without one’s pet is enormous. Along with the guilt comes a fear of their well-being as well. So, why leave your pet behind when you can find pet friendly hotels? This article will answer your search for pet-friendly hotels near me in Virginia, USA!

Top Pet Friendly Hotels in Virginia

Below is the list of the seven best pet-friendly hotels that are safe, clean, and pet friendly. With no further due, let us dive in!

pet friendly hotels in virginia

1- Hyatt Place Virginia Beach Town Center

The best hotel in the search results of the best pet friendly hotels near me is Hyatt Place Virginia Beach Town Center. Made for such people who want nothing but the ultimate luxury out of the place they are staying, this hotel will help you fascinatingly enjoy nature and downtime. What makes it even better is that your pet will be accompanied by your time here. 

You can kick start your day in Hyatt Place with a complimentary breakfast in a cute sitting area surrounded by a calming ambiance and a serene environment. 

2- Drury Plaza Hotel Richmond

Drury Plaza Hotel Richmond also has several great things to offer you for the most relaxing stay ever. The mission of this hotel is to get as many things as possible off the shoulders of travelers so they can focus on having a great time. Undoubtedly, they accomplish the mission daily with good customer service, friendly staff, tranquil ambiance, and what not.

Drury Plaza Hotel
Drury Plaza Hotel

Your room in this place will become your favorite place instantly. The clean linens, cozy furniture, and giant window opening to beautiful views would be worth praising everything about your room.

3- Comfort Inn & Suites

Comfort Inn and Suites is no longer an ordinary hotel, nor does it need any introduction because it is a brand with a fan base. Having been serving for decades and being present across several countries and cities, it is the choice of many travelers.

What sets this hotel apart is its high standards in whatever the services and amenities it has to offer. From entering the property to your last minute of checking out in the hotel, there is nothing that you will feel disappointed in. Such are the high standards of this place.

Comfort Inn and Suites
Comfort Inn and Suites

4- Skyland

The name Skyland sounds so attractive as well as romantic. The same is the vibe of the place the name belongs to. Skyland is located in Shenandoah National Park. It is one of the best quaint resorts in Virginia, USA. The rooms of this resort are spacious, airy, and open to vast and uninterrupted views of nature.

One of the best things to do while staying in this resort is hiking. Yes, being surrounded by nature, Skyland offers several opportunities to do healthy activities such as observing waterfalls, taking in nature’s stillness, and much more. If you love to see waterfalls, it is recommended to visit the best Yellowstone waterfalls and Little Niagara waterfalls!

5- La Quinta Inn & Suites

La Quinta Inn and Suites by Wyndham, Virginia Beach, is one of the best pet friendly hotels near me. Once you stay at this place, you will choose it every time you visit Virginia Beach for the rest of your life. Yes, such is the level of comfort, convenience, and ease it offers.

La Quinta Inn and Suites
La Quinta Inn and Suites

The environment of this place is family-friendly, so you can spend a healthy amount of time in pretty hang-out spots while reconnecting with your loved ones. The 24/7 front desk service will keep you trouble-free during all times of the day.

6- Hilton Richmond Downtown

Hilton Richmond Downtown makes a great place to stay, with its modernism and advancement in the amenities. What sets this hotel apart from other similar hotels in the town is the rich history of the building. Yes, this same building was the Miller and Rhoads department store before it became a hotel.

It has been standing and serving people for around 100 years now. While turning it into a hotel, it was restored using marble floors, high ceilings, and other features.

Hilton Richmond Downtown
Hilton Richmond Downtown

7- Country Inn & Suites by Radisson, Winchester

Country Inn and Suites by Radisson is one of the top pet friendly hotels near me in Virginia, the USA. The beautiful thing about this hotel is its ideal location. Yes, most city attractions are a short distance from this hotel. For example, the Alamo Draft House Cinema is a short walk. The luxurious hotel amenities include a hot tub, a dedicated swimming pool area, and many others.

The Bottom Line!

In Virginia, USA, there are several pet friendly hotels you can stay at. But pet friendliness should not be all that you should be seeking. It is indeed other things like cleanliness and safety that should matter to you equally. The above-given list will help you make a good decision. You can choose the best one that fits your requirements and preferences.

Pet Friendly Hotels in US
Pet Friendly Hotels in US

Moreover, the above-mentioned pet friendly hotels offer high-standard services in the name of pet friendliness. You will be able to have a comfortable stay without worrying about your cute company.

FAQs About Pet Friendly Hotels in Virginia

Where should I stay in Virginia, the USA?

If your recent search is the best pet friendly hotels near me, the best answers include Country Inn and Suites by Radisson, Hilton Richmond Downtown, and La Quinta Suits and Inn by Wyndham. All of these are pet friendly and safe to stay at.

What are the best pet friendly hotels near me?

The best ones include Hyatt Place Virginia Beach Town Center, Drury Plaza Hotel Richmond, and Comfort Inn and Suites. There is a resort named Skyland as well. Always choose this resort if you are looking for a tranquil and close-to-natural stay.

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