Are you considering a trip to Texas? If yes, you must visit the best places to enjoy the top rated family vacations in Texas. It comes with promises of excitement, adventure, and exposure to the skills worth learning for a good life. But being away from your home is not easy. You cannot make the most of any trip if you are constantly feeling homesick or unable to adjust to the new city, even for a day. Only the hotel you stay at saves or destroys your experience. This article covers the best hotels with a pool near Texas. Staying at any of them will prove to be a good decision.

The Best Hotels with Pool

Here is a list of the top 7 hotels with a pool; let’s explore!

Hotels with Pool
Hotels with Pool

1- The Houstonian Hotel, Club & Spa

The Houstonian Hotel, Club, and Spa is located in Houston. Ever since it was built and opened, it has been equally popular among travelers and locals. The on-site spa has an ambiance of its own. You will walk out feeling the best version of yourself.

Other than the spa, everything about the hotel is one of a kind. The details put on interiors, customer service, and the theme of the building will have you awe-struck. After checking in, the pool will instantly become your favorite spot to hang out.

2- Hotel Contessa – Suites on the Riverwalk

Nobody minds living alongside a romantic riverwalk in a luxurious elite-class hotel. Hotel Contessa is the best choice for you if you also have the same taste. The minimalism of the bedrooms, with their windows opening to pretty city views, will allow you to relax fully.

Hotel Contessa
Hotel Contessa

While searching for the best hotels near me with a pool, look no further than this one. It has a classic pool area where you can spend quality time with your company. Moreover, two types of rooms are available for you to choose from. You can either stay in the one that has city views or the one with landscape views. 

3- The Beeman Hotel

Entering The Beeman Hotel would feel like entering a royal studio where all things are coherent and a strong sense of calmness is in the air. Yes, this aesthetically creative hotel will let you relax and regain your energy in a tranquil environment.

The color palette has been selected, considering how travelers want to feel when away from home. The base is nude and light. At the same time, a wide range of bright colors has been used to make patterns and designs artistically. From architecture to wall paint, everything about this hotel is worth praising. 

4- Moody Gardens Hotel, Spa, and Convention Centre

Surrounded by lush greenery stands tall Moody Gardens Hotel, Spa, and Convention Centre; this place is all about comfort, convenience, and ease. Of all the hotels appearing in your search results of the best hotels near me with a pool, you can trust this one easily. 

Moody Gardens Hotel
Moody Gardens Hotel

The swimming pool area is well-equipped and well-maintained. Starting your morning with a dive right into the clean and transparent water would kick start your day in the best way possible. Other in-room facilities you will love enjoying include air conditioning, a private balcony, and a wide range of in-room services. 

5- Hyatt Regency San Antonio Riverwalk

Hyatt Regency fulfills all its claims in the best manner possible. There can hardly be a customer disappointed in any of the hotel services. Everything is well-managed by the staff. Plus, you will especially love the courteousness and helping nature of the staff.

You will always feel welcome no matter what time or night you need help. Make sure you spend enough time in the recreational areas like the swimming pool and the shared lounges because this is where you will enjoy a great time. 

Hyatt Regency
Hyatt Regency

6- Holiday Inn Resort Galveston-on the Beach

Holiday Inn Resort is also a great hotel if you want a nice place with a swimming pool in Texas to spend your nights at. The vastness of the rooms and the tallness of the ceilings will have you feeling all royal. 

Every room in the hotel is well-equipped with dedicated furniture, interior design, and the right ambiance. The recreational areas are genuinely relaxing, as are the views from the room windows. Your time in this hotel will be all about fun and relaxation. 

Holiday Inn
Holiday Inn

7- Drury Plaza Hotel San Antonio Riverwalk

Drury Plaza Hotel is suitable for you if you want your hotel to fulfill all your life needs, from entertainment to work. This hotel offers many complimentary amenities for travelers to manage their finances better. From car parking to breakfast, you will be able to enjoy many services for free. 


No hotel is complete without a swimming pool. Also, checking the availability of the pool in a hotel tells a lot about the hotel management as well because a pool signifies luxury, which ultimately shows the intention of the hotel to provide guests with an entertaining and relaxing stay. 

Moreover, the maintenance of the swimming pool in a hotel speaks for the other services being offered as well. Above everything, hanging out along the pool or diving into it helps one stay entertained without getting homesick. So, if you are someone who does not accept a hotel without a pool, the list mentioned earlier will help. Plus, never forget to reach the best travel insurance company if you are a regular traveler!

Hotels with pool in texas
Hotels with Pool in Texas

FAQs About Hotels With Pool in Texas

What are the best hotels in Texas with a pool?

You can find several excellent hotels in Texas with swimming pools, including Hyatt Regency, The Beeman Hotel, and the Houstonian. All three have great lodging and accommodation services. You can choose any based on your preferences. 

Which is the most luxurious hotel in Texas?

You can find many luxurious hotels near me with a pool in Texas. There is Hotel Contessa giving guests royal treatment, and Moody Gardens getting travelers in the mood for comfort and relaxation. Holiday Inn Resort – an IHG Hotel, also makes a great choice.

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