One of the greatest cities of Azerbaijan, Quba is famous for its delicious sweets, carpet weaving, and scenic views. The serene view of the hillsides soothes your mind and gives peace to your soul. Hillsides always leave an extra tranquilizing effect on your mind. The administrative center of the Quba district also lies in this city. It is situated on the northern slopes of Shadag mountain, giving you an air of serenity. The beautiful Kudyal river flows by the town and adds more to its charm. But if you plan a trip here, the first thing to consider is the hotels in Quba for a perfect stay!

Quba Azerbaijan
Quba Azerbaijan

Hotels in Quba

Here is a list of some good and comfortable hotels in Quba that you can rent at affordable prices:

1- Rixos Quba Azerbaijan

It is the best option if you are looking for a 5-star hotel near all the famous spots in Quba. Rixos Quba Azerbaijan is a luxurious hotel with vacant and super clean rooms. You will be refreshed by taking a dip in the indoor pool. It provides you with super-fast wifi. If you like sports, there is a tennis court and golf course on the hotel’s premises.

It makes sure your bedding and rooms are of premium quality. All the rooms are completely air-conditioned with a minibar and flat-screen TV for you. Free parking is available. There is a spacious gym for you equipped with all the necessary workout equipment.

Rixos Quba Azerbaijan
Rixos Quba Azerbaijan

Rixos ensures you are good and energetic in the morning by providing you with a delicious breakfast. Also, the hotel is located close to all the famous landmarks of Quba. The Guba Genocide Memorial complex is within walking distance of the hotel. Also, the favorite restaurants which are popular with locals are nearby.

2- Shahdag Hotel

Shahdag Hotel Quba is considered one of the best hotels in Quba. It is also a luxurious hotel with rooms equipped with good amenities. It provides a minibar to relax and have fun with your loved ones. Parking is free.

The rooms are clean without any speck of dust. There is a variety of foods in the breakfast buffet. You can also taste the flavorsome local restaurants a few minutes from the hotel. Even the pool and fitness center give you a boost to make your day. Plus, you can easily access free wifi anywhere within the hotel.

Shahdag Hotel
Shahdag Hotel

The Shahdag hotel Quba is a new hotel located by the bank of the river. The view of the river is soothing and refreshing. The prices might be a little high than the other hotel, but the scenery and ambiance of the hotel justify it.

3- Shane Hotel Quba

The Shane hotel is best for your comfort and rejuvenation. It is located near famous tourist spots and famous local cuisine restaurants. Also, it is an excellent choice if you are on vacation with your friends or family. It is a pet-friendly hotel and takes excellent care of them, so your four-legged friend does not have to be alone. Plus, it gives you the best room suited for you.

All the rooms have adequate amenities in them. There is free parking for guests with a vehicle. You can upload your vacation stories on social media with the hotel’s free wifi. Also, the beds and mattresses are of premium quality to ensure you feel relaxed and at home.

Shane Hotel Quba
Shane Hotel Quba

Shane Hotel provides you with a minibar and a refrigerator inside your room. So you can sip on the chilled beer or cold drink anytime. The rooms are very safe and secure. Shane hotel makes your privacy its top priority. Free breakfast and kids’ outdoor play equipment are also available.

4- Macara Lake Park

Macara Lake Park has an excellent location and is one of the most highly-rated hotels in Quba. The hotel is at the side of the Lake and gives a charismatic view from the hotel rooms. Also, the hotel staff is well-trained and courteous. The hygiene of the rooms and corridors of the hotels is up-to-the-mark.

This hotel is famous for fishing. It has a fitness center that will keep you active and energetic. Also, it gives you indoor games like darts and table tennis. Its most popular features include a spa and wellness center with a hot tub and sauna. Free private parking and super fast wifi are available. Also, complimentary breakfast buffet with a diversity of foods.

Macara Lake Park
Macara Lake Park

The hotel is located only 2.8 kilometers away from İkinci Nügǝdi. The hotel has a restaurant and a bar for the guests. The delicious and flavorsome meals will increase your appetite. The hotel also has indoor pools and hammams that will revitalize your body.

5- Gold Hotel Quba

Gold Hotel Quba also comes in the list of best hotels in Quba. It is situated in a very favorable location. Many of the famous tourist spots are close by. The hotel has its own alluring and charming garden because the colorful flower beds are a sight to see. The park gives the hotel an air of serenity and tranquility.

The hotel rooms are very comfy and equipped with fridges, coffee makers, wardrobes, Flat screen TVs, and other adequate amenities. All guest rooms have a minibar. Selective rooms also have a kitchen with a stovetop. Continental breakfast is at the hotel for the guests. It also offers free private parking and wifi.

Gold Hotel Quba
Gold Hotel Quba

The Gold hotel is only 5 kilometers from Mirzǝmǝmmǝdkǝnd and 6.4 kilometers from Qırmızı Qǝsǝbǝ. So you can quickly go to famous points in Azerbaijan. The gold hotel has a 24-hour front desk and organizes tours for the guests.

The Bottom Line

Quba is very famous for its carpet weaving and sceneries. A beautiful city on the hillside with many attractive spots. Above are the best hotels for you if you visit Quba. The hotels are modern, extremely comfy, luxurious, and are flourished with adequate amenities. Staying in Quba will be a pleasing experience for you.

FAQs about Hotels in Quba

Do Hotels in Quba charge extra fees for parking?

No, most of the hotels in Quba give you free parking services. They welcome the guests with a vehicle and keep your vehicle safe and secure.

Do Hotels in Quba have pools?

Yes, almost all the hotels in Quba have pools. There are no charges for using pools. You can go for a swim whenever you want.

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