Are you considering the best hotels in Saginaw, MI, for your next trip? If yes, the guide below will be the perfect solution for you, so let’s begin!

Saginaw is full of natural wonders. Every hook and nook has an exciting tale on all sides of the city, from Riverfront Saginaw to Old Saginaw City. Everything is aesthetic, pretty, beautiful, and soothing. You will love exploring and getting to know more about the cultural values. 

There is no doubt that you will have the time of your life in Saginaw. But what place you decide to stay can turn your beautiful trip into a horrible one because your basic needs will remain unmet. Make sure you plan your next tour that is as impressive as the city of Saginaw by choosing the right hotel!

Saginaw MI
Saginaw MI

Hotels in Saginaw, MI

Let’s look at the list of the best hotels in Saginaw, MI!

1- Four Points by Sheraton

Four Points by Sheraton comes number one on the list of the best hotels in Saginaw, MI. After parking your vehicle on the property for free, you can take another free service, a shuttle, to reach the hotel inside. The high-speed Wi-Fi will be the first pleasing thing for you, and the aesthetic interiors will be the second.

If you love luxurious fun games, this hotel is especially for you. The bowling alley is a well-equipped area to give you rich and fun vibes. There is also an elite Jacuzzi feature to let you enjoy your vacation time to the fullest. The check-in and check-out are available in express feature as well for the ease of the guests.

Four Points by Sheraton
Four Points by Sheraton

The deep thoughts put into the making of this hotel make it a complete package for guests. The availability of the car rental store within the hotel clearly shows how Four Point is ready to go above and beyond for the convenience and comfort of its guests.

2- Ramada by Wyndham Hotel and Suites

Ramada by Wyndham is a beautiful addition to the city of Saginaw, Michigan. This full-service hotel is far from Saginaw City and Saginaw Township. Being high in standards, this hotel is all about plush and luxury. Other than the basic complimentary amenities such as a parking area, and Wi-Fi, it also offers free breakfast every day, that too deluxe continental.

Every washable item such as linens, carpets, and curtains in the room is changed after a guest checks out and cleans at a high temperature to kill all germs. Any disruption in the cleanliness standards is the last thing Ramada can do. It is indeed the cleanliness, along with the customer service, that makes this hotel a priority for travelers.

Ramada by Wyndham
Ramada by Wyndham

One must-try thing in Ramada is eating at the Rainmakers Bar and Grill. This on-site restaurant offers highly delicious homemade dishes that leave guests licking their fingers.

3- Relax Inn Hotel in Saginaw MI

Relax Inn is one of the best hotels in Saginaw, MI, for an insane number of reasons. Firstly, the building looks right out of some old vintage movie. Everything about the building is super impressive and pretty: the color palette, the map, the structure, architecture, and minimalism. You will love taking pictures of the vast front gardens of Relax Inn for your Instagram feed.

The in-room features are also many covering every single thing you can ever need in your bedroom. There is a vast number of cabinets in every room so that you can settle your stuff down. The vending machine and 24/7 front desk service are also excellent services by this motel.

Relax Inn Hotel in Saginaw, MI
Relax Inn

4- TownePlace Suites

TownePlace Suites is all about comfort, convenience, and entertainment. It is one of such hotels in Saginaw, MI, where the longer your stay is, the better. Because the number of recreational activities in the hotel you would want to be a part of is high.

Moreover, the city explorers love the location of this hotel. Because they can reach Fashion Square Mall, Dow Event Center, and Saginaw Valley State University without having to spend a lot on traveling charges as these places are nearby. Plus, the free complimentary shuttle service is also there to reduce your traveling expenses. You can use this shuttle to move from the hotel to the MBS International Airport as well as vice versa. 

TownePlace Suites
TownePlace Suites

5- Spring Hill Suites by Marriot

Spring Hill Suites by Marriot is one of the best hotels in Saginaw, MI. Like TownePlace Suites, this hotel too boasts an ideal location for those who would be spending most of their time exploring the city. Many of the city attractions are nearby this hotel, including Cardinal Square Boulevard, Saginaw Valley State University, Saginaw Art Museum, and many others.

If you love hanging out on aesthetically pleasing and picturesque spots, the shared lounges and cafes in the hotel will serve you just right. Enjoy the fresh and hot breakfast for free every morning, and allow yourself to feel at home while you are in Spring Hill Suites by Marriot.

Spring Hill Suites
Spring Hill Suites


Whether boating with Johnny Panther Quests Adventure Trips or visiting the Japanese Cultural Center and Tea House, every landmark place in Saginaw, MI, is worth visiting. The art here feels like it does not belong to this world. This perfect city for a family vacation, honeymoon, and friends’ crazy getaways has many great hotels. Being here, you can also visit and enjoy the best things to do in Bay City, MI.

The top hotels in Saginaw, MI, include Four Points by Sheraton, Ramada by Wyndham, TownePlace Suites, and Spring Hill Suites by Marriot. These are luxurious hotels for an elite-class experience. However, Relax Inn would be the best option if you prefer the average and money-saving option.

FAQs About Hotels in Saginaw, MI

Which hotels in Saginaw, MI guests like the most location-wise?

If you are going to the city to roam around and visit all the landmark places, TownePlace Suites and Spring Hill Suites by Marriot will suit you the best. These two hotels keep most of the city attractions at a short distance.

Where can I stay in Saginaw for an affordable price?

Relax Inn is one of the top budget-friendly hotels in Saginaw, MI. Despite being available for low rates, it proves to be the best in many factors. The cleanliness standards, the quality of the services offered, all amenities, and furniture are top-notch.

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