Located at the base of Lake Huron, the land of this lakeside city spreads across only 11.20 square miles. However, it is small in area but is well-developed with all modern facilities to conduct human life. Bay City, Michigan, is a beautiful piece of land that resides water, historical museums, antiques, wildlife, theater, and learning centers. Once you enter this city, there will be so much to do. Your tour plan should be well-sorted so you do not miss out on essential attractions. Before going on a trip here, you must know about the things to do in Bay City, MI!

Things to Do in Bay City, MI

Let us now find out the best things to do in Bay City, MI.

What to Do in Bay City MI
What to Do in Bay City MI

1- Stroll in the Downtown Area

The Downtown area of Bay City is full of vibrancy and festivities. Various events are conducted here throughout the year. Even if you are not interested in the event, go there for the beautiful views, colorful buildings, restaurants, interaction with locals, and vintage shops.

2- Practice Mindfulness at the Riverwalk Pier

Riverwalk Pier is a pathway that runs along the river. These tracks are more like bridges laid on the water; all bridges merge on one-stop, a small roofed structure. You can enjoy quality time on these pathways. Away from the city’s noise, the water below and the sky above are worth visiting during the day and at night.

Riverwalk Pier
Riverwalk Pier

The views of the city from this place are worth taking in. The gardens nearby appear lush green and refreshing to look at. If you enjoy riding, just rent a bicycle from a nearby rental store.

3- Spend a Day at Wenonah Park

Having a picnic day at Wenonah Park is one of the must things to do in Bay City, MI. You can bring a lunch and a picnic mat to hang out on the clean and well-maintained grass. Spread across around 6 acres, this park is suitable in the middle of downtown.

If you visit Michigan in winter, you will find the whole park covered in ice and other tourists skating like crazy. The number of activities you can enjoy is more when you visit during summers or springs. Because these are the seasons when the in-built theater is the most active, conducting musical shows, dramas, and many other events.

4- Read in Alice & Jack Wirt Public Library

Alice and Jack Wirt Public Library are honored to be the center of the Bay County Library System. Situated on the East of the Bay City, you can easily access the downtown. This is not a standard library; books are stacked in cupboards, and readers pick them up.

Alice and Jack Wirt Library
Alice and Jack Wirt Library

This library has not only a wide variety of books on different subjects but also other resources as well. For example, you can read in the outdoor reading garden or spend time researching in the computer lab. The business resource center is another room to learn new things.

5- Admire the Architecture of Bay City Hall

Bay City Hall’s construction started in 1894 and finished in 1897. The building’s structure and architecture show three years of hard work. The National Archives of the Smithsonian includes it in the most outstanding buildings in the USA.

Back in 1980, a fire erupted, destroying the whole structure. But the authorities of Michigan invested in re-building and upgrading the building. Now tourists visit it to see and admire the Romanesque style architecture. If you go to the tower, you will enjoy a fantastic panoramic view of the Bay City.

6- Enjoy a Show at the State Theatre

State Theatre was opened in 1998 and has seen significant transformations since then but managed to stay popular anyway. First, it was a theatre where live performances were conducted. Then, the era of movies started, and this theatre was advanced by adding a screen and renaming.

State Theater Bay City
State Theater Bay City

Now the building displays beautiful Aztec architecture. You cannot only enjoy a film but also contribute to the film festivals conducted from time to time.

7- Interact with Wildlife in Bay City State Recreation Park

Bay City State Recreation Park is home to wildlife. You will get to find rare species in this place. The best thing about this park is how you can interact with the animals. Yes, it would be so much fun hanging out with a panda or serving giraffes their favorite food.

This park is full of exciting things to do in Bay City, MI. You can divide your time between the woodlands, meadow, and the beach. Even you must consider the secret Spain beaches to visit if you are a beach lover!

8- Know About Delta College Planetarium and Learning Center

This learning center is an ideal place for curious minds. The 360-degree screen will blow your mind and drop your jaws. But this is how you learn about sciences and the universe from movies and documentaries. The deck at this center allows visitors to view real stars and planets at night.

 Delta College Planetarium
Delta College Planetarium


When you are in another city for your vacation, your goal is to try doing all possible things you can do. We have listed the guide mentioned above, keeping in view your goal. Even if you are short on time, you can still get the landmarks and places covered if you follow the guide.

Recreation Park is to enjoy some time with wildlife animals, while Alice and Jack Wirt Public Library are where you admire the library and read in the lush green gardens. Most of all, Riverwalk Pier is the most soul-refreshing and calming thing to do in Bay City, Michigan.

Is Bay City, MichiganWorth Visiting?

Bay City, MI, makes an ideal vacation destination for tourists worldwide. It has a river that you can enjoy by walking on the Riverwalk Pier, active parks such as Wenonah Park, and many other attractions.

What is Bay City, MI, famous for?

There can be many reasons for this. But the main ones include the vibrant downtown area with antique shops, restaurants, and colorful buildings. Moreover, the river and the local culture also make it worth visiting.

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