The space between Baton Rouge and New Orleans is shrinking because of housing expansion. However, the landscapes of oil refineries, churches, and rivers have remained constant. When traveling to New Orleans, choose the most accessible route between the major cities. Even if you can drive this distance straight through, stopping along may be more fun. You may scroll down to see how many hours it would take if you made stops. There are several pet-friendly hotels in Baton Rouge where you can relax without worrying about your pets. Ensure to fill the car gas as you may not know how far Baton Rouge is from New Orleans.

How Far is Baton Rouge from New Orleans

This article covers a holiday plan on how far Baton Rouge is from New Orleans.

Modes of transport

You may take multiple forms of transport from New Orleans to Baton Rouge, like a car or auto. You may either drive your car or hire one from one of the many car rental firms in New Orleans. The space is around 79 miles, and the travel course is about 1 hour and 23 minutes. It is based on traffic states. The petrol cost is between $14-$22. Likewise, a bus takes about 1 hour and 25 minutes. The bus price changes from $8-45. It depends on the operator and the time of reserving.

Modes of Transport for Baton Rouge
Modes of Transport for Baton Rouge

Furthermore, a New Orleans Union Terminal train takes around 2 hours and 10 minutes. Amtrak operates only one train every day. The train price is around $27. Flying from Louis Armstrong Airport to Metropolitan Airport takes around 45 minutes. Just a few daily flights are operated by American Airlines and United Airlines. The airfare ranges between $150 and $300. Thus, locate the airport transportation expenses and time in both locations.

The best time to visit

The most suitable time to visit Baton Rouge is in the autumn, between September and October. New Orleans Weather in October is relaxing, with average temperatures. The crowds are manageable, and several events and festivals exist. It includes the Louisiana Book Festival, the Greater State Fair, and the Fête Rouge Food Festival. Likewise, to enjoy the famed Mardi Gras celebration, you must go on Ash Wednesday in the last week of February or early April.

However, plan for enormous crowds, increased pricing, and unpredictable weather. Another option is to travel in the spring, from March to May. It is when the weather is warm and the flowers bloom. You may attend some of the country’s top music events. It includes the Baton Rouge Blues Carnival and the Jazz Concert. However, when you come, Baton Rouge and New Orleans have lots to offer, from historic buildings and galleries to exciting nightlife and food.

Basic rules and guidelines

If you travel by motorcar, be sure you have sufficient petrol, a valid driver’s claim, and insurance. Obey traffic laws and remember to avoid speeding or forgetful driving. The span is roughly 79 miles, and the trip time is around 1 hour and 23 minutes. Hence, if you’re taking the bus, save your ticket ahead of time and arrive at the station no less than 15 minutes before it leaves.

Basic Rules and Guidelines
Basic Rules and Guidelines

Also, check the baggage limits and costs, and keep valuables with you. The bus ticket changes from $8 to $45. It is based on the driver and reserving period. If traveling during the COVID-19 epidemic, review the most recent travel restrictions. The regulations regarding New Orleans and Baton Rouge usually change. Wear a mask, maintain social distancing, and cleanse your hands often. Avoid traveling if you have signs or have been affected by someone who has tested positive.

Stops from New Orleans to Baton Rouge

There are almost thirty stops from New Orleans to Baton Rouge. Each stop carries an exceptional place that others do not possess.

Airboat Adventures

Experience the rush of sailing an airboat across The state’s cypress woods and bayous. You may observe gators, herons, hawks, and other species up close. While also learning about the marsh’s ecology and history. Apart from all this, Airboat Adventures provides a variety of trip options.

It ranges from tiny to huge boats, lasting 30 minutes to two hours. You may also relax in the air-conditioned structure, gift store, on-site refreshments, and drinks. Therefore, it is located in Lafitte, approximately 30 miles south of New Orleans.

Airboat Adventures
Airboat Adventures

Oak Alley Plantation

Visit one of the state’s most famous and stunning estates. It has a row of 28 live giant oaks at the entrance. You may tour the historic home, slave quarters, and lawns. Also, learn about the plantation’s past and its culture. Further, you may also dine in the restaurant, stay in the cottages, or organize an event at the location. Oak Alley Plantation is situated in Vacherie. It is about fifty miles westward of New Orleans.

Laura Plantation

Discover a rebuilt ancient Louisiana Creole plantation. It is adorned with colorful and unique designs. Still, it has a rich and captivating tale. Discover the histories and stories of the plantation’s Creole owners, freed slave workers, and the fables. They formed the land and its value. The site also includes the first furnishings, paintings, artifacts within the home, and the enslavement database. Thus, it is located in Vacherie, near Oak Alley Mansion.

San Francisco Plantation

San Francisco Plantation is a distinct and colorful plantation that shines out among the others. It has a variety of architectural styles. It includes Gothic, Greek Rebirth, and Italian style. You may see the house’s original decor, paintings, and relics while learning about the plantation’s history and culture. The grounds include slave huts, a classroom, and a sugar mill. So, it is near Garyville, around forty kilometers southwest of New Orleans.

San Francisco Plantation
San Francisco Plantation

Houmas House Plantation

Houmas House Plantation is a wealthy and lovely planter. It reflects the wealth and splendor of the sugar barons. They formerly resided there. You may wander among the 38 acres of gardens, water fountains, and statues.

Moreover, you can see a library and art galleries inside the home. You may also dine in the restaurant, stay in the cottages, or organize an event there. Thus, it is near Darrow, some 25 miles southeast of Baton Rouge.

Louisiana State Capitol

The Louisiana State capital is among the tallest structures for a capital in the US. You may not believe it, but it is towering nearly 450 feet tall. Apart from all this, you may take the lift to the 27th-floor observation deck for sweeping views of the town and the banks of the Mississippi.

In addition, you may see the Louisiana State Legislature, the courtroom, the state governor’s workplace, and Memorial Hall. Huey Long was the state’s legendary populist president and senator. He was also killed at the state capitol. Thus, the state capitol is located in downtown Baton Rouge.

LSU Rural Life Museum

The LSU Rural Life Museum preserves and depicts objects from the lifestyles of Louisiana’s 18th and 19th-century regional residents. Various objects of value, tools, houses, and handicrafts represent the lives and labor of the inhabitants residing in the plantation home, upland, and folk areas.

LSU Rural Life Museum
LSU Rural Life Museum

Likewise, you may also learn about the habits, rituals, and culture of the various ethnic groups that influenced Louisiana’s rural past. The LSU Rural Life Museum is positioned near Baton Rouge. It is next to the Burden Museum and Grounds.


How far Baton Rouge is from New Orleans is an aspect to cover. They are approximately 79 miles (127 km) distant by vehicle along the I-10 route. The drive duration is roughly 1 hour and 23 minutes, subject to traffic circumstances. You may explore countless nearby landscapes. It includes the Liberty Lagoon Water Park and more. Also, getting a lift on a bus to Baton Rouge Bus Station takes about 1 hour and 25 minutes. Various bus providers serve this route.

FAQs on How Far Is Baton Rouge from New Orleans

How can I buy a bus ticket from New Orleans to Baton Rouge?

Greyhound, Megabus, and Eurostar provide the finest bus service along this way. The bus journey takes 1 hour and 25 minutes. Likewise, there are six direct buses available each day for convenience.

What is the fastest method to cover how far Baton Rouge is from New Orleans?

You will learn about Louisiana’s rich culture and legacy, shaped by French, Spanish, African, and American customs. The fastest route from New Orleans is via car. It takes roughly one hour and 23 minutes, with no traffic. The bus journey prevails almost one hour and 25 minutes.

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