How Far is Flagstaff from Sedona

How Far is Flagstaff from Sedona: A Complete Travel Guide

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Along with the other places to visit in Arizona, Flagstaff and Sedona are also considered unique attractions. Not only from all over the world, but also Sedona residents love to visit Flagstaff due to its unique charm and ethereal red rock landscapes. It offers a fantastic break from the heat of the desert. Trekkers, skiers, and nature lovers adore its cold climate, pine-covered hills, and easygoing setting. Its affordable rates for lodgings, restaurants, and parks are well-liked by guests, drawing families and budget-conscious travellers. However, looking earlier for information on how far Flagstaff is from Sedona is a must.

How Far is Flagstaff from Sedona?

Regarding how far Flagstaff is from Sedona, it is about 29.8 miles and 46 minutes’ drive. However, you can even plan to go from Sedona to Grand Canyon National Park or Oak Creek Canyon directly while scheduling activities to Flagstaff.

Means of Transport

Using the bus is the most economical and convenient option. Several bus companies offer daily trips relating to the two cities. The bus ride takes around forty-six minutes. You may buy tickets at the Sedona bus stop or on the Internet. It’s about 33.1 miles between them, with an average taxi cost between $75-$90.

Means of Transport
Means of Transport

Likewise, self-driving is an alternative if you have access to a car. From Sedona, the journey takes around fifty-four minutes. The approximate distance is three and a half miles. The estimated fuel cost for this travel ranges from $6-$9. About thirty miles west of Flagstaff, the Grand Canyon Railway provides a train ride that costs about $79 per person for one trip.

Best Time to Drive from Sedona to Flagstaff

Spring and autumn are the best seasons to enjoy the fantastic sights. The cliffs’ colours, stunning rock formations, and towering trees make this trip memorable during these seasons. Likewise, winter driving may be difficult due to erratic weather patterns and slippery spots on the road. However, driving in the snow might be thrilling if you’re adventurous.

Further, driving is easier if the temperature is warmer. You may enjoy the trip without getting hurried if you travel in the morning or around noon. During these hours, the sunshine on the twisted road and the landscapes of red rock are adorable. Choose weekdays over weekends if you’d rather have calmer roads. During the week, there is often less of a tourist crowd.

Quick Stops from Sedona to Flagstaff

Here are some quick stops from Flagstaff to Sedona:

1- Cottonwood

As you begin your trip from Sedona, the first stop is Cottonwood. This town stands next to the gorgeous Verde River. It has breathtaking natural beauty. Both tourists and locals may enjoy various outdoor activities in the city. You can go for hiking and fishing. Also, it has many museums showcasing the local history and its scenic charms.


2- Jerome

Jerome is in central Arizona with a history of thriving copper mining town. It is situated in the Mine Museum. The 1916 building of Douglas Mansion by a mining tycoon is in Jerome State Historic Park. Also, a glass viewing platform is above a 1918 mining pit at Audrey Headframe Park nearby. The downtown area is lined with local vineyards and art studios. Hence, an old hilltop pueblo is preserved in the Tuzigoot National Monument, a popular attraction.

3- Williams

Williams is known on the northern side for having the Grand Canyon Railway’s entry. With its Americana-style stores and eateries on Historic Route 66, the city evokes nostalgia. It has some attractions. So, it includes the Zipline and Pete’s Gas Station Museum. Both have essential highway artwork on display.

Things to Do in Flagstaff

Below are some things to do in Flagstaff:

1- Hike to Walnut Canyon National Monument

Created in 1915, the Walnut Canyon National Monument was set up to save the prehistoric cities etched into the region’s rock faces. Hiking the mile-long Island Trail in the monument, tourists may witness the old homes that locals believe humans inhabited thousands of years ago. The 30-minute return Rim Trail is another option.

Walnut Canyon National Monument
Walnut Canyon National Monument

Moreover, the number of options available in this relatively small park has shocked a lot of recent visitors. Given Flagstaff’s altitude, the journey up and down more than 200 stairs was taxing. You’ll discover more about those who formerly lived in this region by stopping to read the plaques.

2- Explore the Lowell Observatory

Let your inner astronomer grow at the Lowell Observatory by looking through top-notch telescopes. You can attend talks on subjects like Pluto’s past and black holes. The space station has been recognised for several significant discoveries over the years. Telescope researchers initially found Pluto.

In addition, it includes classic scientific literature, Lowell’s first telescope, and tools made by the observatory’s astronomers to measure the physical properties of celestial entities. Since the stars are most radiant at night, many visitors advise going at that time to maximise the pleasure.

3- Recreate at Flagstaff Extreme

At Flagstaff Extreme, a thrilling hurdle course, players seven years of age and up may push limits on several attractions. Many are at tree level, like zip lines, rope swings, scrambling walls, and shaky bridges. A 30-minute security and educational session precedes each course.

Flagstaff Extreme
Flagstaff Extreme

Further, travellers note that you’ll be working through the course alone. Still, coaches are there to guide you and offer support if needed. In addition, visitors are advised to pack durable shoes, gloves, and water bottles.

4- Check-in Lava River Cave

The mile-long Lava River Cave was created around 700,000 years ago when molten rock burst from a vent. Today, hikers may reach the forest and explore the cave’s chilly, dark vastness. The roads may get blocked in the winter. But the cave is open all year round. Bring many light sources, warm clothes, and sturdy shoes for visitors.

Even in the summer, it is icy and slick. Plus, the experience of trekking inside a tube cave left recent visitors in awe. They all thought the walk was worthwhile, even if some needed help getting on the roads. Having enough light with you that you can use hands-free is crucial.

5- View the Coconino National Forest

This national forest is one of the most varied national forests. The 1.8 million-acre park has pinewoods and ancient volcano peaks. The most popular activities are pony rides, hiking, angling, swimming, biking, climbing, and winter sports. The Sunset Crater Monument is one of the several national monuments located inside the forest.

Coconino National Forest
Coconino National Forest

Plus, previous tourists draw attention to the varied, stunning scenery. There are many drives for those who need more time or willingness to go outside. A well-regarded one is the Volcanoes and Ruins Loop Scenic Area. The forest may be a vacation for the daring, and city dwellers will appreciate the chance to breathe fresh air.

6- Go to Riordan Mansion State Historic Park

At the top of Kinlichi Knoll, two brothers ordered two virtually similar houses in 1904. Architect Charles Frederick Whittlesey created the two houses. Guided tours of the space are currently available. It provides guests with data on the Riordan family and the property’s past.

Moreover, previous visitors praised this as a fantastic rainy-day activity even if they didn’t think it was a must-see. New visitors appreciated learning about the history of the Riordan family. The architecture of the homes dates back more than a century. Recent visitors advise using the self-guided tour of the grounds and the guided tour of the residences.


This article has provided all the information about how far Flagstaff is from Sedona. It’s like the scenic journey of the trip bridges two different worlds. Travelling 25 miles, you will see the change from the mystery red stones of Sedona to the serene pine-covered highlands of Flagstaff. Every mile carries a tale about the spirits. The air changes as you climb towards Flagstaff. Let’s smell the aroma of pine needles and hike trails through thick woodlands.

FAQs on How Far is Flagstaff from Sedona

Which Flagstaff locations are suitable for stargazing?

It is Flagstaff’s first National Dark Sky City that provides excellent stargazing choices. Go to their famous Cosmic event on Friday night. With the use of telescopes, experts lead you through stars.

What are some hotel suggestions in Flagstaff?

With its artificial pool, the Drury Inn & Suites is ideal for unwinding after sightseeing. Every morning, take advantage of a relaxed breakfast before visiting nearby sites. Also, the Hilton Garden Inn is available for discovering Arizona’s treasures, like the Painted Desert National Park.

I hope you enjoy our article, do check more of our amazing articles.

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