Sedona to Grand Canyon

Road Trip from Sedona to Grand Canyon

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Are you scheduling a road trip from Sedona to Grand Canyon? There are some of the finest stops along the pathway. You can drive yourself a few times as a desert fan, and it is a drive with tons to visit. Although Scottsdale to Sedona has exquisite places to watch, the stay at the Grand Canyon is incredible. This adventure vows a unique experience as you traverse the landscapes and locate nature’s incredible creations. Still, secure your seatbelt and regard the masterworks. The distance from Sedona to the Grand Canyon is 114 miles, almost 2 hours drive.

Sedona to Grand Canyon

There are plenty of places to visit in Arizona. Uncover the two famous places from Sedona to Grand Canyon. Set aside a few hours to make stops.

1- Water slide at Slide Rock State Park

Slide Rock State Park is almost 15 minutes north of Sedona. This grassland creates the perfect ending on a hot Arizona day. A car day pass in the summer costs $20. The swimming pool shuts one hour before close time. Likewise, the central place here is the natural water drop formed by the bed of Oak Creek.

Slide Rock State Park
Slide Rock State Park

Gliding down and cooling off in the water is a lot of joy. But be prepared for the cold waters. Apart from the fall, the creek’s clean and refreshing water makes it a great spot. Thus, it is a terrific stop to explore and click photos.

2- Byway at Oak Creek Canyon

The drive from Oak Creek Canyon will be perfect on your way from Sedona to the Grand Canyon through the highway. It is a panoramic and stunning byway. Similarly, it takes you through a lovely natural landscape of red rock figures, dense woods, and the scenic Oak Creek.

Further, the drive presents countless pullouts and views. Here, you can stop to take in the astonishing vista. One of the most suitable ways to find along is Oak Creek Vista. So, it has an extended outlook of the canyon and streamlet.

3- Trek along the West Fork Trail

If you have time for a trek to the Grand Canyon, drive it along the West Fork trail. This trailhead is almost 10 miles north of Sedona along the pathway. It is a compiled route, and the length of your walk will depend on how far you decide to go. So, the more you go, the narrow the walls become. It has a unique curved arrival within the creek.

West Fork trail
West Fork Trail

Moreover, the hike is compared to The Subway trek in Zion National Park. It is a coveted path that takes work to win permits for. This trail is highly crowded in autumn since the track appears with bright yellow falls. Also, the hike is a 6.5-mile round trip with 565 feet of height. Be cautious when crossing the creek, as water levels can increase quickly.

4- Top of Climb Humphrey’s Peak

The canopy of Humprey’s Peak is 12,633 feet. This peak makes it the most elevated mountain in Arizona. The cliff is a part of the San Francisco Peaks. It is the signature peaks towering Flagstaff’s nearby setting. Further, the trek up to the loftiest point in Arizona is demanding and will take half a day. But the rugged climb is to value it.

Even, you can glimpse the Grand Canyon from the summit on a clear day. In the fall season, you can see the burst of bright yellow Aspen woods. The trek is 10.1 miles roundtrip with 3,380 feet of height gain. There is no technical ascent or tools needed. Therefore, take plenty of water, energy drinks, snacks, and sun protection on your walk.

5- Enjoy a Taco or Bread in Flagstaff

This flavorful treat can serve either sweet or savory meals. It is referred to as Indian Fry Bread or Navajo Fry Bread. This deep-fried flatbread tastes equal to funnel cake. Similarly, the bread is soft on the inside and crispy on the outer. Furthermore, the last time you will drive through Flagstaff is by stopping at Hankerin and getting a sweet fried bread with honey, refined sugar, and a Navajo Taco. Hence, you can choose to rest at many Arizona resorts.

Enjoy Food at Flagstaff
Enjoy Food at Flagstaff

6- Activities at Route 66′ in Williams

A tour from Sedona can take you to the best-held area of Route 66. The central street glances like it did in 1950. You can eat at Cruisers 66 Cafe. Here, you can relish diner staples and sit among the route charms and antiques. This course is so significant because it was the direct route for farmers.

Since then, the street has been noted in American books, TV, and films. Enjoy the Goldies Route 66 Diner, serving up diner fare, or Station 66 with Italian choices. Also, the town is the advent of the vintage Grand Canyon Railway. They have daily train rides to the Grand Canyon and back.

7- View Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument

Sunset Crater is an old ashes cone volcano on the Colorado Plateau. In 1085, the volcano ejected lava into the sky, replacing many nearby locals. Nowadays, you can hike the 1-mile Lava Flow Trail. This way, you can explore the Bonito Lava Flow and other volcanic parts.

On the track to the Grand Canyon from Flagstaff, take the north highway for 12 miles. Further, have the stunning 34-mile loop drive. It will take you from the sunset view from the Ponderosa Pine woods to the Wupatki National Monument. A one-day auto pass costs 25$. But, if you have the pass, the entry will be free.

Crater Volcano National Monument
Crater Volcano National Monument

8- Seats at Verde Canyon Railroad

In the afternoon, go thirty minutes southeast of Sedona to experience the Verde Canyon Railroad. Thus, you can set off on a four-hour tour that took us on a 20-mile trip through 110 years of record. All visitors are allotted seats in a historic railcar.

Likewise, outdoor decks are perfect for watching the nearby valley, river, and sometimes the bald eagles above. A general guide all around the ride emphasizes exciting figures and wildlife. They will provide location details on the railroad and area.

9- Go to the Wupatki National Monument

Wupatki National Monument is almost 20 miles North of the sunset. Your admission fee will include both grasslands. It is a historical site, so treat it with care. The eruption of Sunset Crater allows the locals of Wupatki to recognize that farming is more accessible.

At one time, this spot was the most influential trading post for 50 miles. There is a 0.5-mile, 30-minute guided tour behind the tourist center. Even, there are the Wukoki and Citadel paths to see more places and structures. Thus, traveling to this monument will take around 2 hours.

Wupatki National Monument
Wupatki National Monument

10- Hike at the Devil’s Bridge

The Devil’s Bridge is the largest sandstone arch. You can arrive early to view the dazzling sites. There are a few pathways to hike to this bridge, so clarify the chosen route. You can start the hike at the Mescal/Chuckwagon Trailhead. This 4.2-mile roundtrip trail is primarily specific. But, it presents non-stop views of prominent red-rock figures around the area.

You can see hot air balloons rising in the distance along the path. No matter your way, the final stretch is steep and rocky. When you finally reach the top, you may meet people clicking pictures on the bridge. So, it is the best hiking place in the region.


The travel from Sedona to the Grand Canyon presents an exceptional venture. It shows the dazzling beauty of Arizona’s wild landscapes. There are countless water activities, and you launch on a guided tour out alone. This course presents an option to glimpse inspiring rock figures, serene woods, and tricky trails. As you go through the terrain, take your time to enjoy every moment and immerse yourself in the rich past and culture covering these landmarks.

FAQs on Sedona to Grand Canyon

What are the ways to reach from Sedona to Grand Canyon by car?

Driving to Grand Canyon National Park allows you to stop here. It will even let you stay the night in Flagstaff or Williams. Secure your rental car to browse 500 groups in one stop and see the best deal. They suggest free revocation and no hidden fees.

Please recommend the points stay along the drive.

There are many resorts and hotels to stay in along the drive. Little America Hotel Flagstaff is a lovely adorned hotel. A cafe and bar onsite present meals daily. Country Inn & Suites Flagstaff Downtown is a highly rated stay. Likewise, book a stay at the Grand Canyon Railway Hotel.

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