Malibu is a treasure of the coastline, tucked away along two beautiful shores. Its sunny beaches and rugged cliffs attract tourists. Although LA’s Hollywood beauty and cultural scene attract travellers, Malibu’s attractiveness comes from its natural beauty. Its shoreline offers a tranquil haven from the city’s hustle. View the sight of dolphins gliding offshore. It is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, with its surfing places and scenic drives. Regarding weddings, Malibu whispers secrets down the ocean, while wedding venues in Los Angeles dazzle with its urban attractions. Thus, locate how far Malibu is from LA.

How Far is Malibu from LA?

This article will cover various things to do in Malibu, along with how far Malibu is from LA.

Means of Transport

There is no direct bus going to Miami from LA. Still, services travel from 5th Hill to Civic Center. Including payments, the trip takes around two hours and nine minutes. You may need $2–$4 to get there. The quickest route takes 34 minutes and costs between $150 and $180. Here, you can travel via cab from Los Angeles to Malibu.

The easiest way to get there without a car is via tram and Line 134 bus. It costs $4 and takes one hour and fifty-eight minutes. Likewise, there are 45 kilometres to travel by car. Malibu may be reached by car in around thirty-four minutes from LA. Malibu lies about 16.61 miles from Plaza Mexico LA – the trip to the midway point across these two places. So if you’re going, it would take about 21 minutes.

Los Angeles to Malibu
Los Angeles to Malibu

Best Time to Visit

Malibu attracts visitors all year long with its bright beaches and relaxed atmosphere. The midsummer weather lets you trek, surf, and explore the beach. These activities are perfect for long days and lots of brightness. But be ready for crowds in June, as it is a suitable time. Autumn brings calmer days, hot and dry conditions, and significant October surf surges.

Moreover, winter has chilly mornings and sometimes summerlike days ideal for whale viewing. In spring, drive down the Pacific Coast Highway and visit pathways covered with wildflowers in the Santa Monica Hills. Whatever the season, Malibu’s charms are waiting to be discovered.

Quick Stops from LA to Malibu

1- Santa Clarita

Santa Clarita is a city north of LA. It is well-known for its several roller coasters at Six Flags Magic Mountain theme park. A wave pool and steep slides are at the nearby Six Flags Hurricane Harbor. Here, you can play and ride in a summertime water park. Numerous movies have used the ancient stone formations of Vasquez Rock Natural Area Park as a background. Lastly, a William S. Hart Park museum is devoted to the silent movie actress.

Santa Clarita
Santa Clarita

2- Redondo Beach

South Bay’s Redondo Beach is calm. Families and nature lovers particularly like it. You can view expansive modern residences and a vast, broad beach with volleyball courts. The beachfront Strand bike route winds down the shore. Other nearby parks and a tiny downtown have boutiques, inventive restaurants, and breakfast coffee shops. It is south of LA, a few miles from LA.

3- Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills is a prosperous city in LA. It has the upscale Rodeo Drive shopping district. Apart from all this, the shopping post comprises stores owned by designers. The expansive Plus Beverly Gardens Park has lovely fountains, rose gardens, and a noticeably lit Beverly Hills sign. Several films use the Greystone Mansion as their setting.

4- Pasadena

The city of Pasadena is toward the northern side of Ashar. Visitors may enjoy a combination of modern and historic sights. Renowned for its Victorian and Art Deco architecture, Old Pasadena is a community with various dining and retail options. The Norton Simon Museum also features a sculpted garden and outstanding Asian and European art. Thus, the annual Rose Bowl Game is also held in the Rose Bowl venue.


Things to Do in Malibu

1- Breakfast at the Malibu Farm Pier Cafe

Malibu Farm Pier Cafe is the perfect place to start the day for food and pier-side views of the Pacific. Its wooden seats and farm-to-table restaurant are at the ocean end of Malibu Pier. The cafe is renowned for using organic, locally sourced, and farm-fresh products.

Further, this farm produces a diverse but appropriately simple menu. Breakfast choices often include waffles, eggs, porridge, and Swedish pancakes. You may order them at the counter and sit on the wooden planks next to the deck when you get there.

2- Sunbathe at Zuma Beach

Zuma Beach is the ideal spot to soak up the sun on your day trip to Malibu. It is regarded as one of the best coastlines. As you reach there, you can rest in the sand. Soak up the beautiful sun’s rays when you shoot a photo of the beach.

In addition, there are no houses between the Pacific Coast Highway and the sand along the roughly two kilometres of the beach. If you drive, you may park for free alone or in the pay lot next to the beach. So, various celebrities named their kids after the beach and may even be encountered there.

Zuma Beach
Zuma Beach

3- Hike at Point Dume

After basking in the sun at Zuma Beach, you may take a short climb to the summit of Point Dume! There is a tiny 2-hour parking space behind the point, where the 1.4-mile climb starts. The route is relatively short and easy, and it is available year-round. Also, you can acquire much of the coastal nature from the surroundings on this trek.

Apart from all this, it is also an excellent place to see sea lions and whales close to the coast. You may even be able to spot some rock climbers if you glance down as they ascend. Thus, you should try it if you’re an excellent rock climber.

4- Explore the Escondido Falls

Take some pictures at Escondido parks before heading to Malibu for the day! Starting immediately off the PCH, the journey to the Falls follows the Winding Way for 0.75 miles as it climbs uphill. Along the approach to Escondido Canyon Park, this road passes by several opulent Malibu homes.

Further, this 3.8-mile round-trip trek allows you to reach the Upper Escondido Falls or the Lower Escondido Falls. For those seeking an alternative to a rigorous climb, the Lower Falls is available. But if you’re up for the challenge, hikers typically head to the Upper Falls for an even more stunning perspective. You may even take a short picture under the water to cap off your walk.

Escondido Falls
Escondido Falls

5- Stay at The Surfrider Hotel

The 20-room Surfrider Malibu is immediately across the street from the well-known Surfrider Beach in Malibu. The boutique hotel created from the original 1953 motel captures California’s beach life spirit. In addition to 18 rooms and two suites, our hotel boasts a lobby with vaulted ceilings, a library on the second level, and a fantastic restaurant.

In addition, it has a bar on the roof deck that is exclusively for guests, a courtyard shower, full-site parking, native and regional plantings, and ecologically friendly and locally produced materials. The hotels all have different privacy policies. However, in this instance, you must present your vital documents to the front desk for thorough verification. No rush!

Final Thoughts

Both cities are considered the most aesthetically appealing places in the state. Both residents and tourists can participate in a range of activities. You may enjoy your highway journey by stopping at the most convenient locations, such as museums, parks, etc. Different transport types differ in terms of both time and distance. The train, bus, motorcar, and aeroplane are all included. There are many exciting sights to view. So, plan your trip, but first, know how far Malibu is from LA.

FAQs on How Far is Malibu from LA

What are some well-known restaurants in Malibu?

You’re at for a treat while dining in Malibu. Nobu provides breathtaking ocean views during the day and a captivating ambience at night. Enjoy fusion-style Japanese food here. Geoffrey’s serves classic Californian fare and blends a casual and elegant vibe.

What are some reasonable Malibu hotels?

Cosy hotel rooms with fireplaces, free WiFi, and ocean views are available at Malibu Country Inn. Enjoy free parking and a cool dip in the on-site pool. This hillside is a scenic drive from Santa Monica Pier and has garden views. So, it is ideal for taking in the scenery.

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