Plaza Mexico is an assimilation of other Plazas in Mexico for its design and architecture. Plaza is situated in Lynwood, California, and 14 miles south of Los Angles. Lynwood is a small town in Los Angles with a suitable visiting environment. The city itself is a visiting point for tourists because of its several indoor and outdoor activities on a small piece of land. This small town is known for its athletic ventures, beautiful trails, swimming pools, and public parks.

Plaza Mexico in Los Angeles belongs to Korean investors through its development to the present time. It is well known for its retail purpose, recreational, cultural festivals and performances. Hosting the most popular cultural festivals like Cinco de Mayo and El Grito de la Independencia festivals, it comprises indoor dining and rooftop restaurants in Los Angles, cultural recreation, and solitary shopping units in one place. You can also taste something different with a fortifying flavour in a plaza Mexico restaurant if you are a food lover. 

Visit Plaza Mexico
Visit Plaza Mexico

The Historical Importance of Plaza Mexico

The Plaza is also historically significant because of its angelic sculpt in the central entrance of the Plaza. The heavenly sculpt is essential in the community because it symbolizes the Mexican federation. This angle carves in the Plaza have already made history due to the political rallies. Like:

  1. This angel made the first history during a student walkout before marching on city hall to Los Angles; people met in the same angel to suggest reforms.
  2. For the second time after watching the games during the FIFA world cup in Plaza Mexico, visitors gathered around the same angel to celebrate the victory.

Visiting Importance

This Plaza is a famous attraction for regional as well as local visitors. It is the main attraction for the world’s second-largest religion “Christianity”. It sells different products that belong to virgin reproductions like crosses, key chains, t-shirts, and other virgin replicas.

Visit Plaza Mexico in Los Angeles
Visit Plaza Mexico in Los Angeles

This place’s first most important attraction is the certified sculpt of respectful Jesus Christ. The chantry is located in a small temple situated outside the Plaza.

There is a frame of Lady Guadalupe, also known and Virgin Guadalupe. There is a respectful image of Lady Guadalupe on a robe of enshrined. 

Cultural and Festival importance of the Plaza

Plaza Mexico entertains several cultural festivals for the town, including dance and music folks.

Cinco de Mayo is a yearly celebration for Mexican victory commemoration. Plaza Mexico is responsible for hosting the Cinco de Mayo annual celebrations. This Plaza also holds El Grito de la Independencia celebrations. 

Other attractions near Plaza Mexico in Los Angeles

1. Alderwood Mall

Alderwood Mall is a zonal shopping mall in Lynwood, United States. It has an open region called The Village and The Terraces, and some of its parts are enclosed. It is the first mall in the world that embraced Zumiez. This place is famous for its up-to-date footwear store. You can shop your favourite footwear if you are visiting across the Lynwood.

Alderwood Mall
Alderwood Mall

2. Scriber Lake Park, Lynnwood, WA

Scriber Lake Park is a natural forest area covering 22 acres in Lynwood, California. The Scriber Lake in the forest now works as Scriber Lake Park. You can enjoy boating and boardwalk in a peaceful environment with a beautiful scene.

Scriber Lake Park
Scriber Lake Park

3. Lynnwood Recreation Center

It is a family park that is famous for its swimming purpose. You can enjoy pool swimming in 5 types of pools. The park offers five different types of swimming pools, including:

  • a family hot tub
  • a wellness pool
  • a lap pool
  • a recreation pool
  • adult hot tub
Lynwood Recreation Center
Lynwood Recreation Center

4. Lynwood Ice Center

If you are a skate lover, this is a fantastic option for you in Lynwood. This Ice centre provides skating of every scale from beginner to expert with absolute fun and excitement.

Lynwood Ice Center
Lynwood Ice Center

This ice centre is also open for families to spend a few hours to amuse informal skating there. On the other hand, the Ice centre also offers skating sessions for those interested in the Olympics to boost their skating skills. 

5. Funtastic Playtorium, Lynnwood, Washington

If you want to shop comfortably in the Plaza and cannot do so because of your kids, Funtastic Playtorium is an excellent solution for this problem. It is a fantastic indoor playland for 1 to 10 years old kids. Children can enjoy climbing, laughing, running, and jumping here. It’s an enjoyable place and safe for your kids.

Funtastic Playtorium
Funtastic Playtorium

6. P.F Chang’s, Lynnwood, Washington

This famous restaurant in Lynwood is best known for its wok prepared food. It is an Asian-style restaurant following 2,000 years old traditions to make delicious food.

P.F. Chang's Lynwood
P.F. Chang’s Lynwood

The restaurant is well known for its Chang’s lettuce wraps, Mongolian beef, chicken and beef entrees, honey shrimp, Cecilia’s dumplings, hand-rolled sushi, and Chinese dim sum. So, don’t forget to try their delicious food whenever visiting Plaza Mexico.


Although Plaza Mexico is not a famous and extensive visiting place, it is an essential and renowned attraction due to its architecture and historical background. It is a famous attraction for Christians because of its virgin productions and temple. Moreover, this visiting point is in Lynwood, California. Plaza Mexico is also renowned for its rooftop restaurants in Los Angeles.

Rooftop Restaurants in Los Angeles
Rooftop Restaurants in Los Angeles

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Lynwood is important for tourism, and what are the favourite things to do there?

Lynwood is a small town in Los Angles for your next vacation. Apart from its beauty and charm, it is a famous point of shopping malls and plazas. It is a small town, but there are many things to do in the city. The best things to do in Lynwood are:

  • Bowlero
  • Olympus Spa
  • Lynnwood Bowl and Skate
  • The Old Spaghetti Factory, Lynnwood, Washington
  • Blazing Onion Burger Company
  • Claim Jumper Restaurants, Lynnwood, Washington
  • Yeh Yeh’s Vietnamese Sandwiches
  • Meadowdale Playfields, Lynnwood, Washington
Plaza Mexico Restaurant
Plaza Mexico Restaurant

Who is the owner of Plaza Mexico in Los Angles?

Plaza Mexico was constructed by Korean Investors and still running under the ownership of Korean investors in Los Angles.

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