If you are planning a trip for a while but need clarification about which city to select from, you can consider Tampa. Tampa is a widespread destination for tourists and even residents of Sarasota. Here, tourists experience more of Florida’s attractions, past, and civilization. From exciting play parks and zoos to nearby communities and galleries, travelers encounter every single option they can. They even enjoy beautiful coastal sites along the Gulf of Mexico. The weather is moderate, perfect for ventures. Let’s find out how far is Sarasota from Tampa.

How Far is Sarasota from Tampa

The length and time between both cities depend on your transport mode.

The bus will take you to Tampa in 2 hours and 28 minutes. The distance is about 61 miles, with ticket prices ranging from $8 to $42. You can take a night or day bus from Flixbus, Greyhound, and Amtrak Thruway accordingly.

No direct train leads to Tampa. Yet, take a bus to Tampa Union Station. Then, catch a train to your location. The entire travel time is 3 hours and 30 minutes of 70 miles. The combined ticket prices vary from $8-$42.

Trip to Tampa
Trip to Tampa

You can grab a shuttle bus from Sarasota to Tampa Airport and fly to your goal. The travel period is roughly 2 hours and 15 minutes. The span is roughly 45 miles, with $100 as a combined expense. Still, it depends on the airline too.

Drive 59 miles to reach Tampa via car. The driving duration is 1 hour and 2 minutes. It depends on the traffic states. The fuel price is about $11 to $16, depending on the car type and gas cost.

Quick Stops on a Road Trip from Sarasota to Tampa

Let’s find some places on a road trip from Sarasota to Tampa:

1- Sand Key Park

Sand Key Park is a 95-acre grassland on the north end of Sand Key. Sand Key is a fence island at the Gulf of Mexico and Intracoastal Waterway intersection. The park has a plain sandy seaside with seasonal expert swimmers. You can even view the sea turtles in April. This park also has a salt swamp with benches.

See the wilderness, an alley, a nature track, and two coastal sides from the bench. Remember to trek along the outdoor hails, two saunas, a grassland, two grills, and umbrella rentals. Likewise, it is open from sunset to dawn and assigns $5 for parking. It also organizes marriages and certain events with a ticket.

Sand Key Park
Sand Key Park

2- Ellenton

Ellenton is an unorganized district with a set place in Manatee County. It is a region north of Sarasota on Highway 75. This community was colonized in 1870 by Major George Patten and his wife, Mary. She called it behind their daughter Ellen. The oldest building in this area is the Gamble Plantation. Major Robert Gamble built it between 1845 and 1850 as a sugar ranch worked by enslavers.

Furthermore, the antebellum villa is now a state complex site and gallery. This site also has a refining factory for fuller’s land. It is a kind of clay used in firms that opened in 1903 and fumed down thrice before locking in 1922. Thus, it is a unique site to learn the city’s history.

3- Solomon’s Castle

Solomon’s Castle is the cottage, path, and workshop site of globally famous artist Howard Solomon. He built the castle from dumped materials. It includes aluminum printing scales, car pieces, tainted glass, and more. The palace is on vast acres of land in Ona with three stories. It covers 12,000 square feet of area. Yet, the court also delivers lodging and breakfast capacities in four themed rooms.

Moreover, this castle has around 300 statues and paintings formed by Solomon. It ranges from foolish to natural, as well as furnishings and other things. The palace also has a cafe called the Boat in the Moat. It is formed like a Spanish ship and suits American meals. Thus, it is open except for public holidays and charges a small amount for entry.

Solomon's Castle
Solomon’s Castle

4- Sun City Center

Sun City Center is 38 miles away from Sarasota in forty-nine minutes. You can access it from highway I-75. This center is an independent village with retail places, grocery shops, worship sites, and a clinic. It also has prime recreational and social luxuries. Enjoy the golf courses, amusement stores, swimming pools, leagues, and other activities.

Likewise, driving a golf cart on the lanes in the center during daytime hours is lawful, and most shopping bases have unusual parking spaces. It is the cheapest active-living aging society. This center offers diverse housing options, like single-family homes, duplexes, town bases, and flats. Locals can find details about affairs, news, power, and facilities on their website.

5- Brandon

Brandon is a town with its word derived from two or three separate heads. It has two Celtic and one Anglo-Saxon. The term has been utilized by various cultures alone. It has different meanings, like gorse-hill, prince, or chieftain. Further, it is also a spot name for many towns and townlets in England, and a surname stemmed from them.

This town provides its tourists with unique comforts. You can rest at one of the flats, learn at the college, or have a spa. Likewise, play at the grasslands and have rest for a while. It is one hour and 11 minutes away from Sarasota. Go from the highway and cover an easy distance of 55 miles.


6- Ybor City

Ybor City is a historic area founded in 1880. Vicente Martinez-Ybor and other cigar planters established it. Countless settlers from different cities populated the area. They worked in the cigar plants, creating a striking multiethnic and multiracial society. This city was famous as the “Cigar Capital of the World.” It helped them expand from a town to an unusual city.

Later, it dropped after the Great Depression and World War II when the need for cigars was reduced, and many locals and firms left the site. Yet, since the 1980s, it has experienced a rebirth and upscaling. It is evolving into a lively nightlife, joy, culture, and art district. Therefore, we see many historic structures and landmarks recalling its rich legacy.

7- The Florida Aquarium

The Florida Aquarium is an aquarium site. It shows many animals and plantations from distinct sea and terrestrial ecology. The aquarium seeks to educate travelers about the untouched world and motivate them to take action. It has various displays of different kinds of fish. One of the features is the SeaTREK venture. Here, visitors can trek underwater with fish and coral reefs.

The Coral Conservation program lets tourists learn about the efforts to revive coral reefs. At the Splash Pad, travelers can chill off in a water sports. This aquarium has a Sea Turtle Rehab Center where disabled or ill turtles are regaled and cast back into the sea. It also allows people to suggest plans to help save the imperiled species from dying.

The Florida Aquarium
The Florida Aquarium

The Bottom Line

Sarasota and Tampa are among the most attractive spots with just a short distance. The trip time and journey distance between the two spots depend on the mode of transport you prefer. It includes bus, train service, shuttle, airplane, or motorcar. If you are planning a trip by car, there are many stops to enjoy or have peace. Enjoy the attractions and sports in Tampa, like parks, libraries, resorts, and gardens.

FAQs on How Far is Sarasota from Tampa

What are the hotel booking choices in the city?

Many resorts in Tampa deal with distinct budgets and choices. You can screen the web search by expense, site, rating, luxuries, etc. It includes Hilton Clearwater Beach Hotel & Spa, Wyndham Clearwater Beach, Don CeSar, and Sandpearl Resort.

What are some of the famous libraries in the city?

Tampa has multiple libraries. One marked library is the John F. Germany Public Library. It is the primary library with millions of entities. Read readers, journals, newspapers, DVDs, and electronic books. You can learn in kid, heritage, business, IT, and fine array units.

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