Boise and Idaho Falls are two of the most extensive and famous cities. These Idaho cities have distinct attractions and records that appeal to different kinds of tourists. Boise is the capital city and a cultural crossing with a lively aura. People love to have a trip to its various galleries, parks, waterfalls, and festivals. Many travelers travel from Idaho Falls to Boise due to its growing high-tech enterprise. Thus, individuals love its urban and wild aura. It will always give you access to some breathtaking and mixed mountain looks.

Mode of Transport from Idaho Falls to Boise

You can catch a bus from Idaho Falls to Pocatello or Jackson. Then, fly to Boise. The bus trip time ranges from 6-8 hours and covers about 318 miles. The fare varies from $193 to $748. However, a direct bus goes to Boise in 6 hours and 46 minutes. The travel fare is about $62-$111.

There is no plain train service from Idaho Falls. You have to change three train services. It includes the Idaho Falls to Evanston, WY, another to Elko, NV, and a final train to Boise. The total time is about 28h 30m and covers a stretch of about 391 miles. The ticket cost starts at $212.

Trip to Boise
Trip to Boise

You can flee to Boise with one of the airlines that suit the route. The flight time is about 4 hours and 54 minutes, and ticket price changes depending on the airplane services and the travel date, but it can vary from $156 to $626.

You can quickly drive from Idaho Falls by heeding the I-84, US-26, and US-30 lanes. The driving length is 281 miles, about 4 hours and 7 minutes. The fuel cost is $50-$75.

Stops on a Road Trip from Idaho Falls to Boise

Here are some places to visit on a road trip from Idaho Falls to Boise:

1- Pebble Creek Ski Area

Pebble Creek Ski Area is an alpine ski lodge. It is located in the South Portneuf Range of Caribou National Forest. This site shows 1,100 skied on acres. There is a 2,200-foot service lift with a vertical drop. It has three treble chairlifts assistance, with 12% beginner, 35% mediator, and 53% refined landscape ratings. Likewise, it has a Giant Slalom running and a simple Slalom run for skilled skiers.

Pebble Creek Ski Area
Pebble Creek Ski Area

This area is noted for its rugged paths, marked snowfall, and lovely views. It opens frequently, but it still depends on the snow states. Likewise, it organizes events and actions each season. Thus, it is a superior destination for skiers of all classes who want to relish a fun and cheap winter adventure. It is roughly 69 miles and 1 hour and 10 minutes from Idaho Falls.

2- Fort Hall

Fort Hall is a fixed place between Bannock and Bingham County. You can access it on the Fort Hall Indian Reservation. It is named after the actual Fort Hall. This fur-trading base was built by Nathaniel Jarvis Wyeth in 1834. The regiment was sold to the Hudson’s Bay Company and evolved as a critical stop for settlers on the Oregon Trail. Later, it was left by 1863, and no facility remains.

The reservation was based in 1867 for the Shoshone and Bannock race. Today, it is the residence of the Shoshone-Bannock Casino Hotel. It offers gaming, dining, amusement, and housing. You can even see its showroom, an artistic center, a golf club, and other sites. This fort is roughly 11 miles and 15 minutes from Pebble Creek Ski Area via car.

3- Museum of Clean

Museum of Clean, in Pocatello, shows the concept and value of clean in different elements of life. It is almost 13 miles and 20 minutes drive from the fort. The gallery was based on Don Aslett, a writer and entrepreneur. He was devoted to elevating clean houses, intellects, language, society, and the world. The gallery inhabits a 75,000-square-foot complex. It features four beds of shows, art, displays, and activities linked to cleaning.

Museum of Clean
Museum of Clean

Moreover, you can see a collection of nearly 1,000 vacuums from 1869 to 1969. It is an alley of pure art with details dating back to 2,000 years ago. A washboard entrance leads to a gift shop and a hall. Thus, it is a fun and academic place for the entire family that will motivate you to relish and practice cleaning.

4- Castle Rocks State Park

Castle Rocks State Park is a state grassland at the end of the Santa Cruz Mountains. The park presents vast land for trekking, climbing, camping, racing, peak biking, and nature viewing. It features limestone rock buildings, diverse evergreen woods, fields, falls, and streams. Yet, this park is roughly 93 miles from the Museum of Clean.

Further, it holds historical and artistic areas. It includes native rock craft, pioneer ranches, and a palace-like house created by a Swedish settler in the 1920s. You can visit it anytime as it is open yearly with a visitor center, a base camp, picnic sites, and paths. Therefore, it is famous for its stunning views, habitat, and challenging rock climbing courses.

5- Snake River Canyon Rim Trail

Snake River Canyon Rim Trail is a 12.3-mile paved track that tracks the border in Twin Falls. The path offers dazzling views of the gorge and Perrine Bridge. It also departs from several wild attractions. Shoshone Falls and Pillar Falls, Dierkes Lake, and Evel Knievel’s hop site can be seen. This trail is open to hikers, explorers, scouts, and wheelchair users.

Snake River Canyon Rim Trail
Snake River Canyon Rim Trail

It is mainly flat and easy to heed. You can even have several key points. It includes parking lots, toilets, benches, and picnic sites. The pathway is a great way to relish the beauty of the Snake River Canyon. Hence, it is 1 hour and 10 minutes drive from Castle Rocks State Park.

6- Bruneau Canyon Overlook

Bruneau Canyon Overlook is a panoramic standpoint. The canyon is a breathtaking geological part that the Bruneau River cut via basalt and rhyolite around millions of years. It is nearly 60 miles long and up to 800 feet plunging. The tower is the only available spot to see the gorge from overhead.

It has a curved parking lot, a recess toilet, different signs, and a fenced site on the edge. Further, this outlook offers scenic views of the gorge and the nearby landscape. You can also wander along the edge or drive to other camping sites on a muddy road. This overlook is a fantastic place to admire the natural looks of the Bruneau River Canyon.

7- Miracle Hot Springs

Miracle Hot Springs is a geothermal burning springs spa in the Hagerman Valley. The lodge presents several luxuries for peace and pursuit. It includes remote hot pools, VIP pools, outdoor public pools of differing times, and massages. You can even access powers in geo-domes, a fireplace, and a picnic spot.

Miracle Hot Springs
Miracle Hot Springs

Furthermore, raw hot water streams from covert springs at 120F. The water is deep in minerals and has healing benefits for the body. It is open year-round and has online bookings for all benefits. Thus, it is a flawless place to enjoy a calming soak in natural hot springs covered by views. It is roughly 37 miles and 50 minutes drive.


Boise is an ideal destination for tourists. If they want to enjoy a trip to this city, they must consider many options. There are a variety of interests and activities to adore. Value its culture, historical places, national parks, and outdoor tales. Moreover, it has a lovely climate, with temperate winters and hot summers. You can even watch the lovely waterfalls. Whether you seek a city leave, a family break, or a simple getaway, it has it all.

FAQs on Idaho Falls to Boise

What is the finest time to visit this city for multiple activities?

The most suitable time for activities depends on your choices and interests. For skydivers or snowboarders, the winter season is best. If you like hiking, racing, or swimming, prefer the spring or summer season. But if you enjoy angling or golfing, visit this city in the fall.

How much is required to live in this city compared to Idaho Falls?

The living cost in Boise is more significant, ranging from about 10% to 20%. Housing, transport, and food are the main elements that lead to this disparity. Accommodation is more costly and has higher gas prices. Food is even pricey because of the higher sales tax.

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