How to Buy Travel Insurance for Multiple Countries

How to Buy Travel Insurance for Multiple Countries?

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Travel insurance is essential to any trip-planning process. It provides financial security and ease of mind in unexpected events. This article will highlight countries where travelers can buy travel insurance. We will explore the benefits and coverage options available to ensure that travelers can make an informed decision when purchasing their travel insurance policy.

Buy Travel Insurance for Multiple Countries

Let’s explore this write-up on how to buy travel insurance for multiple countries:

1- Buy Travel Insurance in Canada

If you plan to visit Canada, getting “Visitors To Canada (VTC)” travel insurance is a smart choice. This insurance protects you from unexpected medical expenses in Canada. It can last up to 365 days and be extended, making it ideal for longer stays. Consider VTC if you are coming to Canada for a long time, applying for a super visa for your parents or grandparents, or working in Canada without health insurance.

Travel Insurance in Canada
Travel Insurance in Canada

Medical expenses can be expensive for non-residents, so this insurance can help you pay for costs like ground ambulance services. Your policy will spell out the covered expenses, exclusions, and limitations. The policy may not cover certain activities like skiing or rock climbing. Your premium will depend on your age, coverage amount, and length of your stay, and different providers may offer different deductibles and savings. 

2- Travel Insurance in New Zealand

If you are planning an adventure in New Zealand, it is wise to buy travel insurance to protect your investment. The average cost of travel insurance for a trip to New Zealand is just $260. The most suitable travel insurance policies include coverage for trip interruption, trip cancellation, travel delay, travel medical expenses, baggage, and personal items.

To buy travel insurance, look for a plan that suits your needs. Compare and purchase it online, and include the necessary add-ons, such as “cancel for any reason” travel insurance. The insurance should cover any unforeseen event, such as severe weather, serious family emergency, or unexpected cancellation of pre-paid deposits.

3- Spain Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is not required for everyone to visit Spain, but having it means having a fallback option in an emergency. You can buy travel insurance through a comparison website like Medical Travel Compared. However, remember that travel insurance is not an alternative to a TSE or GHIC. These government-issued health insurance cards allow you to obtain public health care if you become ill or have an accident while visiting Spain.

Buy Travel Insurance
Buy Travel Insurance

Therefore, it’s important to have both. When choosing a travel insurance company, make sure they cover unexpected circumstances and diseases that might crop up at any time and provide full coverage for a minimum of €30,000 in the event of an emergency.

4- Travel Insurance for Japan

If you are planning a trip to Japan and want to buy travel insurance, consider what you’ll be doing. HeyMondo is good if you like adventure activities like hiking or kayaking, but they don’t allow you to change your coverage or extend your trip. SafetyWing is another option that covers adventure activities and is flexible, but it won’t cover high-risk sports or health problems you already have. You should choose the insurance that fits what you want to do.

5- Buy Travel Insurance in Italy

Travel insurance is a must-have when planning a trip to Italy. It will help you if anything goes wrong during your trip. You should get a policy covering many things, such as if you cancel your trip, get sick or hurt, and be brought back home. You should also check if your policy covers rental cars, activities, and flights. If you’re traveling with your family, ensure everyone is covered and gets the right benefits. If you’re over 65, you might need a particular policy for medical problems.


6- Greece Travel Insurance

If you are going to Greece, getting travel insurance is a good idea. It can help you pay for unexpected things that happen on your trip. You can compare quotes from travel insurance websites like or Insure My Trip to find the best one.

Travel insurance can assist you in getting your money back if your trip gets canceled. It also covers medical bills if you get hurt or sick. It can also protect you if you rent a car, lose your luggage, or must be evacuated for medical reasons. Before you buy travel insurance, make sure you read the policy carefully to understand what it covers.

7- Travel Insurance in Portugal

When planning a vacation to Portugal, it is essential to buy travel insurance to avoid unexpected medical expenses. While Portugal’s healthcare is free or cheap for Portuguese citizens and residents, tourists must pay out-of-pocket medical bills without insurance. The fastest and most affordable way to buy Portugal travel insurance is online through established providers like Europ Assistance and MondialCare.


If you plan to apply for a visa to Portugal, you must show that you have health insurance coverage of at least €30,000. While UK citizens have access to healthcare in Portugal through the GHIC card, it does not cover trip-related disturbances, evacuation, or repatriation, so purchasing travel insurance is still advisable. 

8- Buy Travel Insurance for Brazil

Brazil is a beautiful country with many attractive tourist destinations. It is advisable to buy travel insurance, To ensure that you have a safe trip while visiting Brazil. A good travel medical insurance plan provides access to private hospitals, and your insurer will cover the cost of your care.

Atlas Travel Insurance and Seven Corners Travel Insurance are two of the recommended travel insurance plans for trips to Brazil. Expats living in Brazil should consider purchasing individual private medical insurance for higher quality service and care.

9- Australia Travel Insurance

If you’re going on a holiday to Australia, it’s important to have travel insurance in case something goes wrong. Even though Australia has a good healthcare system, visitors may still have to pay medical bills without travel insurance. A good policy can help pay for medical bills, lost luggage, and travel delays. First Light Travel is a good place to get a quote for a policy that covers many adventurous activities.

Australia Travel Insurance
Australia Travel Insurance

10- Travel Insurance in the United Kingdom

If you’re traveling to the United Kingdom, it’s smart to get travel insurance. American health insurance plans usually don’t cover healthcare expenses outside the US. So travel insurance can provide financial protection in unexpected events. You should compare quotes from different insurers and ensure the policy covers your plans. Trip cancellation insurance is important if you need to cancel your trip because of an emergency.

Travel Insurance for Multiple Countries

If you like to travel a lot and want to go on more than one trip a year, you can buy multi-trip travel insurance. It’s also called annual travel insurance. This type of insurance is great because instead of buying separate insurance policies for each trip you take, you can buy one policy that will cover you for the whole year. You can take as many trips as you want during that year. Usually, the policy for each trip is either 30 days or 45 days long.

So if your trip lasts 30 days or less, you’re covered by the same policy for each trip. It’s a good option to make travel easy, especially for workers who travel a lot. Also, with this insurance, you only have to pay for it once a year, covering all your trips. You’ll get benefits like medical coverage and emergency evacuation, and even Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) coverage.

Travel Insurance for Multiple Countries
Travel Insurance for Multiple Countries

Final Words

To buy travel insurance for multiple countries is a crucial step in planning any international trip, as it can provide financial protection. The process of obtaining travel insurance may vary depending on the country of travel. But it generally involves researching and comparing various policies and selecting the best fit for your needs and budget. Travel insurance lets travelers have peace of mind and enjoy their trip with greater confidence and security.

FAQs about Buy Travel Insurance for Multiple Countries

Can I purchase travel insurance after I have already started my trip?

It depends on the insurance company and the type of coverage you need. Some insurance companies offer policies that can be purchased after the trip has started. It’s best to check with the insurance company for their specific policy directly.

How much does travel insurance cost?

Travel insurance costs vary depending on various factors, including your destination, the length of your trip, and the type of coverage you need. Basic coverage can be as low as a few dollars per day, while more comprehensive coverage can cost several hundred dollars.

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