Australia is a beautiful country containing beautiful beaches, dense forests, and breathtaking mountainous views. On the other hand, it also accommodates Mackenzie Falls, popular as one of the largest waterfalls in Victoria. The waterfall is more impressive at 40 meters in height, and you will find it more attractive than the pictures.

The waterfall Mackenzie Falls is known for its year-round activities, where visitors can find several giant cliffs pouring water into the deep pools and lovely sprays of the rainbow. 

Things to do in and around Mackenzie Falls

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1- Hiking to the Mackenzie Falls

Hiking is an ultimate part of a tour, especially when exploring a waterfall. Mackenzie Falls is a giant waterfall that is 40 meters in height and provides panoramic views from the top of the waterfall. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful forest views and landscapes from the tip of the waterfalls.

Enjoy Hiking
Enjoy Hiking

An expert hiker can easily hike the trail because the trials contain small steep steps. On the other hand, if you are a beginner or fatty, you may find difficulty climbing.

2- Walking Around the Mackenzie Falls

Mackenzie Falls is the best place to visit during summer vacations. You can also enjoy walking around the fall, about 2 km. You will arrive at your starting point again after covering 2 kilometers clockwise or anticlockwise.

The walk around the waterfall provides scenic views of waterfalls where water comes down from the cliffs. You can also see the point where the river is flowing through the gorge while walking around the waterfalls. 

3- Take Mackenzie River Walk

Walking along the Mackenzie river can be the most adventurous part of the vacation as it ways through the young eucalypt forest. Visitors can enjoy the breathtaking views of rocky escarpments and tranquil waterholes while walking.

Mackenzie River walk
Mackenzie River walk

You can also watch wildlife, including the unique Wedge-tailed Eagle wandering in the sky. You will end your park at Zumsteins Historic Area, where you can find some picnic areas, ancient buildings, and some dry, empty pools.

4- Enjoy a Picnic Along the Mackenzie River

Mackenzie waterfalls provide the beautiful bush scenery at the spot and along the river. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful landscapes across the river. It is also the best place to enjoy a picnic where you can enjoy your lunch at the natural and most relaxing site. You can enjoy your lunch at the edge of the Mackenzie River by enjoying the beautiful scenery.

On the other hand, if you want to enjoy your lunch at a proper picnic place, you can walk along the river for 4 to 5 kilometers. Visitors can find the Zumsteins Historic Area, the perfect picnic area at the end of the river where you can also enjoy picnic and barbeque. Here you will also find some remnants of cottages, speaking the history of the Zumstiens place since 1930.

5- Watch Broken Falls Near Mackenzie Falls

Broken Falls is just 4 minutes away from Mackenzie Falls, approximately at 140 meters distance, and well worth visiting. The broken falls come with beautiful rocky views, and it flows on their way along with a series of rocky layers. It is not as attractive as Mackenzie Falls and always less busy than its surroundings.

Broken Falls
Broken Falls

On the other hand, it provides the best topside views from the waterfall. So, never skip Broken Falls when you are visiting the area. Hiking at this point is effortless than Mackenzie Waterfalls, so it is an alternate option for those who cannot climb the steep steps of Mackenzie.

6- Scenic Views of Entire Victoria Valley at Reed Lookout

Reed Lookout is one of the best and most budget-friendly ways to enjoy incredible views of Victoria Valley and is only 10 minutes away from Mackenzie Falls. However, Victoria valley is a compact rustic location in the Southern Grampians and is known for the natural rainforests and charming beaches and towns. 

Visitors can access the Reed Lookouts through some short steep, and well-maintained trails. The hiking trails are a real challenge and a great workout to get to the site. It also gets cold on the top of the site, so keep your jackets along in your bags.

7- Take A Tour of Grampians National Park

The Grampians National Park reserves the natural piece of land in Victoria, Australia. The whole area is known for its wildflowers and sunstone mountains bringing scenic views. On the other hand, the region is also known for habituating wildlife, where visitors can spot Dingoes, red foxes, feral cats, European rabbits, and brown hares.

The Grampians National Park
The Grampians National Park

The whole site is famous for its panoramic views across the natural masterpiece. Visitors can also enjoy hiking in the mountainous region with incredible landscape views. It is about 12 minutes away from the Mackenzie falls, so take a tour of this beautiful place while visiting the waterfall.

8- Swimming at Fish Falls 

Fish Falls is another most admired destination adjacent to Mackenzie Falls and about 5 minutes away from it. These waterfalls are from the 60 meters height at Fish Falls, where hikers can enjoy a scenic view of the Grampians National Park as the waterfall lies in the park.

This site is also known for swimming purposes. Visitors who want to enjoy swimming under the waterfall can choose this as an alternate option as they cannot swim in Mackenzie Waterfall.

The Bottom Line!

Mackenzie Falls is the best place to enjoy your summer vacations at the coolest place in Australia. Visitors can enjoy several activities in and around the waterfalls. So, overall it is a beautiful and budget-friendly spot for visitors to enjoy several activities.

Swimming at Fish Falls
Swimming at Fish Falls

Frequently Asked Questions

1- Why can’t you swim in Mackenzie Falls?

Swimming is not allowed at the Mackenzie Waterfalls due to the danger of injury and drowning due to the strong water waves.

2- What is the nearest town to visit if you are in The Grampians National Park?

Stawell is a small town adjacent to the Grampians National Park, about 20 minutes away from the park. It is a historic gold mining town that you can visit to make your trip more adventurous during the vacations.

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