Can you imagine the streets of a country can also attract tourists? Yes, Italy streets are substantial tourist attractions in Italy. Its streets are full of water, and the residents do not move through the bus and cars, so they use boats to travel.

Italy streets are popular to do several things where visitors can also enjoy the picturesque views of the beautiful cities. On the other hand, several other streets in Italy are suitable for shopping and wandering leisurely.

Things to Do in Italy Streets

Let’s discuss them in detail!

1- Enjoy Boating in Venice

Venice is the capital of Northern Italy and contains more than 100 small Islands on the Adriatic Sea. Its streets are full of water, providing scenic views to the visitors. The entire city offers mind-blowing views from its water-based avenues, where visitors can enjoy boating to explore the city.

Boating in Venice
Boating in Venice

The city is also famous for its carnival celebrations and contains beautiful bridges and gondola rides. Note that the new visitors visiting Venice for the first time should take an authorized taxi boat from the airport if they have luggage.

2- Enjoy Shopping Via Del Corso Street

Shopping is always the priority of a tour for visitors, and shopping in Italy is exceptional. Italy is a country known for its high-quality goods, art, and fashion that attract people to shop for something on the spot.

Especially when it comes to the Italy streets, visitors can find shoe stores and in-demand fashion brands on Via Del Corso Street. It is the main street in Rome, Italy, and is also known for its small, narrow streets.  

3- Visit Palazzo Gavazzi Via Monte Napoleone

Besides containing luxurious hotels, Via Monte Napoleone is a street that accommodates a beautiful architectural masterpiece designed by the Luigi Clerichetti for the Gavazzi family in 1838. It is a Neoclassical palace and atypical of the mansions built during the Restoration period.

Monte Napoleone
Monte Napoleone

The building is characterized by beautiful columns and facades with a terrace. Moreover, there are several other historical buildings in the street, and it also holds the history of several historical events.

4- Visit Manzoni Theater in Via Alessandro Manzoni 

It is the easiest way towards entertainment. The Manzoni Theater is a graceful entertainment house that can entertain people of all ages. The theater was named the Teatro Sociale di Milano by Alessandro Manzoni but was renamed in 1873 after his death, while the theater opened in 1870.

It is a place that discloses the young talent, and visitors can also enjoy the Derby Cabaret Show on Sunday evening. Moreover, it offers different programs, including Cabaret, classic pieces, and prose.

5- Buy Fashion Items in Mercerie, Venice

Mercerie is one of the best Italy streets and contains the best shops for browsing. Visitors can find a crowd in the street because it is narrow and usually remains crowdy and known as one of the busiest streets in Italy.

Shopping in Mercerie
Shopping in Mercerie

On the other hand, the alley is also known for the best fashion items like jewelry. Additionally, the prices of the subjects are relatively high, so visitors used to see things from the outside without going inside the shops.

6- Villa dei Mosaici di Spello Via Poalina Schicchi

Spello is band ancient and the most beautiful hilly area in Italy. There is a mosaic museum in Spello that is worth visiting as it is a colossal villa that provides a brief detail about the mosaic floors.

The entire Villa is impressive, where you can also watch the underfloor heating system. It also displays some videos revealing how was the Roman Villa looked like at that time. They also explain Umbrian, Roman, Etruscan, and Spello room development.

7- Enjoy Vespa Tour on the Streets of Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany is the coup of Renaissance art and architecture, and it offers several other fascinations for tourists. On the other hand, Tuscany has also known for its wines and linguistic and cultural identity. Tuscany is the best spot to explore Italy Streets, where you can wander and enjoy the beautiful scenery in Tuscany.

Vespa Tour in Tuscany
Vespa Tour in Tuscany

Visitors can enjoy Vespa drive on the streets or roads of Tuscany to take a whole tour. You can grab a rental Vespa, and after learning the fundamental lesson of driving, you can drive conveniently.

8- Enjoy Italian Food in Italy Streets

Italian Cuisines are known for serving a wide range of mouthwatering dishes worldwide. The best thing about their recipes is that they are prepared with fresh ingredients. Italian food is an incredible combination of different styles and recipes.

Undoubtedly, the Italian food in Italy Streets tastes good no matter whether you are eating food in a restaurant or trying a portion of street food on a local street. You can conveniently try food anywhere without hesitation and fear of wasting money. So, don’t forget to try Italian Pizza and pasta while wandering in Italy streets

9- Step inside the Ancient Streets of Rome to Explore History

It is unfair to visit the Room from its surface and leave its historical streets. The streets are the places where visitors can feel the ancient life of Rome by watching the landmarks that can put you deeper into the history. You can also visit the underground Colosseum; it is the best place to take a tour in Rome, but you have to book before your arrival.

Streets of Rome
Streets of Rome

Visitors can also take a guided tour to explore the cells deep under the arena floor, passages and tunnels. On the other hand, visitors can also enjoy the spectator view from the upper tiers and the arena floor for a gladiator view outside the Colosseum.

10- Walking Holidays for Mountain Goats: Alta Via 2

Walking on Mountains

The Alta Via 2 is the somewhat tougher brother of Alta Via 1. Only seasoned hikers with some prior mountain expertise are advised to attempt it. Sharp ridges, Via Ferratas, and steep slopes on the Alta Via 2 call need previous mountaineering knowledge.

You will hike on this outstanding route from Alta Badia to Val di Fassa, going from north to south. Wander across the Sella Massif and around Marmolada, the highest mountain in the Dolomites and the location of the largest glacier, in the Puez-Odle Nature Park. In Alta Badia, you’ll drive through a number of the streets of such towns as La Villa, Corvara, and Colfosco as well as Val Gardena and Val di Fassa.


Italy is a beautiful country that offers several fascinations to its visitors. However, exploring the Italy streets is always the best part of a tour. They offer several things to do in their while wandering the streets. Visitors can discover several things by strolling into the streets, and they can also enjoy shopping and shopping.


1- Why are the Italy Streets lively?

Italy’s Streets are lively because the streets are comparatively narrow, and you can see crowds of people strolling across the streets.

2- Why is Spello Italy the best fascination?

Spello is a picturesque town surrounded by walls that offer scenic views. Spello, Italy, is known for its unique architecture, wines, and flower festival, so definitely a site worth visiting.