Museums in El Paso

10 Astonishing Museums in El Paso

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El Paso is a city with a bright and warm climate. It is mainly a dry site. There are few rain showers and snowfalls in winter. It all depends on you when you prefer planning a trip. Some people love to sit in the heat and sunshine. Others favor the cooler and less packed times. It is a cultural hub with a diverse legacy and crafts. Museums in El Paso are recognized for their complex details and displays. Hence, visit this ideal site full of art.

Museums in El Paso

You can visit the museums in El Paso anytime. Here is a detail for each museum.

1- Exhibits at El Paso Museum of History

El Paso Museum of History is committed to presenting and conserving the legacy. It includes the border territory’s multicultural and international records. This museum has the unexpected merged digital wall of its style in the state. Yet, it lets the sightseers dig into the city’s past and tied city, Ciudad Juarez.

El Paso Museum of History
El Paso Museum of History

This gallery also has endless shows and short plays. You can partake in free scholarly classes and cultural affairs that reflect the diversity and wealth of the city’s residents. Thus, it is near the Plaza Theatre and leads to another museum, the El Paso Museum of Art.

2- Collection at El Paso Museum of Art

El Paso Museum of Art was made in 1959. It is in the hub of the Downtown Arts District. In this museum, view a permanent array of more than seven thousand art creations from the Byzantine era. It includes the influential European elaboration.

Similarly, you can see the revival works by Van Dyck, Botticelli, and Canaletto. This museum also shows general pieces recognized by local and global artists. It organizes various traveling shows worldwide. Thus, you can even take art classes, workshops, courses, movies, and shows for all eras.

3- Teach at the El Paso Holocaust Museum and Study Center

El Paso Holocaust Museum and Study Center dates back around 1994. Holocaust subsite Henry Kellen made it. It was based on appraising people about the Nazi autocracy, attention camps, and opposition activities during World War II. This museum reveals confidential stories, antiques, photos, and videos of the survivors and victims.

El Paso Holocaust Museum
El Paso Holocaust Museum

It even indicates anti-Semitism, mass murder, and human rights. Yet, it provides subject tests, lecturers, and tours for institutes and companies. Likewise, view the Eastwood Park nearby after viewing the museum in detail.

4- Paintings at the International Museum of Art

International Museum of Art is housed in a documented residence designed by Henry C. Trost. It was created in 1910 for William W. Turney. He was a famous lawyer and cattleman. The Global Group for the Visual Arts restored it into a museum in 1960.

Yet, the gallery includes complex paintings, statues, ceramics, clothes, and slabs from unlike cultures and times. It organizes special events like art arrays, concerts, classes, and unions. Likewise, you can have fine dining at Taft Diaz nearby.

5- Legacy at Fort Bliss and Old Ironsides Museums

Fort Bliss and Old Ironsides Museums are located on Marshall Road. This museum exemplifies Fort Bliss’s history from 1849 to the present. See the past of America’s tank unit, the 1st Armored Division.

Fort Bliss and Old Ironsides Museums
Fort Bliss and Old Ironsides Museums

Further, it includes a fused arms legacy park with around forty antiques and armored autos on show. Dig the indoor exhibits on World War II, Cold War, etc. You can even enjoy the theater, a formal space, and a bash room.

6- Peaceful Aura of Chamizal National Memorial Museum

If you want to know the origin of the city’s culture, visit this museum. It is a National Park Service site marking the peaceful territory of the Chamizal border conflict. This museum shows private tales, relics, prints, and videos.

They cover the people and linked affairs affected by the prudent resolve of a 100-year edging row between the two countries. Yet, it includes complex and provisional shows. Academic programs and cultural events taught the students much about the wars.

7- Artifacts at Old El Paso County Jail Museum

Old El Paso County Jail Museum is quite a unique museum. It is housed in a tower that dates around 1821. This building was initially a home. Then, it was remade into a jail in 1850, when San Elizario was the foremost county seat of the city. The jail was used until 1882 before it was considered as a museum.

El Paso County Jail Museum
El Paso County Jail Museum

Moreover, it relates to the jail’s structure, the stories, and the setting. One story associated with this jail is marked. The guides tell all about the story of a break-in by Billy the Kid in 1876. He wanted to free his mate from charge. It also organizes old West copy by various artists. You can even have lunch at Craft and Social nearby.

8- History at El Paso Scottish Rite Temple and Museum

El Paso Scottish Rite Temple and Museum was founded in 1883. This gallery is part of the city’s Scottish Rite, a merged society. It is in a classical revival building. It was created by Dallas designers Hubbell and Greene in 1912. This facility honors the Pan American Union Building in the US. It has a huge lobby, a hall, and a club space.

Further, this museum depicts the past and culture of Freemasonry and its link to the city and the border. It displays antiques, pottery, and canvas. See the videos describing over 300 years of Masonic records. Therefore, it also offers outings and special occasions for tourists and fellows.

9- Customs of Ysleta del Sur Pueblo Museum

This gallery is in the Ysleta del Sur Pueblo Cultural Center. It is an artistic site with an academic facility. This gallery aims to educate guests about the civilization and past of the Ysleta del Sur Pueblo. It is the oldest internally praised tribe in Texas. View the productions of the tribe’s origin. It includes dance, events, crockery making, dot looming, baking bread, storytelling, and gardening for the members.

Ysleta del Sur Pueblo Museum
Ysleta del Sur Pueblo Museum

Apart from all this, it also provides retail room for tribal fellows to sell original Tigua clothes and antiques. It displays artifacts, ceramics, articles of clothing, and other shots. All such displays represent the Tigua history. Thus, this museum attracts tourists from the US and the global society.

10- Past at Centennial Museum and Chihuahuan Desert Gardens

It is a cultural and natural museum. As you enter the El Paso campus, you can view it. This museum was built in 1936 to mark the century of Texas freedom. It makes it the most aged museum in the city. Here, you can focus on the border region, culture, and setting. See free shows on mining, water pools, prehistory, art, and nature. It also hosts touring shows worldwide.

The Chihuahuan Desert Gardens are refreshing greens. It shows more than 800 kinds of plants born or adjusted to this desert and bordering regions in the state. Nature lovers can see the greens in their natural set. They learn about their benefits and adaptions. Thus, these parks are open daily from morning to noon.


El Paso is a beautiful city with multiple museums, parks, landscapes, and alleys for every sightseer and citizen. As a wanderer, learn all about the past. Discover the skills, customs, or science behind the city antiques. Likewise, uncover a gallery that fits your taste and interest. You can troll the border area’s inter and global history. Admire the pieces of regional and global artists or learn about various things. It includes multiple exhibitions. El Paso has a gallery for every tourist.

FAQs on Museums in El Paso

What is the cost of seeing a gallery in this city?

The cost changes as it relies on the kind and size of the gallery. Some showrooms are accessible or have offered donations. Few charge a small entry amount. It ranges from $2-$10 per person. Check the website of the museum and know the current price accordingly.

How to reach a museum by public transport?

You can take Sun Metro to most of the city’s galleries. It drives buses that cover different routes and timings. A one-way ticket to any museum will cost less than two dollars. Book a taxicab or shuttle service to reach any museum.

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