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Dating Show Getaways: Vacationing Like Reality TV Contestants

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Reality dating shows like The Bachelor are very popular on TV as people love watching drama and romance. These shows have been filmed in pretty places around the world. As revealed by ExpressVPN, some of the most popular reality dating shows are filmed in exotic destinations across the globe – making them prime spots for your next romantic getaway.

The Bachelor and Love Island film is in a tropical paradise, helping people fall in love. If you take a trip to where they filmed, you can feel the romance too. You can walk where the people in the shows walk. Plan your next couples’ getaway to these dreamy spots from the shows—vacation like the people you see on TV.

The Bachelor: The Mansion

For many years, the Bachelor was filmed at a mansion in Agoura Hills, California. Super fans must visit the mansion. It sits on 10 acres in the Santa Monica Mountains near Malibu. The big property has lots of space for people on The Bachelor to meet and fall in love. Limos arrive in the courtyard. 

There is an infinity pool looking over pretty landscaping. Visiting the mansion makes you feel like you’re on the show. You can’t spend the night like the contestants do. But you can rent a place close by. You’ll feel the romance from The Bachelor. The Mediterranean climate and pretty mountain and ocean views set the romantic mood.

Love Island: Mallorca, Spain

The UK version of Love Island films on the Mallorca island. Mallorca is part of Spain’s Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea. It is the biggest island there. People who watch the show flock there. The show films at a luxury villa in Sant Llorenc des Cardassar on the east coast. 

The villa has stunning views of the sea and mountains. You can rent a villa in the same town to feel like you’re on Love Island. The villas have private beaches and infinity pools looking at the bay. Spend your days lounging by the water. At night, eat tapas under the stars in the charming coastal towns. Mallorca is a Mediterranean paradise. It offers endless charm and romance.

The Bachelorette: Various Global Destinations

Recent seasons of The Bachelorette have featured far-flung destinations across the globe for overnight dates and proposal scenes. Season 16 with Katie Thurston wrapped up in New Mexico, while Season 17 with Michelle Young ended in Mexico. But the show has filmed at dreamy locales like Chiang Mai, Thailand, and Rioja, Spain, in the past.

The Bachelorette
The Bachelorette

Recreate famous Bachelorette dates at these exotic destinations for the ultimate romantic adventure. A hot air balloon ride over Thailand’s ancient temples or a private vineyard picnic in Spain promises passion worthy of a fantasy suite date. Let the sweeping vistas and alluring culture of these locations create a one-of-a-kind couples’ experience.

Bachelor in Paradise: Sayulita, Mexico

What better place for a summer romance than this Mexican paradise? Bachelor in Paradise films at Playa Escondida Resort in Sayulita. Sayulita is a beach town on Mexico’s Pacific coast. It is known for surfing, yoga, and an eco-chic vibe. Stay at a cute boutique hotel near the resort. Spend your days sunbathing on the white sand beach. 

Explore the street art in the colorful town center. Enjoy romantic dinners with ocean views. Sayulita has a relaxed, lively atmosphere. This matches the casual relationships on Bachelor in Paradise. People find love on the show there. You can, too, in this dreamy beach destination. Experience a Mexico getaway like you see on TV.

Too Hot to Handle: Punta Mita, Mexico

For Too Hot to Handle fans, visit Punta Mita on Mexico’s Riviera Nayarit coast, the filming location for seasons 1 and 2 at the Casa Tau resort. This peninsula town north of Puerto Vallarta boasts crystal blue waters, dramatic cliffs, and luxury villas dotting the coastline. The resort’s stunning ocean vistas and sleek modern design set the stage for the show’s steamy encounters.

Stay at Casa Tau or a nearby property and spend your getaway lounging at one of Punta Mita’s many white sand beaches between gourmet dinners and beachfront restaurants. Channel your inner Too Hot to Handle contestants with this indulgence and natural beauty mix.

Love is Blind: Atlanta, Georgia

The unique dating show Love is Blind films in Atlanta, Georgia. But the tropical honeymoon trips make you think it films somewhere coastal. Atlanta doesn’t have beaches. But it does have lush parks, trendy bars, and romantic restaurants. These make the perfect backdrop for the show’s journey from blind date to marriage.

Visit spots like the High Museum of Art, Piedmont Park, and the busy Beltline neighborhoods. Have dates full of culture and charm. Love is Blind shows that Atlanta’s southern hospitality and many activities make it a great place to meet “the one.”

Temptation Island: Maui, Hawaii

Couples are tested on the reality show Temptation Island. It films at the Andaz Maui resort in Hawaii. The five-star resort is an oasis on Maui’s breathtaking Wailea Beach. The luxury treehouse villas overlook the ocean. This makes Andaz tempting. Follow in the couples’ footsteps. Stay in the resort’s swanky rooms. Or stay at nearby beach properties. You can lounge poolside. 

Enjoy romantic dinners on the sand. Spend your days exploring Maui’s incredible landscape. Go on sunset cruises. Hike through dense jungle. The Hawaiian filming location captures new romance and island paradise beauty. It’s just like on the show Temptation Island.


Reality dating shows have a knack for choosing stunning locations that enhance the romance on screen. If you want to inject a bit of that magic and passion into your own love life, consider vacationing in the real-life filming destinations of shows like Love is Blind and Temptation Island.

Embrace the wanderlust of TV singles searching for love and transform these enchanting global spots into romantic getaways.

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