The majestic Mysore Palace is one of Karnataka’s most iconic attractions and one of India’s most visited places. Located at the heart of the city, It is a compulsory visit for tourists and locals alike. 

From exploring the palace grounds to indulging in delicious local cuisine, there are many exciting things to do near this spot. Here are the best things to do near this Palace to make the most of your time in this vibrant city.

Things to Do Near Mysore Palace

Here are the 10 leading things to do near Mysore Palace:

1- Take a Heritage Walk

A great way to explore the historical monuments and learn about the area’s history is by taking a heritage walk. Start your journey from the majestic Palace, built in 1897, and explore its remarkable architecture. As you walk through the streets of old Mysore, you will see many old buildings, such as the Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace, Daria Daulat Bagh, and the Oriental Research Institute.

Walk Through Mysore Palace
Walk Through Mysore Palace

You can also visit the old Jaganmohan Palace, now an art gallery, to see the works of many famous artists. Take a break at the Devaraja Market to shop for local souvenirs. Moreover, finish your walk with a visit to St. Philomena’s Church, one of the most beautiful churches in South India. You will be mesmerised by its stained glass windows and frescoes painted on the walls.

2- Visit the Mysore Zoo

The Mysore Zoo is exciting to explore if you’re looking for something to do near the spot. Established in 1892, this zoo is one of the oldest in India and is home to a fantastic array of wildlife. You will find a variety of exotic animals like tigers, lions, leopards, sloth bears, panthers, and many more. Other popular attractions at the zoo include a reptile house, aquarium, bird aviary, and deer park.

There is also a small petting zoo where you can get close and personal with some animals. Besides this, for something more unique, you might be interested in visiting the Nocturnal House, which houses owls, bats, and other night creatures. This is a great way to experience fantastic nocturnal wildlife inhabiting the region.

3- Shop at the Devaraja Market

For those looking for a unique shopping experience, the Devaraja Market is a great option. Located in the heart of Mysore, this lively market offers an array of shops, stalls, and vendors selling various items such as vegetables, spices, fruits, flowers, handicrafts, clothing, jewellery, and much more. It is one of the ancient markets in South India, and its architecture is also quite impressive. It consists of two rows of buildings connected by two arches and a central pillar.

Devaraja Market
Devaraja Market

Hence, stroll through the market and explore the many stalls and vendors. You can haggle with the shopkeepers to get the best prices on whatever you’re buying besides this. Several street food vendors at the market serve delicious snacks such as vada pav, uttapam, bajji, and more. 

4- Go on a Nature Trail at Chamundi Hills

For those who want to have an opportunity to learn about the natural beauty of the place, Then the nature trail at Chamundi hills is a must-visit. It is located on the city’s east side and offers a spectacular view of the Mysore palace and other historical landmarks.

The trek starts from the foothills of the hill, surrounded by lush green vegetation and natural springs. You can spend hours exploring the local flora and fauna here or soak up the serenity of the place.

In addition, You can even enjoy bird watching as you pass through dense forests and rugged terrain. Once you reach the peak, you will be rewarded with a stunning view of the surrounding areas. Two temples are also located on the top of the hill, dedicated to Goddess Chamundeshwari and Mahabaleshwara.

Chamundi Hills
Chamundi Hills

5- Relax at the Krishnarajasagar Dam

Take a break and enjoy the calm and peaceful atmosphere at the Krishnarajasagar dam. Located near the Palace, it is one of the most picturesque locations in the city. With lush green gardens and a scenic lake, it offers the perfect place to relax and unwind.

Take a stroll on the lake or sit and admire the views. You can also explore the ruins of Tipu Sultan’s Palace and watch the sunset from the hilltop temple. An excellent spot for an evening picnic, this is a perfect place to escape city life and spend time with your loved ones.

6- Take a Dip in the Cascading Waters of Abbi Falls

The cascading waterfalls at Abbi provide a scenic and calming atmosphere, making it the perfect place to take a dip. You can enjoy the lush green vegetation, birds chirping, and a beautiful view of the falls as you take a refreshing swim.

Besides this, the area around the falls is relatively safe and calm. It is open to visitors for the year, so you will always find something to do no matter what season you plan your next tour. Besides taking a dip in the water, there are plenty of other activities to take part in, such as trekking, bird watching, rock climbing, and even fishing.

Abbi Falls
Abbi Falls

7- Get a Bird’s Eye View of the City from the Lalitha Mahal

One of the best ways to see Mysore Palace and the surrounding area is to get a bird’s eye view of the Lalitha Mahal. Located on a hilltop, the Palace offers stunning views of the city, making it an ideal place for photography and sightseeing.

The rooftop terrace is open to the public and provides a great view of the nearby Chamundi Hills and other parts of the city. Visitors can even glimpse Bangalore, about 150 km away, on clear days. For those looking for an unforgettable experience, there is nothing quite like taking in the breathtaking sights from the top of the Lalitha Mahal.

8- Witness the Grandeur of the Dussehra Celebrations

The massive Palace is home to the annual Dussehra celebrations in October. The festival is celebrated for nine days, with the tenth day being the most special. On this day, a procession of decorated elephants, camels, horses, drums, and brass bands takes place from the Mysore Palace to a nearby temple.

On the tenth day, an impressive display of fireworks lights up the night sky and marks the end of the festivities. Visitors can also participate in cultural activities such as clay pot painting, floral decorations, and a turban-tying competition. It’s an incredible sight and one of the best things to do.

Dussehra celebrations
Dussehra Celebrations

9- Marvel at the Intricate Architecture of the Jaganmohan Palace

Jaganmohan Palace is a vast destination with Its intricate architecture, sprawling grounds, and colourful gardens, making it a popular tourist destination in the city. The interior of the Palace is just as impressive, with opulent royal chambers featuring intricate paintings, mosaics, and carvings.

Several antique pieces like weapons, furniture, and musical instruments have been carefully preserved over the centuries. Travellers can tour the Palace, which will take them through the various chambers, courtyards, and other areas, such as the Golden Throne Room and Durbar Hall. 

10- Learn about the History at the Regional Museum of Natural History

The Regional Museum of Natural History is the perfect place to discover the region’s history. Located in the city’s heart, this museum showcases a range of exhibits, including geological specimens, bird specimens, and other wildlife collections.

Visitors can also learn about the different cultures that have left their mark on the region over the years. The museum also houses an extensive collection of fossils, giving visitors an insight into the region’s ancient past. In addition, it offers interactive exhibits on Indian flora and fauna, as well as displays of stone carvings, sculptures, and paintings.

Regional Museum of Natural History
Regional Museum of Natural History


Mysore Palace is a beautiful, iconic structure that is well worth visiting. Even if you go to see the Palace, you can find plenty of other activities to do nearby. You can rent a bike to explore the area, take an aerial view of the Palace, go on a safari, or visit a temple. Additionally, you can go on a waterfall tour, shop at the local market, visit a tea plantation, and much more. 

FAQs about Mysore Palace

Which is the best place to explore near Mysore Palace?

For the best place with top adventure, consider renting a bike and exploring the surrounding countryside and safari area. You can get a full view of the Palace by taking an aerial tram ride. 

Is Mysore Palace a costly place to visit?

Actually, Mysore Palace is a relatively inexpensive place to visit. The entrance fee for the Palace is just 40 rupees for adults and 20 rupees for children. You can enjoy it here with less money. 

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