Travelling Around India

A Conclusive Guide for Seniors Travelling Around India

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India is a wild, intoxicating and exciting country. Due to its enormous size, it’s full of rich and varied cultures and traditions, as well as vastly differentiating landscapes that give each region its own charm and personality. Whilst it’s a must-do for many travellers, India also poses many risks that every visitor should be aware of. Here are tips for seniors travelling around India!

Plan wherever possible

India is probably quite unlike anywhere else you’ve been before. Many people coming from the UK are shocked by the high temperatures, the hygiene standards, and the sheer amount of people that are there.

Plan Wherever Possible
Plan Wherever Possible

Try and understand your destination before you get there and prepare for whatever temperatures are in the forecast. Remember that people dress respectfully in India, so keep that in mind when packing your suitcase.

And if you have a particularly sensitive tummy, scout out the nearest supermarkets or the restaurants with the highest hygiene rating, so you don’t spend the trip feeling ill. If in doubt, try and stick to a vegetarian diet; it’s usually safer.

Always drink bottled water

Water hygiene is particularly precarious in India, so avoid the chance of getting Delhi belly by sticking to bottled water. This also applies to anything raw that has been washed beforehand. For example, salad or non-peelable fruit, so try and avoid these wherever possible too. Finally, when asked if you want ice in your drink, always say no. It’s because you don’t know where the water has come from.

Drink Bottled Water
Drink Bottled Water

Beware of scams

Scams in India are cleverly concealed and are designed to catch tourists off guard. Some of the most common scams include people at airports or train stations offering to carry your bag for you and then asking you for money, train staff demanding a fee to validate your ticket, and vendors offering ‘free’ stuff only to demand money the second you take it.

It’s usually the more innocent things that conceal a scam. Always set a price before accepting any service, and don’t let the push street vendors intimidate you into buying things you don’t want.

Beware of Scams
Beware of Scams

Book a tour

A trusted India tour is the best way to guarantee your absolute safety. Not only are you travelling in a group, but the tour guide also knows every scam in the book and the best places to eat so you can safely immerse yourself in this marvellous country. Now, the seniors travelling around India got much easier!

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